Pakistani Rupee fell 66% in last 5 years of people’s party in government

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pakistani currency vs usdIn last few years Pakistani Rupee (PKR) lost its strength more than ever. Never before rupee fallen so much over such a short period of time. This all shows how much grip Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had over the economy. In simple words absolutely none. Rupee’s worth against US Dollar (USD) was 60 Rupees against one USD 5 years ago but now as PPP ruled and left, rupee fallen to 100 rupees against one USD.

Not only this also over the last 5 years foreign investors only pulled out, Pakistan does not seen any new investment cumming in. Stock exchanges only seen downturn all the time making the lots of investors lose their faith in investing into the shares.

Let alone bringing new businesses Pakistan had some multinational companies pulled out of country. Two of examples I can quote here are the Siemens and HSBC bank. Siemens have already pulled out and HSBC is in process of doing that as they had been merged and sold to local JS Bank.

This all happened due to Zardari led PPP’s government’s faulty and unsustainable policies. Did they ever had anything called policies, well if they ever had, they were only in books and were never implemented. In fact they were not succeeded in any trait of life but here we are only focusing on their economical failures.

Good news for foreign investors and specially Pakistani people is that future of this country is bright. As we head for Pakistan General Elections 2013, people of Pakistan are more aware than ever. Surveys show that people of Pakistan are fed up of so called leaders who only let them down and are committed to choose the fresh blood who have some futuristic commitments and goals to be achieved for their country. So do get out of your home on elections date, that is 11 May, 2013 as for now.

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The story of Pakistani youth and their trust in politician named Imran Khan

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The former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan have certainly became the hope for Pakistan in politics. Specially Pakistani youth thinks if he is given chance to lead the country, he can do the wonders and can bring the country out of darkness where we are facing many unsolved problems like breaking economy, deteriorating currency, bad security situation, mishandled foreign relations, increasing poverty, electricity/gas load shedding, inflation, corruption, lack of quality education facilities, lack of medical facilities, joblessness and what not. The Irony is that current political parties and even few of previous governments as well mishandled these issues and in fact were not able to do any thing to cope with these issues.

Now many, specially the educated youth of this country believes that Imran Khan is the person who along with his party will be able to bring the country out of situation of uncertainty and put it on the way to development and prosperity.

The reason is that Imran Khan have already achieved success and done wonders for this nation on many front. Starting with cricket, he have been a great player, even a great leader who kept the players united and was the only Pakistan captain in the history who bring back Cricket One Day International World Cup back home. If it was not for his leadership skills and commitment, that world cup achievement was not possible.

Imran Khan have been and is still involved in social work for his fellow Pakistanis. He brought a free cancer hospital for Pakistanis with the help of other fellow Pakistanis, this hospital is one of the best in country named as Shaukat Khanam Memorial cancer hospital and research center. This hospital is the only hospital in country which effectively treats the cancer patients in Pakistan, its a free hospital for those who can’t afford cancer treatment otherwise, hospital have the world’s latest equipment to treat the unprivileged cancer patients, also world’s most modern research is going on, on this research facility to treat cancer more effectively. This Health facility found by Imran Khan have treated hundreds of thousands of cancer patients absolutely free over the years and literally saved all those lives. Hospital currently is in one city of Pakistan but Imran khan is already planning to provide these health facilities in many more cities.

We are talking politics here but Imran Khan’s success as cricketer and in social work was critical to be mentioned here, as it defines what Imran Khan have got, as a man. Weather it was cricket or the matter of saving lives, Imran Khan have done much for this country and proved him as a man who can be trusted.

Now same is the reason that in these bad times the people of Pakistan and specially youth, all are supporting Imran Khan. All the online Polls about who should or who will win the next elections, the Imran Khan’s Party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) wins all these polls with huge majority. He is very popular with all these polls.

Question is, will these polls will actually turn in to the real votes in elections in 2013, I would say this trend should be depicted in those elections. Now the people who believe in Imran Khan are those who really want a positive change in the country, so lets plan to actually get out of comforts of home in next elections and do whats good for the country next elections. I will not try to impose my opinion over any one here but I would say when you vote in next elections do lots of thinking about whats good for the country, Who was given chance, they did well or not, who needs our chance this time and will they be good for country. So first step is to get out and actually confirm if voters list have your name in it, if vote not registered, do it now, because you want to be party of next history making elections.

