Attack on team Sri Lanka in Pakistan was financed from Sri Lanka

Recently talking to the press, Prime Minister of Pakistan revealed that the previous attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket team was financed from the terrorists inside Sri Lanka itself. This thing was personally told to Pakistani prime minister in his recent to Libya by the Sri Lankan president. Also told that in this regard the investigations in both countries are in process. Also, the officials of interior ministry will soon visit Sri Lanka and there they will exchange information with Sri Lankan officials about attack on Sri Lankan team.

China decides to assist Pakistan in launching first satellite

This was revealed by the Chinese ambassador that china will be assisting Pakistan in launching the Pakistan’s first communications satellite. A a meeting between President Zardari and Chinese president Hu Jintao is scheduled late this month. Meeting will held in US city of New York. In this meeting they are expected to talk on bilateral issues as well as discussion will include this agreement. China wants to spend some money in launch of first Pakistani Communications Satellite. Chinese ambassador added that as the economy and security situation of country both are improving so its good time to take on these kind of projects.

Two more arrested Pakistani students return home from Britain

As Britain officials had arrested 12 students back in April, 09 and most of them were Pakistanis. They were arrested suspecting them as the terrorists. But later in investigation the Britain officials were not able to prove any of the charges. Same is the reason they had freed and deported many of them over the time in the groups or two and three. Now latest info reveals that they have now freed up two more students, who landed in Lahore last night. The Britain officials said that students have voluntarily decided to leave the country. But as it was already stated that they can’t let any of them in their country as this is the matter of their national security. […]