Shahbaz Gill speaks up first time after freeing up from custody and thanks people of Pakistan & Imran Khan

Shahbaz Gill remained in custody in an allegedly politically motivated case on charges of sedition and inciting violence in Armed Forces of Pakistan, after a tv interview he have given to ARY News over the phone. During the case he was multiple times sent on remand, his health got bad, allegedly after the torture on him during the remand. However, according to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and general public perception whole case was politically motivated and the was built to pressurise PTI Chairman Imran khan. After being in custody for several difficult days, Shahbaz Gill is out of custody from several days on bail. Several days after getting free from the govt custody, few days back Shahbaz Gill released a video […]

Ishaq Dar to return to Pakistan next week, Rana Sanaullah Announces

Rana Sanaullah, the Interior minister, in his press conference have announced that Ishaq Dar is returning to Pakistan next week. He was earlier declared absconder, as he was wanted by the police in accordance with a warrant issued by court on Dec 11, 2017. However, now court has shown some lenience and suspended the warrants till Oct 7, 2022. This allows Ishaq Dar to enter the country and voluntarily submit himself to the law. However, the plans of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) led govt seem to be bit different. The matter of Ishad Dar submitting himself to the law aside, it may or may not happen, but one thing for sure, Ishaq Dar will be involved in economic decision making […]

Imran Khan avoids indictment and further proceedings in contempt of court case

After many hearings and submitting multiple replies to court, in last hearing the court was not satisfied with the replies of Imran Khan in contempt of court case involving remarks about a female judge in political rally. So, in last hearing court had decided to indict Imran Khan in next hearing and pursue the case formally. However, today Imran Khan requested court to let him express something, as he did not got chance to express his thoughts and feelings in last hearing. So while speaking to court, he said “he is ready to apologise to the female judge”. If court thinks he crossed the line, it will not happen again. Also he expressed that he is ready to personally visit […]

Ch Nisar Reacts to Shahbaz Sharif Calling him Childish

The former interior minister of Pakistan Muslim League-N reacted on Shahbaz Sharif’s statement in which he called Ch Nisar childish. Ch Nisar said, “PML-N president did not understand the difference between childish behavior and serious actions”. Ch Nisar is having few differences and issues with PML-N and it seems that Shahbaz Sharif is also dealing with the same issues. At the District Headquarter Hospital inauguration ceremony in Rajanpur Shahbaz Sharif talked to media and commented about Ch Nisar, “There is something childish about him [Nisar]; you have to deal with him like a child.” While remembering the old days Shahbaz Sharif said, “I am talking about 1988. He [Nisar] used to constantly complain about me to Mian sahib [Nawaz Sharif].” […]

PM Nawaz Sharif Address the Nation about Allegations on his Family (video)

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan have just addressed the nation in response to comments and allegations, which his family is facing the following the leaks in Panama papers. In his address to nation Mian Nawaz Sharif started with the history of Itifaq Foundries, how his father Mian Sharirf setup the Itifaq foundries, how the business was shutdown many times in the history. And than how the Sharif family restarted the business from scratch multiple times after being victimized for political and other reasons in different cases. The main agenda of address to the nation was revealed in the end of the speech, which was, Mian Nawaz Sharif setup a judicial commission which will listen to any complaints […]