Google’s Pakistan Independence Day 2020 Doodle with Details

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Like every year this time round as well google was not late in releasing its doodle for Pakistan Independence Day. By now everyone knows that Google adopts its logo in the theme of different events, historical happenings or people to celebrate the event with people of that part of world or to remember certain people who contributed to society some way or historical happenings. These adopted logos are called google doodles.

Following Doodle image was released by Google in 2020 which is showing on the Google’s Home Page for Pakistan.

Google’s Doodle for Pakistan Independence Day 2020

The Pakistan Independence Day 2020 Google Doodle features the eastern entrance of Pakistan’s Khojak Tunnel and here is what Google Inc have to say about their Pakistan Independence day 2020 Google Doodle and I quote

Illustrated in the Doodle artwork is the fortified eastern entrance of Pakistan’s historic Khojak Tunnel, one of the nation’s oldest and longest underpasses. Construction on this iconic landmark began in 1888 to extend the area’s railway through the Khojak pass of the Toba Kakar mountain range, which was at the time impossible to cross by train.

As I have already mentioned that among others Google releases Pakistan Independence Day Doodles every year, so following are few examples of Google Doodles Released on Pakistan Independence Days over the years in the recent history.

Google's Pakistan Independence Day Doodles from Recent Years
Google’s Pakistan Independence Day Doodles from Recent Years

By the way I loved the Google’s Pakistan Independence Day Doodle for 2020. As being Pakistani I myself did not knew about this featured Khojak tunnel, I would now love to explore and learn more about it, including where exactly it is situated.

PTCL goes Viral on Twitter but it is for All the Wrong Reasons

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PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited) , the biggest landline and internet provider of Pakistan, is talk of the town this evening as its service quality hits rock bottom due to an international Submarine internet cable cut. There are several submarine internet cables which connect Pakistan to the rest of the world, however when the even one of them goes down, PTCL users across the country start feeling the affects.

This means PTCL does not have the right switching capability to efficiently put all internet traffic from the country to backup links or alternate links which are currently active.

This evening same happened, a submarine cable gone down and next thing, the PTCL users all over the country are suffering. Same is the reason, PTCL have just started going viral on twitter and its for all the wrong reason. So PTCL is currently facing lots of criticism for not managing the internet traffic well.

Some people did show off their anger on PTCL service quality by trolling PTCL in their tweets similar to the following.

PTCL however, does put up a notice on their twitter account about the degradation of their services due to issues with the international cable cut. The notice was put up as follows.

New Petroleum Prices in Pakistan for Dec 2019

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In response to the price change summery by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the finance ministry have made following changes to the prices of different petroleum items.

Petrol price was decreased by Rs. 0.25 per litter, Diesel Price was decreased by Rs. 2.40, light speed Diesel price was decreased by Rs. 2.90 and kerosene oil price was decreased by Rs. 0.90 or 90 Paisas Per litter.

Hence after all these changes the petroleum prices of December 2019 were set to figures as follows in Pakistani Rupees.

  • Petrol: 113.99
  • Diesel: 125.1
  • Light Speed Diesel: 82.43
  • Kerosene Oil: 96.35

What do you feel about these recent petroleum price changes?, do not forget to share your thoughts in comment section below.

Salahuddin Death Incident Call on for Heavy Country Wide Police Reforms

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What happened to Salahuddin, is not the secret from any one living in this country. The news is circulating everywhere. He has been victim to the terrorism of Punjab Police. Even the videos of torture are circulating everywhere on internet, as result of which his death took place. There are pictures of torture marks on his body, of the torture done by Punjab Police.

He did not deserved such treatment as a result of what he had did. What he did was, when his card stuck in an ATM machine, he tore up the LCD and took out his card, than made faced and mocked at a Security camera by taking his tongue out. Which is all definitely illegal.

Justice For Salahuddin

However, after the police the police arrested him, they victimized him with the undue torture. They even made videos of that torture, to show them selves as hero and circulated those. Later however, same move of making and circulating those videos gone against them.

When those pictures of torture marks on Salahuddin’s body circulated, Punjab police denied any form of torture and claimed he was not well and the death took place in a hospital. Which obviously proved wrong by the videos which police officials themselves shot.

Insult to injury is, the postmortem report also falsely depicted that there were no torture marks or proves etc on the body. This very fact is an eye opener, which shows, how bad things have become, when it comes to our police. Even a Postmortem report is made by doctor according the wishes of officials involved in act of undue torture.

Above all, the crux of story is we need heavy reforms in Police all over the country and in this regard, the Punjab police needs special attentions. Time and again in the course of history we have been seeing many incidents which call on for such reforms. Time and again Punjab Police have been proving to the nation that along with few competent people, its full of incompetent officials who do not even know, how to properly do their own jobs.

We need reforms on the modern lines of world, which police follows worldwide. And to have checks one everything, there should be cameras everywhere, from surveillance vehicles to the body cam’s of police, from inside the police stations to interrogation rooms. All footage then must come, uploaded or recorded live to a central location. Where it can be monitored live and/or can be took out and analyzed on case to case bases. This is nothing new and happens all over the world.

This kind of extra judicial torture as well as murders must be condemned by higher ups as well. There should be internal awareness programs and training of existing officials on how to deal with all kind of cases professionally.

For the newly employed officials, such stuff about how to handle cases and what are the limits of officials must be part of training. As all of the efforts are normally directed towards physical training in this country and next to none attention is given to moral and ethical.

Also, like other countries in the world not only in Police by in all government organizations, the whistle blowers programs must be initiated to curb bribery and corruption. Which are well known part of our systems, specially the Police.

Plastic Bags Ban in Pakistan and its Sudden Implementation on Many Places

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The decision of banning the plastic bags was real good, also it is good that the protection of environment is priority of current governing party, which is Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

On some places they did gave a timeline, in order to ban the plastic bags, way earlier. Like in Islamabad they had warned people to stop using the polythene bags about two months earlier than actual implementation and finally implemented the decision on the 14 of August. Also, than started performing raids on businesses, following that date.

However, on many other places, including Rawalpindi Cantt, the implementation was very much sudden. There were no early warnings or timeline at all. The administration came one day to shops and distributed a flyer, saying the shopping bags will be banned from tomorrow. They actually distributed the flyers on 30th and 31st on August and the ban was starting the very next day which was 1st of September. Hence, the sellers had next to no time at all, to find the alternatives suitable to carry the products they sold.

The distributed flyers warned about the legal action and heavy fines. These looked like following.

Rawalpindi Cantt Polythene Bags Ban Distributed Warning Flyer
Rawalpindi Cantt Polythene Bags Ban Distributed Warning Flyer

The same issue I have highlighted via a youtube video, for the better understanding of it. You must be interested in checking it out, so here is it.

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