US Drone Strike Kills Six in North Waziristan region of Pakistan

US Drone Firing two missiles on a compound and on a vehicle, have killed six people in North Waziristan Agency. Drone strike came on a time when Pakistan Army is fighting militants in same area. However, the residents are not all militants but also the locals/innocent civilians reside there. How a drone from height of thousands of feet above ground can grantee that rocket fired will not harm anyone innocent. Pakistan army with their Operation Zarb-e-Azb is doing good in area and with ground forces they are carefully working to clear the area of terrorists. However, a drone attack at that point in time is pointless. Pakistani Foreign office have already condemned the drone attack in a statement and deemed […]

Election Commission of Pakistan revealed issue of bogus votes continues in the new voter lists

As the finalization of new voter lists is underway and the due date for those lists completion is round the corner as they were suppose to be completed by the up coming 30th of September. But with just five days remaining, the election commission identified the issue with the newly prepared voter lists. According to Election commission they found the 37 million people on voters lists which could not be confirmed. These unconfirmed voters belong to areas all over the country. FATA had about 7 million, Punjab 8 million, Sindh over 5 million and Islamabad found to have 1.2 million unconfirmed voters on newly created voter lists. Same is the story with the voter lists prepared from other areas of […]

Wapda is to mass disconnect power connections

Minister of Water and Power have chaired a meeting on Wednesday, 21st Sep. Heads of all power distribution companies, which operate under Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), participated in the meeting. Meeting was intended for reviewing the running/circular dept and recoveries situation of power distributors. Minister advised to mass disconnect the connections of consumers who are on default from last 60 or more days. He also advised to recover all the running debt in next 30 days. Running debt means when a certain consumer did not payed any full or partial charges with the approval of any of Power distribution company. It was further told that if a certain Power distribution company will not be able to act accordingly in […]

Pakistan cricket team players banned from Social Networking by PCB

PCB have recently banned all of Pakistan Cricket Team players who in contract with PCB from using social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Ban was the result of posts by Zulqurnain Haider to his Facebook page like the post about his retirement and few other posts after he disappeared from a match in Dubai about a month ago gone to London afterwards claiming of threats which he said he received. No matter what in my opinion Pakistan Cricket board (PCB) in no capacity eligible to add such clauses to the contract with any player as this is open attack on players’ freedom of speech. Facebook and Twitter provide people means to communicate and specially for celebrities and Players they […]

Five US nationals caught few months ago in Pakistan now charged by court

Five individuals who born in US and their families belong to different countries traveled from US to Pakistan few months ago, they were suspected to be involved in planing the violence against local forces in problem areas of Pakistan where the militants are hiding. They were also suspected to be helping the banned extremist group in the country. They were taken into custody in December and held into custody for long time involving the several extensions of their initial investigation period. Several individuals were busy investigating the matter and finding any proofs of weather they are innocent or not. Initial plan was to take them in custody for few days, free them up and send them back soon if they […]