Shelling by India and Pakistan against each other at wagah last night

Wagah Border

Pakistani and Indian forces exchanged fire near midnight last night at Wagah border. Four blasts were first heard near 11:30PM on Indian side of border first. Indian forces didn’t bother to do any investigation on it and BSF opened fire for across the border to the Pakistani territory.

Firing from Indian forces was first light weapons but soon they shifted to the mortar shells, on this side of border Rangers returned the fire in response to keep the balance. This firing continued till 2:00am in the night and soon afterwords Rangers called the meeting with BSF to exchange thoughts.

It was told that initially firing was not from Pakistan side of border and blast may have different causes. Both sides agreed on a point and BSF agreed to do more investigations on the causes of the blasts.

Its not first time, few months ago same kind of incident caused both nations to exchange fire on each other.

India being a responsible state should investigate on matters before blindly opening fire on such situations. They would have properly investigated and met the situation according to its demand. Considering the fact about previous revelries between both nations and both nations being the nuclear capable, a small misunderstanding can be deadliest for people on both sides and the whole south Asian region.

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