Volcanic eruption in Iceland halts air traffic

This European volcanic eruption bring the Air Travel across the Europe on halt on just first day of eruption. The ash cloud in the air formed by this volcanic eruption made it impossible for Air Planes see and navigate through the air space. On just first day it had affected about seventeen thousand flights and hundreds of thousand of passengers scheduled to board those flights. Eruption still going strong by putting more and more volcanic ash into the atmosphere making it impossible for any air plane to travel through the atmosphere and subsequently putting all the air traffic on halt across the most European airspace. This have been told the effects of eruption will last six months and these will […]

India shows concerns over US Pakistan relations

Manmohan Singh the Indian President met Barak Obama the US president on Sunday in United States. As usual they again shown concerns over the on going US Pakistan relationships and the military aid being provided by US to Pakistan to cope with the militants in Pakistani areas. Indian president claimed that the military aid and financial assistance in this regard provided by US government to Pakistan is often used against India, though Indians don’t have any evidence or actual facts and figures about this. The fact actually is that Indian themselves don’t want any good relations with Pakistan and also can not see any good relations of Pakistan with any other country of Pakistan. Later on a meeting between Pakistani […]

United States discards screening at airports for 14 nations including Pakistan

United states had additional screening procedures for 14 countries including Pakistan. Most of these countries were the Muslim countries and they had to go through this extra screening which included x-ray scanning of body in order to check for any weapons, illegal or dangerous stuff. Lots of people felt humiliated and disliked this extra scanning procedure. Now United States have discarded these procedures and introduced the new profiling procedures which mainly rely on intelligence information and target the people for security check on base of intelligence information about a possible suspect the factors will include age, height and many other information about the suspect. Then this info will be used for security checking of specific number of people. The old […]

Shelling by India and Pakistan against each other at wagah last night

Pakistani and Indian forces exchanged fire near midnight last night at Wagah border. Four blasts were first heard near 11:30PM on Indian side of border first. Indian forces didn’t bother to do any investigation on it and BSF opened fire for across the border to the Pakistani territory. Firing from Indian forces was first light weapons but soon they shifted to the mortar shells, on this side of border Rangers returned the fire in response to keep the balance. This firing continued till 2:00am in the night and soon afterwords Rangers called the meeting with BSF to exchange thoughts. It was told that initially firing was not from Pakistan side of border and blast may have different causes. Both sides […]

The custody of suspected militants from US extended for 10 days

In Sargodha, Pakistan earlier this men five men were arrested by Pakistan police, all of them were the US nationals. After arriving Pakistan they were trying to contact militant groups operating in the problem area of Pakistan. After their arrest the continued up till now, they were also questioned by FBI itself and they submitted their report on the issue earlier. Now a Pakistani court have extended the remand of these five American Nationals for 10 more days. Two of these five are Pakistani Americans. Pakistani and US governments were also in contact with each other about this matter to facilitate the required information. However, a local policeman while talking to media told that these 10 days may not be […]