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  1. am a sri lankan who worked in lahore, township in 1987-88. i was boarded at House No.27. Block II- Sector 1, Township, Lahore 40. That house eldest daughter’s name was Ume Kalzoom, & their brother was Mian Javed Sajed Ahemed. They were so nice people to me and i am trying to locate their phone no. They had a land line but now it has changed. please can you locate their contact no. and email to me. Its a great help. my no. is 0094117734805458. Thank you so much.

  2. I am a Canadian trying to find Cell phone number of AlamGir Khan NIC No. 42101-16***… He has 3 SIMS, 2 telenor and one warid. I appointed him as my wakil but misplaced his cell phone number. I would be grateful if you could find his cell phone number. His house address is: House No. R-70, Sector 5C/1, North Karachi

  3. Dear sir/Madam,
    i am user of facebook, but some days i m receiving some Pictures from unknown users of facebook they are taging some bad pictures (NAOZUBIALLAH) about KHANA-E-KABAH . so this is requested to you kind take some serious action about facebook website .

    Thanks and regards.

  4. Plz block this is created by non-muslims and they are presenting islam very badly.plz block this it is a fake Islamic website which also has cartoons of our beloved holy prophet muhammad PBUH

  5. salam dear sir, ye facebok wale team say kaho .ke facebok main ghalt entry mat kya karo plz.

    or mera ek number hai. Wo number telenr hai. Or charsadda frunchaiys walo ghair moujdgi main. Ksi or ke name par kar dya hai. 03469086874 ye number hai. Ye afsar khan name par ta ab ni hai. Or hmra ye howas hai. Ke charsadda frunchyis ye bogas kam na kya kare. my contect numaer .03459101508 email, bilal_afsarr[at]

    this is a porn website needed to bocked. and also all of the websites which is blocked by the pta is still working by putting .su instead of .com plz blocked these

  7. Dear sir/Madam,
    i got some blasphemy and unwanted pictures (NAOZUBIALLAH) about KHANA-E-KABAH . so this is requested to you kind take some serious action about this website .

    Thanks and regards

  8. Dear PTA team,

    Youtube website is still working on telenor GPRS please block the website on mobiles networks asap.

    Thanks & Regards
    Amjad Khan

  9. Aslaam Alaikum. m saleem frm karachi sir plzz bloke this website ( anti-Muslim’s movies many videos in this side plzz sir kindly block
    this site

    1. You need to visit the nearest office of election commission of Pakistan, they will provide you a vote transfer form just fill and provide them back. Your vote will be transferred with in a week. I have got mine transferred a week ago similarly.

      1. Thanks but now a day acceptable vote change request to election commission of Pakistan

        1. Yes they do accept such requests till now but hurry they can stop taking transfer applications any day as elections are near. Do visit your nearest Election Commission office.

  10. A.A
    When Govt. of Pakistan is going to unblock youtube ,, as its not fair to block information from people, Govt/ can block blasphemy and unwanted videos from youtube.
    We know you tube in all Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. Pakistan govt can also follow the method of these countries to maintain you tube in Pakistan.

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