The story of Pakistani youth and their trust in politician named Imran Khan

The former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan have certainly became the hope for Pakistan in politics. Specially Pakistani youth thinks if he is given chance to lead the country, he can do the wonders and can bring the country out of darkness where we are facing many unsolved problems like breaking economy, deteriorating currency, bad security situation, mishandled foreign relations, increasing poverty, electricity/gas load shedding, inflation, corruption, lack of quality education facilities, lack of medical facilities, joblessness and what not. The Irony is that current political parties and even few of previous governments as well mishandled these issues and in fact were not able to do any thing to cope with these issues. Now many, specially the educated youth of this […]

20 more Parliamentarians with fake degrees

What a disgrace that this country is being run by illiterate idiots who can’t even honestly complete their own education honestly. How on earth such illiterate parliamentarian can run the country. Latest in this regard is that Election Commission have summoned 20 more parliamentarians, among them 13 are from Punjab, Sindh and Baloachistan Assemblies and the Members of national assemblies areĀ  Jawad Hussain, Deewan Aashiq, Mir Ahmed N. Bugti and Hussain Bukhari. Way back in July this year the number of these fake degrees was reached 47 and now we have lots more such cases. Real insult to injury is that how these evil souls reached to assemblies. Didn’t we have a procedure to check the documents of before even […]

Are 226 thousand Facebook fans enough to bring back Musharraf

General Pervez Musharraf who served army for long time, lately as chief of army staff, then lately he was also forced chief executive and forced president of Pakistan for period of about 8 years, he is now hopping to come back to Pakistani politics once again. Because of the way he came into government, took over the country and specially some of his decisions in his time in government he was very much unpopular in people. Now after he was no more in government in accordance with the people’s and other politician’s wishes, he happened to create his personal fan page on Facebook. Which gradually became popular, soon he had more fans on Facebook than any other Pakistani person who […]