Are 226 thousand Facebook fans enough to bring back Musharraf

Pervez MusharrafGeneral Pervez Musharraf who served army for long time, lately as chief of army staff, then lately he was also forced chief executive and forced president of Pakistan for period of about 8 years, he is now hopping to come back to Pakistani politics once again. Because of the way he came into government, took over the country and specially some of his decisions in his time in government he was very much unpopular in people.

Now after he was no more in government in accordance with the people’s and other politician’s wishes, he happened to create his personal fan page on Facebook. Which gradually became popular, soon he had more fans on Facebook than any other Pakistani person who is related to Pakistani politics. As most of Pakistani users on Facebook are youth so this way Pervez Musharraf became kinna popular in Pakistani youth.

Now after seeing his popularity on Facebook, which is more than any other Paki Politician, Pervez Musharraf is thinking of coming back to the politics, he want to take part in elections. He thinks that he will have enough support from people of Pakistan so he can get elected. It is not made clear that either he plans to be part of any existing political party or will plan to have his own.

Now the question is, does the 226 thousand Facebook fans are enough to get Musharraf elected, real question arises is does the millions of non-Facebookers who actually are the potential voters, will they vote for Musharraf. I don’t think that the realities here in the country match with the ones on Facebook. Also being a fan on Facebook does not mean that you support the person, there may be other reason like urge to keep yourself updated about a person, which may be beneficial for the journalists etc.

In my opinion the chances for Musharraf in Paki politics are not that great but after looking at mismanagement of other parties in power sometimes this comes to my mind the Musharraf may have some chance. After all things were much better when he was in power. People seen much less power shortages, nearly no shortages of food items like flour and sugar, economy was going much better than it currently is, Pakistani currency was much more powerful and remained consistent throughout the period of his government and finally law and order situation was kinna better than now.

Though there were few mistakes which hurt his reputation to an extent, but I hope if he gets elected this time, he can overcome that part and continue on the good work. Finally only time will tell about the chances of Musharraf being elected.

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