Sheikh Rasheed Avoids disqualification as court rules in his favor on incorrect declaration of assets case

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The president of Pakistan awami Muslim league Sheikh Rasheed was remained safe on Wednesday against the misdeclaration of cases against him. It was announced by Supreme Court of Pakistan that the plea against the outspoken politician is dismissed. The SC’s bench comprises of three judges including Sheikh Azmat saeed, Jutsice Qazi Faiz Isa, and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah ruled in his favor by 2-1.

His veteran opponents were much pretty much confident regarding his disqualification but fate decided something different for the outspoken and notorious leader. Their promising faith in the case about his disqualification was the decision in which the apex court dismissed Khuwaja Asif under the article 62(1) (f) for not declaring his iqama of UAE to the election commission of Pakistan. Having the same perception in his(Sheikh Rasheed) case also Malik shakeel awan of Paikistan Muslim league-N filed case against him. He accused him of misdeclaring of his assets in the nomination forms submitted to the Election commission of Pakistan in 2013. The decision of court on matter was reserved on 20th of March.

Mr awan’s advocate Sheikh ilyas had shown that in his nomination paper that, Mr.Sheikh has shown the ownership of the land of 983-kanal agriculture land but in real he owned 1,081 agriculture land. Moreover, he was also accused of not disclosing the actual bank’s profit, he showed the profit of 2.2 million where the banks total debt is 5.3 million only. It doesn’t end here even, it is questioned that why he showed the receipt of 10 million for one Kanal purchased in Bahria Gold city, where the price of 1 Kanal land is 48 million(at that time).

Sheikh ilyas confront that Mr.sheikh brings failure in declaration of assets and doesn’t fulfill the requirement of Representation of peoples act (RoPA) 1976 according to which all the candidates should disclose their entire assets. While Mr sheikhs counsel advocate admits the mistake of his client and argued that his client has never tried to mislead any of the the respectable institution of the country but it was a certain error of calculation but never acknowledged any concealment of the assets.

There were recently landmark decisions taken over concealment of assets following the article 62(1)(f) which brings disqualification of Nawaz shareef, Jhangeer Tarin and former defense minister Khuwaja Asif. But veteran experts differentiate the cases under article no.62 that Sheikhs case was the matter of miscalculation of his assets which he admitted in front of the bench.

This article was written by staff member: Mahad Gujjar

The 100 Year Old women wanting to fight for NA-35 Bannu against Imran Khan in General Elections Losses her Chance

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A 100 years old lady from Bannu dares to contest the election against Pakistan Threek-e-Insaf’s Chairperson Imran Khan. An old lady named Hazrat Bibi submitted the nomination papers for National Assembly seat NA-35 Bannu.

Imran Khan is going to contest the election from seat NA-35 and that old lady dares to contest against the famous personality. Hazrat Bibi has not contested for the first time but she previously contested five times and her main mission is to promote girls education. Not only this but this ambitious lady has also submitted the nomination papers for the provincial assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa seat PK-89.

Hazrat Bibi said, “I will pay extra attention to education for girls if I end up succeeding.” She is the popular personality of the town and always promotes girls education and for that reason, she contested five times but never got the victory.

However, after submitting the nomination papers, she stands ineligible to contest the election of 2018. This time she gets disappointed once again as she is unable to pay the security fee in the limited time. Previously, the security fee for the National Assembly seat was 3000 rupees and now it got increased to Rs. 30,000. Despite, for the Provincial Seat the fee was Rs.2000 and now it is 20,000 rupees.

This old woman is too ambitious and courageous to put her efforts for the change and was also willing to go door to door for her election campaign but her weak financial situation became the hurdle. She said that due to this system it is hard for the poor people to contest the election.  The elections will be held on 25 July 2018 and the caretaker government has already been settled in.

This articles was written by Staff Member: Sehrish Ilyas

FIFA World Cup 2018 Today Officially Kicks off in Russia with first match between Host Russia and Saudi Arabia

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Today once again billions of football fans in world will witness the start of another most epic even in sports history, which is FIFA World Cup. There is no other sport in world which have this many fan following in the world. Football World Cup happens after every 4 years, under the super vision of ‘International Association of Football’, formally called ‘The Fédération Internationale de Football Association’ (FIFA).

A football fan supporting his team in a football stadium

The first official game of FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played between the host nation Russia and Saudi Arabia. The match will start on 8 PM Pakistan time. For FIFA World Cups its been tradition that, tournament starts with host country playing in first match always.

There will be total 64 Matches in the whole tournament. Total 32 teams are Part of the tournament. First of all there is a group stage, so teams are divided into 8 groups of 4 teams each. Group stage is comprised of 24 matches, after which we will be left with teams of 16 countries instead of total 32, along with which tournament started.

Next is round of 16, which is comprised of 8 formal matches and one for the third place. Now winning teams will land into the Quarter Finals. From this point you can guess that there will be two semi finals and a final match.

