Ishaq Dar lands back in Pakistan and Pakistani Rupee gains value

Yesterday, on Nur Khan air base Ishaq Dar landed back in country after five years. He came back in Pakistan after five years. He came back in plane of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif after it was decided in London by Sharifs that current finance minister Miftah Ismail will be replace with Ishaq Dar. As country passes through unprecedented circumstances, some created by unprecedented flood and some through the political instability created after alliance called Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) took over the government forcefully, with allegedly some foreign forces involved. Many people are hoping that Dar will be able to at least do better than our former finance minister. As, he was widely criticized by both senior leadership of Pakistan Muslim […]

Pakistani Rupee fell 66% in last 5 years of people’s party in government

In last few years Pakistani Rupee (PKR) lost its strength more than ever. Never before rupee fallen so much over such a short period of time. This all shows how much grip Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had over the economy. In simple words absolutely none. Rupee’s worth against US Dollar (USD) was 60 Rupees against one USD 5 years ago but now as PPP ruled and left, rupee fallen to 100 rupees against one USD. Not only this also over the last 5 years foreign investors only pulled out, Pakistan does not seen any new investment cumming in. Stock exchanges only seen downturn all the time making the lots of investors lose their faith in investing into the shares. Let […]

Pakistani Rupee hits record low against US dollar once again

From few days daily Rupee is in pressure again US dollar and other stable currencies of the world. Rupee today again traded at record all time low of  90.48 against US dollar. This is the true depiction of weakening economy of Pakistan. Pakistan have now few outstanding payments of Oil bills, also increasing loan pressures are making things worse. Deteriorating currency for people mean that they will now have to pay more for their oil and all other bills as everything is imported, so as money weakens the prices of fuel go up, so does the inflation. This is all due to the defective policies of current government as they have been able come up with circumstances and opportunities to […]

Pakistani Rupee further deteriorates against US Dollar

Rupee further depreciated against US dollar and other currencies recently. Against dollar it reached as high as 89 Rupees per dollar. In current financial year which apparently just barely started, rupee have deteriorated 3% as compared to its worth at start of year. This clearly shows the worsening economy and loss of control of current government on economy of country. In era of Pakistan Peoples Party in government economy and rupee have only seen down fall. As before current government dollar against rupee had just risen 20 Rs per dollar in more than 10 years but since Pakistan Peoples party took charge, die to mismanagement rupee have dramatically lost its worth in just 2.5 years and dollar have risen 29 […]

Water flow in rivers and water storage down to minimal, who is responsible

When compared to the last year the water flows in the rivers this year are very much about more than 34% less. Also storage overall is about from 32% to 40% of total capacity. Indus River System Authority (ISRA) is planning a meeting to revise the water management plan for this year and this meeting will held on 1st Feb, 10. The water flows in four major rivers declined from 10,000 to 37,000 cusecs, which is huge decline. Also the decline in the Mangla and Terbela dams is 34% less than the next year. Country is now facing huge water shortage, this shortage is now most likely to effect the agricultural activity around the country. The thing here to think […]