Its not just previous successes of Imran Khan, he actually have great plans for the country. I have not heard him promising stuff that he would not be able to achieve like other politicians but I have heard him mentioning the un-used natural resources which this country have got and which can be used to resolve the country’s own problems.

Luckily, majority of youth of Pakistan already seem have realized that Imran Khan in these times is the last hope for this country and he should be heavy mandate in next elections to see what he have got, to put country back on track to prosperity and development. I would personally be pleased to agree with this.

You can give your opinion as well and feel free to let us now which party or politician you are going to support in next elections. All your input will be via comments below, we respect everyone’s opinion and will be more than pleased to know it. We have also recently opened a Facebook poll about which political party you are going to support next elections, we will be shortly post results here as soon as we have got enough votes on that. You can also be part of that pole here.

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20 more Parliamentarians with fake degrees

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What a disgrace that this country is being run by illiterate idiots who can’t even honestly complete their own education honestly. How on earth such illiterate parliamentarian can run the country.

Latest in this regard is that Election Commission have summoned 20 more parliamentarians, among them 13 are from Punjab, Sindh and Baloachistan Assemblies and the Members of national assemblies are  Jawad Hussain, Deewan Aashiq, Mir Ahmed N. Bugti and Hussain Bukhari. Way back in July this year the number of these fake degrees was reached 47 and now we have lots more such cases.

Real insult to injury is that how these evil souls reached to assemblies. Didn’t we have a procedure to check the documents of before even they qualify to get elected. Yes we do have procedure but current happenings are clear proof that its very much far from anything effective. A desperate need to bring that verification system up to the mark is still there, hope election commission gets the degrees of candidates verified before they are cleared to take part in elections but not after they have been in government for years and made lots of mess.

May Allah Bless this country & people living in it and keep all kinds of  corrupt evil living souls away from power.

Are 226 thousand Facebook fans enough to bring back Musharraf

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Pervez MusharrafGeneral Pervez Musharraf who served army for long time, lately as chief of army staff, then lately he was also forced chief executive and forced president of Pakistan for period of about 8 years, he is now hopping to come back to Pakistani politics once again. Because of the way he came into government, took over the country and specially some of his decisions in his time in government he was very much unpopular in people.

Now after he was no more in government in accordance with the people’s and other politician’s wishes, he happened to create his personal fan page on Facebook. Which gradually became popular, soon he had more fans on Facebook than any other Pakistani person who is related to Pakistani politics. As most of Pakistani users on Facebook are youth so this way Pervez Musharraf became kinna popular in Pakistani youth.

Now after seeing his popularity on Facebook, which is more than any other Paki Politician, Pervez Musharraf is thinking of coming back to the politics, he want to take part in elections. He thinks that he will have enough support from people of Pakistan so he can get elected. It is not made clear that either he plans to be part of any existing political party or will plan to have his own.

Now the question is, does the 226 thousand Facebook fans are enough to get Musharraf elected, real question arises is does the millions of non-Facebookers who actually are the potential voters, will they vote for Musharraf. I don’t think that the realities here in the country match with the ones on Facebook. Also being a fan on Facebook does not mean that you support the person, there may be other reason like urge to keep yourself updated about a person, which may be beneficial for the journalists etc.

In my opinion the chances for Musharraf in Paki politics are not that great but after looking at mismanagement of other parties in power sometimes this comes to my mind the Musharraf may have some chance. After all things were much better when he was in power. People seen much less power shortages, nearly no shortages of food items like flour and sugar, economy was going much better than it currently is, Pakistani currency was much more powerful and remained consistent throughout the period of his government and finally law and order situation was kinna better than now.

Though there were few mistakes which hurt his reputation to an extent, but I hope if he gets elected this time, he can overcome that part and continue on the good work. Finally only time will tell about the chances of Musharraf being elected.

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