First Semi Final match will be played on 10th of July 11 PM Pakistan time, Second Semi Final will be played on 11th of July 11PM Pakistan time. There will be Play Off match between losing teams of both semifinal, to be played on 7PM Pakistan Time on 14th of July. This match will decide the team which took the third place in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Final match of FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played on 15th of July on 8PM Pakistan time. This will mark the end to the tournament and will put fans to the rest for next four years. As there is no other FIFA tournament which is as exciting as FIFA World Cup, which happens after every four Years.

One thing which is important to mention here is, Pakistan football team is nowhere to be seen on International Football Ranking, which is very unfortunate fact. Our government need to streamline the football facilities and need to fix/create a working football regulatory authority, which could show some progress like our Cricket Board is doing. Rest assured we do not lack the talent or willingness to play in any way, its just all nightmare scenario on the managerial level.

Imran Khan to take part in elections from Karachi NA-243 Reveals Asad Omer

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Pakistan tehreek-e-insaaf’s chairman, Imran khan is all set to mark his presence in this upcoming election. The founder has decided to take part in elections from NA-243 and will be contesting from other NA seats also, reveals Asad omer. He will be participating from four to five other locations across the country, he added.

Imran Khan

It would be the first time Imran khan has decided himself to take part in elections from any of the NA seat from Karachi. However he has huge political affiliance in Karachi which people of metropolitan proved by casting 0.95 million vote to the chairperson’s elected candidates.  The only party which meted head to head against MQM in the city and this time they are expecting even major turn outs.

Karachi has become a expected land of fortune in this election after the subtraction of Altaf Hussain from MQM. The party (MQM) is divided now in several groups like Azizabad and bahadurabad groups. So, it will be difficult for the people of Karachi to whom they should go with. Both of the groups are claiming to have same narrative as the party previously have had, it would definitely be a difficult decision for karachites to stand with one of them.

Considering all of these happenings and dispute between the co-workers regarding the leadership of the party, many political parties have decided to avail this spontaneous fortune. Accordingly Imran khan is the markedly considered to hit Six on this free hit ball, where on the other side Bilawal Bhutto has also filed his nomination papers from NA-246. Bilawal’s sister Aseefa Bhutto and father Asif ali zardari will also contest from the seats in Karachi. Social activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir has also decided to take part as an independent candidate.

This Article was written by Staff Member: Mahad Gujjar

Khanpur Dam, A Great Tourist Attraction

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The Khanpur dam is a beautiful tourism place as well as water reservoir which was built in 15 years of time at the cost of Rs. 1,352 million. It is 167 feet high and stores 110,000-acre feet of water. Khanpur dam is located on the River Herno in the village of Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and was constructed during the era of President Ayub Khan. This dam is 40 km away from Islamabad and the best source of water supplies for twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi and the different parts of Punjab.

What Will Tourists have at Dam?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has made this place attractive for tourists and people from far areas come to enjoy swimming, boating, strolling and bathing at Khanpur dam.  There is an island in the middle of the lake which is considered to be the best place for family picnics, relaxing and to enjoy the sunsets. They also have the facility of boats to pick and drop to the island. Furthermore, Khanpur dam is the perfect place for the people who are bit adventures as they have some sports like diving, speed boating, cliff diving and rowing. Thousands of people visit there to spend an amazing and adventures day with family and friends.

Here is a video of Khanpur dam from a moving boat and it has pictures more exciting stuff towards the end of video, so make sure you watch it till the end.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to start a project for better facilities and more entertainment for tourists. This project includes high-class hotels and restaurants, advanced boating facilities and the dam will be linked to the island via Makhnial Township, the village adjoining Haripur and Islamabad capital territory and for that, they will construct the adjoining road.

The tourism corporation also organizes the annual water sports at Khanpur dam and offers all the facilities and different sports out there which add more spice to the entertainment of tourists. This event lasts for three days and almost 100,000 to 200,000 tourists visit during the event.

Few Pictures and than more on Khanpur Dam

A Number of Jet Motor Boats
A Wide View of Khanpur Dam
Beautiful Water and Mountains Scene at Khanpur Dam
Boat Ready to Make you move
Boats and Boat Launching Pad at Khanpur Dam
Boats and mountains on left side
Few More Boats Up and Close
Jet Ski Jet Motor Boat and peddle boat, all in one pic
Khanpur dam Parked Boats and Vehicles in Single Picture
Person Enjoying Jet Ski with a Trainer
Still and Moving boats at Khanpur Dam
An Upclose view of beautiful mountains behind Khanpur dam
An Upclose view of beautiful mountains behind Khanpur dam

Khanpur dam is near to Islamabad and people likes to visit this great place so and on. Its unforgettable sunset always brings the people to the next level and inspires them with its satisfactory beauty. Along with all sports and facilities, this dam still needs to add more quality and facilities for the tourists. Plus they also need to add advanced sports and types of equipment which already have been used on other dams and lakes. The advancement and more quality will grab more tourists. Despite, Khanpur dam is still a great place to visit.

This Article was Written by Staff Member: Sehrish Ilyas
Pics/Media Provided by: K. Shahzad

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