Pervez Elahi assures to dissolve Punjab assembly as soon as Imran Khan asks

After recently Imran Khan have announced to leave the corrupt system by quitting the assemblies, several analysts showed doubt that Chaudhry Pervez Elahi may not comply, when Imran Khan asks him to dissolve the Punjab assembly. However, Pervez Elahi the chief minister of Punjab, came forward voluntarily and via a twitter tweet he tried to clear all the doubts. The tweet by Pervez Elahi contains both the text and video message, emphasizing same thing, which is “After Imran Khan asks I will dissolve the Punjab assembly in no time, as current Punjab govt is in place on Imran Khan’s mandate”. Also he said “after we quit the assemblies, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) and the PDM alliance will not […]

Road Prince bike prices in Pakistan

Along with few others Road Prince is also one of economical and popular bikes brand in Pakistan. They also have quite a few offerings in motorcycles range. They offer many motorcycle variants when it comes to engine capacity (CC), including the 70CC and 125CC, which each motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan makes and sells. Then each in variant by CC, they offer different color options ranging from 2 to 5. Following are the prices of different variants of the Road Price motorcycles in Pakistan. Motorcycle Price Price Updated On Road Prince Passion 70cc 81,500 Nov 27, 2022 Road Prince Passion Plus 70cc 91,500 Nov 27, 2022 Road Prince Classic 70cc (RP70) 87,500 Nov 27, 2022 Road Price Power Plus 110cc 89,500 […]

New army chief and chairman joint chiefs picked by Shehbaz Sharif and approved by Dr. Arif Alvi

Shehbaz Sharif had received six names to pick the Chief of Army Staff and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee from. Shehbaz Sharif has picked Lt. Gen. Asim Munir as army chief and Lt Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. Also, on the matter information minister Marriyum Aurangzeb tweeted and informed about the decision. She said in here tweet, “Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif using his constitutional authority have picked Lt Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and Lt. Gen. Asim Munir as Chief of Army Staff. In this regard the summery have been sent to President of Pakistan”. If you are interested, the tweet is as follows, After Marriyum […]

Slide of Pakistani Rupee against USD continues

A brief recent history Seven months ago when so called Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) took over, after ousting the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Pakistani Rupee stood at Rs. 178 against US Dollar. It was even stronger before the news of planning to oust Imran Khan and the political instability the news caused. You can say it was resting at Rs. 168 against USD. Later on after PDM, the thirteen party alliance, took over the country, for few days Rupee started getting stronger and touched 172 from 178 previously, as PDM had made lots of promises to revive the economy and take solid steps to deal with inflation. But later on when people realized that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz […]

Tents being arranged for forty thousand people in Rawalpindi for night before 26th November

While talking to the press Fawad Chaudhry revealed that tents to accommodate around 35 to 40 thousand people is being arranged for Friday, 25th of November, 2022. As Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman have already given call to Pakistanis to reach in Rawalpindi on 26th of November, 2022 between 1 PM to 2 PM. He will himself reach there and address them. According to Fawad Chaudhry, PTI is expecting that around 35 to 40 thousand people will reach Rawalpindi the night before 26th November and will need accomodation, so for this reason, the accommodation is being arranged. He further said that on saturday 26th november, the day of actual call, several hundreds of thousands of people will reach Rawalpindi, in response […]