Saudi Ban on Women’s Driving Finally Goes Away and Women hit the Roads

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Saudia Arabia finally removes the ban on women’s driving this Sunday and already many of the women hit the road with their cars. Saudi Arabia is the last country who had the ban on women’s driving and there was news around that it will soon be removed. Saudi women are excited about this new amendment and they don’t need to rely on men for their transportation anymore, which their guardians also liked.

More than 120,000 licenses have already been applied by women and there are long waiting even for months in driving schools for women. Women of Saudia will drive on the streets officially for the first time in the history. For that many of the parking, languages have been painted in a pink color to show the support and welcome to the driving ladies.

One of the policemen being captured while giving the pink roses to the driving ladies and congratulate them about their freedom. Saudi women will not rely on their fathers, brothers, husbands, and drivers for their daily plans of outing and for work as well.

This is how Saudi women show their excitement:

67 years old Layla Moussa said, ’ve waited long enough, and now, to know that my daughter-in-law and granddaughters will have a normal life, I feel at peace. I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime.”

Nada Farsi, a dental school instructor at King Abdulaziz University said, “It’s going to make things much, much easier – going to work, dropping the kids off to school and just having the choice to go out whenever we want to.”

“Now, thanks to God, I can plan out my own schedule and my errands and my daughters’ errands,” al-Mari said.

21-year-old Altammimi said, “Seeing that very same society celebrate female driving yesterday and today is just a true indication that Saudi has been ready for a while and has transformed slowly but surely.”

28-year-old Jawaher Alshohail said, “I can’t stop smiling, We feel like celebrities.”

This all happened due to Prince Mohammad Bin Salman who promised to loosen up the social restrictions on Suadi women. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal shared the video of his daughter, officially driving the car and showed the support which boosted up the excitement.

This Article was written by Staff Member: Sehrish Ilyas

The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Driving People Crazy Over the World

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flight mh370 disappearedThere would be hardly anyone who would not have heard about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 on 8th of march 2014. The flight took off from Kuala Lumpur city of Malaysia on 8th this month and it was scheduled to land in Beijing China on same date. But just couple of hours into the flight, the plane just vanished. It lost all the communication links, it was last spotted by a radar on location marked by red dot in map depiction on left. The white dot shows the point from where the plane took off. Plane still had more than 10 hours of journey ahead of it.

Mysteriously, search teams in extensive search operations in open sea specially area near it disappeared have absolutely got no clue at all, of plane going into the water. I neither detected by any radar in world after just vanishing. Authorities found out that two of passengers on board one 18 year old and other 29 year old were traveling using stolen passports. But in insight of their investigations they ruled out the possibility of any of them being involved in highjacking of this plane and landing private property.

Prayer appeal for people aboard MH370
Prayer appeal for people aboard MH370

Mysterious and shocking thing is literally tens of thousands of satellites are orbiting the earth of which a big portion of them are continuously taking pictures of earth mapping it, taking real time data but not one of them captured or recorded anything about plane if it was flown away by force.

Plane had 227 passengers and 12 crew members, making the human count on plane 239. Most of passengers totaling 152 were from china, 38 along with 12 crew members totaling 50 were from Malaysia and plane had few other people belonging to 13 other nations.

Search operation is in progress, along with Malaysian search and rescue teams, the search teams of other countries like Australia, United States and many other are helping out as much as they can. Lots of false alarms have also been observed in the process including some oil in sea which later doesn’t seem from MH370, a misinterpreted object from a satellite picture shot. Also some claimed that they have found indications that the plane gone down in Indian sea. Which by the way is fully out of the way of where plane was going and its at least 5 hours journey by same plane from the spot where it was vanished.

18 and 29 years old people traveling on stolen passports on missing flight MH370
18 and 29 years old people traveling on stolen passports on missing flight MH370
A helicopter involved in search operation of MH370
A helicopter involved in search operation of MH370
Come home MH370 Message for Malaysia Airlines Flight
Come home MH370 Message for Malaysia Airlines Flight

According to some sources the US investigations claimed that communication systems on plane were deliberately switched off and plane was forced to take a turn towards Indian sea.

At least 24 families of people on board have claimed that phones of people on board are still ringing. Which worsens the mystery and gives some hope that people on board may be alive somewhere. All kinds of analysis, speculations are coming, lots believing that plane may have been hijacked and landed on private property while lots of other reports differ the notion.

One thing is common world wide, people are praying for the people on board and hoping for a miracle which brings the passengers and crew back safely. Lots of images in this regard have been seen online with lit candles, boards with best wishes for passengers of MH370 and even models like two praying hands and much more. Also whole world is concerned about those 239 people on board of flight MH370. Hashtags like #MH370, # MH370live and #PrayForMH370 have been and still trending world wide on about all top social media websites.

Family members of passenger of disappeared Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
Family members of passenger of disappeared Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
Family Member of Malaysian Airline Disappeared Flight
Family Member of Malaysian Airline Disappeared Flight
A board with best wishes for people aboard MH370
A sand model with message for MH370 passengers and crew
Candle lit love message for MH370 Passengers and Crew with Heart Sign
Candle lit love message for MH370 Passengers and Crew with Heart Sign
Graffiti for people on flight MH370
Graffiti for people on flight MH370

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Developing conspiracy against Pakistan after Osama Bin Laden’s death

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As world knows Osama Bin Laden was killed in Abbotabad, Pakistan, deep into the Pakistani territory, a town about 40 miles away from the capital city of Pakistan. This was a US Forces led operation but as Pakistan claims intelligence help was provided from Pakistan.

