Electricity Load Shedding Worsens on Start of Summer 2015

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Power Load Shedding in PakistanWinter 2015 have been worse in terms of load shedding. There have been massive load shedding, despite the fact that winters have off-peak demand for electricity. And despite all those pre-election claims of PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz) about ending the load shedding, the situation just gone worse in winters. We witnessed load shedding of 8 to 14 hours and sometime worse.

Now we are on verge of summer 2015, when the demand of electricity is on its peak. It is just mid of April 2015, the weather have just started to get hot and load shedding is already increased to 10 to 16 hours in normal routine. Which is as same as about last year, there seems to be no progress at all. Pakistan’s peak requirement of electricity normally in summers is no more than 18000 MW (Mega Watts). According to a Wikipedia article about power plants in Pakistan, Pakistan have installed capacity of generating more than 23 GW (Giga Watts), which is 23000 MW.

So, there are other factors which government have not been able to manage in almost two years of its tenure, which include the circular debt as well as provision of fuel to power generation plants.

Circular debt keeps getting bigger when government does not ensure the recoveries against the electricity it provided to certain individuals or organizations. When PMLN came into power, WAPDA (Water and Power Distribution Authority) was facing circular debt of about 200 billion Pakistani Rupees, Government paid that from treasury and lessened the debt to near none. But than again they did not made prompt recoveries to keep it none, it grown and grown again.

One other reason is, according to same Wikipedia article mentioned above, lots of Pakistani power generation plants run on Natural gas. So as we know, Pakistan have lately been facing the shortage of Natural Gas, some of these plants have not been running. There were several import options being considered when this government came into power. One notable is Pakistan and Iran pipe Gas Pipe line. Half of work had been done, reportedly the Iran side of Pipe was complete. But PMLN led current government did not pursued the project, eventually ending in severe gas shortage, which affected power generation too.

Also, to deal with that gas shortage PMLN government did worked on importing LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). It was delayed very much but in the end, it was success and ship actually came in and docked to port to offload Natural Gas. Now government have also allowed private parties to import LNG. But than again the question is, why even after import of LNG is started, we have to face load shedding?. Why is it not provided to all those plants to generate the electricity to meet our needs.

What I think from all this scenario is, PMLN led government is saving on fuel, by not running or running less of power plants run by Oil and Gas. Their Number One priority is NOT the power. They are more indulge on other stuff like roads and transportation. That is all good but in today’s era, Load Shedding of Electricity must not simply exist in any part of world. From all over 200 countries of world there are only two to three countries which face this today. Pakistan have all the resources to keep running electrical appliances of people round the clock.

If government is really serious in resolving the power issue, Pakistan will not have an hour of electricity load shedding in year 2016. But if you ever witnessed in 2016 or later, please understand, we were being mislead and no one put attention on solving this humongous problem of people of Pakistan.

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Pakistan Govt makes New Records of Electricity Load Shedding in Winter Season in Jan 2015

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Workers Working in light of candle during power cut
Workers Working in light of candle during a Power Cut or Electricity Load Shedding

Pakistan is the country which faces the power cuts through out the year due to gap in production and demand. But normally due to low demand people have to (thankfully) bear nominal electricity load shedding in winter season. This has been the case from decades. But this time things gone sideways, mismanagement of PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) made the power disappear in the month of January when winter is on its peak and power demand is near bottom line.

As of today People of Pakistan are facing loadshedding of 9 to 13 hours per day in cities and more than that in villages. k2This Power crisis was caused due to the Oil crisis which was also created due to the mismanagement of party in power, PMLN, when they did not put orders to purchase the Furnace Oil and Petrol, keeping in view the increasing demand of people.

Other reason is, they are ripping off the people by trying to not run the furnace oil generators and relying more on hydro electricity plants. Than people are charged as if all the electricity is generated on Furnace oil and that all collected money is used to cover the corruption and mismanagement of resources.

Second year of PMLN in power, is going to end soon but things only gone worse so far. We have power, gas, electricity and petroleum crisis now, some of them are the ones we were never used to, about couple of years ago, if you ask me. They include the gas crisis for domestic use, petrol crisis like the one we seen few days back and importantly the long hours of load shedding in winter season.

People already are fed up with the management skills possessed by self proclaimed experienced team of PMLN. If the PMLN wants any chance to be elected again, they will have to set their priorities straight and before anything else they would need to control the energy crisis. They are not being able to fulfill the basic needs of people, let alone putting the country to way of progress.

Here is the reality check, according to a wikipedia article, Pakistan have power plants which have capacity of producing 22000 Megawatts of electricity but our current government is having problem fulfilling the country’s winter needs, which range from 9000 to 14000 Megawatts at most in winters. Not only this, in jan 2015 we have also experienced the countrywide blackouts of several hours which were result of overloading few power plants due to unavailability of Furnace oil due to only reason, that govt forgot order the delivery on time.

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Are We United as Pakistanis or as Muslims, for that matter

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Pakistani Muslims and Christians Holding Hands together in Solidarity
Pakistani Muslims Make a chain to protect the christian community of Pakistan

It is fact that we have searched and dug up many divides for ourselves, these divides set us apart from each other. And when I use the word us, I am referring us Pakistanis. These divides are of many kinds, which include religious, cast & creed, localities, languages spoken and than finally new kind of divide here is political.

Religiously, we have been divided in many sects, each one is busy telling other that the path of religion they are following is the right and other one is wrong path and will have to pay for that later. Similarly, based on language we speak or province we live in, we have divided us on those bases.

The most interesting divide is political, in current political scene of Pakistan, the most hardcore divide is between people who voted for PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) and the people who voted for PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz). I am not sure why people take this so seriously, I have seen people who voted for PML-N, try to reason with people who voted for PTI and call everything fair and correct which is being done by PML-N. Its about the same other way round.

The reason I have called the political divide of today interesting is because, those who voted for PTI and those who voted for PML-N or any other party for that matter, mostly they belong to same family, still those voters keep bashing each other when they met with people who may have voted for other party.

Still after all this I explained above, there are people in society who think, even if we belong to different sects, even if we voted for any political party, whatever region we live in and whatever language we speak, we are united as Pakistani and Muslims for that matter. These people are in fact not minority in numbers, its in fact the general perspective of Pakistani public.

The divides do exist but these are highlighted by the handful of people for personal gains. The most of these culprits are Pakistan politicians, who try to mislead the public and try to divide them on bases of their language and locality. For example, a politician from Punjab would say, don’t vote for anyone from Sindh, Baluchistan or KPK, just because he wants to keep his monopoly in Punjab.

Similarly, there are people in Baluchistan, who mislead people and put impression in their minds that only way forward for them is to have their own country and ditch rest of Pakistan. Some political forces are not in favor of Kalabagh dam only because it was not their idea, they mostly brainwash people that it is not in their favor.

Than again there are people who only try to divide people of Pakistan for their own interest and some people do listen to them just because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Otherwise, people are united here. However, things are changing here, people are recognizing whats best for them, for themselves. I hope things will be much better in years to come for Pakistan.

As time passes, I see our country more united and its people more informed and aware about whats best for them. We just need to find out our enemies within ourselves who want to divide us for their own gains.

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People of Pakistan Forced to Face Twelve Hours of Electricity Load Shedding even in Winter Season

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Electricity Load Shedding in PakistanIt is now 2015, here we are in Pakistan, facing the same problems as we had in year 2014. One of these problems is electricity load shedding, which have struck this time with more impact. It is winter season, when the electricity demand is the lowest, but people of Pakistan have to face 12 hours of load shedding in urban areas, in rural areas things are much worse.

We are not facing the electricity load shedding here in Pakistan because we do not have resources or enough plants to generate enough electricity for winter season, we are facing it due to the incapable political administration led by PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) who do not want to run the generators which run on furnace oil but instead they resort to the methods like power plants on flow of water or solar energy. With all that said, I am not saying that Pakistan is relying only on these methods, few of plants of furnace oil are still running. But more can be run to fully eliminate the load shedding in winter season. Its very possible that each nook and corner of Pakistan can be provided with zero electricity down time in winter.

The reason why the all furnace oil plants are not being fully utilized is simple, govt charge people as if electricity is fully generated on furnace oil but they intend to run minimum of those generated and money saved from that fuel is used on other projects, the projects which may be low priority or importance but give some popularity to the political party in power.

Those who are in power, must understand that people of Pakistan very well know what is very important for them and what is not. They know that resolving the issue of Power Shortage is of much more importance than the existence of Metro Bus project in handful of cities of Pakistan.

Than again its warning to those in power, they must concentrate more on problems of Pakistan other than gaining traction for their own party. They must work more on resolving the basic issues like terrorism or power shortage in Pakistan other than coming up with Metro Bus Projects which are being done on extremely higher costs than actually it must be. Otherwise, only one thing people of Pakistan can do, that is not voting for PML-N in next elections.

I do no like to seem like I am driven by some political force here, but its good for us all, it is good for Pakistan that PML-N led government focuses and tries to solve basic issues of Pakistan. If they do that well, I will be the first one to vote them back in Pakistan General Elections 2018.

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Pakistan Faces Load Shedding in Winter as well Courtesy Artificial Power Shortage by Government

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Its winter time when the power demand in country is lowest of all times. Power demand in Winter ranges from 9000 MW (Mega Watts) to 12000 MW. Pakistan have operational capacity of producing electricity over 20,000 MW. However at most governments run the plants to produce the power around 16 to 17 thousand megawatts in summers.

The interesting thing is many times the government in summer claims the they are producing say 16000 MW and demand is 19000 MW. OK, that is understandable, but why on earth in winters we have to face load shedding. Answer lies in fact that either its summer or its winter, government tries to keep running the power plants on flow of water or any other free energy sources but makes less use of plants which can run on Oil.

Off Bulb in Result of Load Shedding in PakistanSo this way government tries to save money and corruption level in country is so high that it is virtually impossible to know that where that money is gone. Still when they are charging us per unit as if its produced on oil, government does not have any right to power off any power plant to save on the expenses otherwise this itself is considered corruption.

Sadly, the trend of misleading the people is continued in current Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) led government hence load shedding in winter as well continues. We however need to come forward and ask our government why on earth they are not able to produce the electricity under 12000 MW in winters when they are able to produce about 16000 MW in Summers.

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