Now a new conspiracy against Pakistan being seen, mostly in US claiming that Pakistan knew the Osama’s location and would have protected him. This is so not true, exterminating any extreme elements living in its soil is much more needed by Pakistan more than any third Party like USA. The reason is security situation in Pakistan, with all those blasts in the past currently we are the country most affected by these terror attacks.

In an era when country is actively fighting against terror and coming forward to survive against any extremist elements why would a country like Pakistan will protect any extreme elements which can come back later to haunt us. Plus history shows that we have exterminated hundreds of people belonging to Al-Quida’s top leadership here in Pakistan, then who in right mind could think that we could have protected Bin Laden here in Pakistan. Or was it even possible after killing his people in Pakistan.

Congress in US and many other followers have came forward blaming Pakistan of protecting Bin Laden, the thing that hurts is that this all was based on false assumptions with none of on ground proof. The thing is we have not to answer to USA in this regard, but one thing for sure we are not protecting any extremist elements here in Pakistan and because that is just not in our interest, let alone a country on other side of globe.

Country like USA who happen to be contractors of everything happening around the globe does not always have to suspect others but they got to thank us in all we have done here in Pakistan for them.

Also when they talk of cutting aid to Pakistan, O come on we way more money than that of provided via that so called US aid when you people first attacked Afghanistan and continued it. Still today all supplies to the US and allied forces troops go through Pakistan. If Pakistan would have thought for stopping those supplies for just a day it would have halted and jeopardized the whole US mission in Afghanistan.

So US aid is nothing like something like a wrapped gift of US for Pakistan but it may be as reply to services we have provided to US.

Also if you are one of those blaming Pakistan for any support of Osama Bin Laden then better you straighten your facts and stop whining and complaining because we don’t support any extremist elements here and only because it is not in interest of Pakistan or any other peace loving nation of the world.

Obama’s administration urged to reconsider relationship with Pakistan on Bin Laden issue

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The leaders of US Congress are now putting pressure on their government to reconsider the relationships with Pakistan. According to them Pakistani intelligence would have known about the fact that Osama is in Pakistan and they would have helped him stay in Pakistan.

This is very unfortunate that US other then recognizing the Pakistan’s efforts in War against terror are still talking against the Pakistan. This is more likely more of US’s war and Pakistan have lost much in this war that includes the man power plus the trust of the International investors only due to the country’s worsened security situation.

Still if the efforts are not recognized by US, it is issue on part of US government, they need to straighten their facts. Pakistan have chosen itself already as America’s allies in this war against terror, but when you start suspecting your own allies, things don’t work out too well.

Another statement coming out from washington said

We did not have any proof that Pakistan knew about Osama’s location but we can not rule out the possibility.

This is truly statement that says it all, means US still does not trust their important allies in America’s war against terror. If Pakistan would have knew about him and wanted to protect him, then there was no way for US forces to locate and kill him. And why on earth Pakistan will try to protect a person who is accused of mass murder.

Few questions though can also be raised about US, why they preferred to kill this person, why not capture him and run a trial against him in their own judiciary. Moreover this would have cleared their misconceptions of Pakistan protecting Osama.

US need to recognize the effort’s of their number one allies (Pakistan) whichever they have done in this on going war against terror.

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33 miners trapped underground for months in Chile have been rescued

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In Chile 33 people were trapped 700 meters underground 69 days ago in a mine collapse. They have been trapped for 17 days without anyone on surface knowing about them, are they even alive or not. But on 17th day the first contact was made and it was via a phone set normally used by miners when working inside mine.

Chile president hugging a rescued miner
President hugging rescued miner - Image: AsiaBlues @ flicker

Soon the rescue efforts were started by starting to dig down the tunnel to exact place where they were trapped. Soon after completion of that part the real rescue effort involving the pulling out each of miners one by one, started about 21 hours ago. They used a capsule connected to a puli-system to rescue each of person. On each round trip the capsule was bringing one person out of mine area 700 meters underground. In start this round trip was about 1 hour but towards the end it was lowered to less than hour. It thus enabled final rescue of all 33 miners within 21 hours. Chile president was there on rescue site to welcome each rescued minor. During operation 6 rescue workers were also lowered into mine, so after they are successfully brought out surface the completion of the operation will officially be marked.

Bottom line is all 33 people who were trapped underground 69 days ago are all successfully rescued. This was a historic event as no one earlier have been trapped underground anything during to this period of time. No matter the miners were from Chile, everyone from world over seem concerned and that was depicted by the people’s activity on social media sites like twitter and Facebook. This is where the things come down to humanity, without thinking who belong where, people seem concerned and happy about the rescue and this was the most beautiful thing.

Thumbs up to all those people who were involved in anyway in this rescue effort and made this possible.

Update: Last 6 Rescue workers underground comes back to surface marking the official completion of Rescue operation. So everyone back to surface safely. 33 miners and the 6 rescue workers which were lately dispatched to underground area to rescue the miners trapped 700 meters below surface.