US Drone Strike Kills Six in North Waziristan region of Pakistan

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US Drone Firing two missiles on a compound and on a vehicle, have killed six people in North Waziristan Agency. Drone strike came on a time when Pakistan Army is fighting militants in same area. However, the residents are not all militants but also the locals/innocent civilians reside there. How a drone from height of thousands of feet above ground can grantee that rocket fired will not harm anyone innocent. Pakistan army with their Operation Zarb-e-Azb is doing good in area and with ground forces they are carefully working to clear the area of terrorists. However, a drone attack at that point in time is pointless.

Pakistani Foreign office have already condemned the drone attack in a statement and deemed it violation of our airspace and sovereignty. While Pakistani ground forces are there in the area, United States must quit playing the big brother and should let Pakistanis take care of their own problems.Unmanned Ariel Vehile AKA Drone

Militants are sure big problem of our country but on same time its true that our government and army is doing much to take care of this problem. Specially the most recent on going Operation Zerb-e-Azb have achieved much and eradicated several dozens of terror minded people. United States sure do not have any right to violate air space of a sovereign country and take matters in their own hands.

Pakistani government should also reply more aggressively on diplomatic forums and just one statement for foreign office is not going to do it. They need make it clear to United States that the it no more need to play Big Brother and must mind its own business and let us face and solve our problems.

Main problem with these drone attacks is according to reports of several International surveys they do more harm to innocent civilians, women and children than the militants. Are hence very much counter productive in a million ways.

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Election Commission of Pakistan revealed issue of bogus votes continues in the new voter lists

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As the finalization of new voter lists is underway and the due date for those lists completion is round the corner as they were suppose to be completed by the up coming 30th of September. But with just five days remaining, the election commission identified the issue with the newly prepared voter lists. According to Election commission they found the 37 million people on voters lists which could not be confirmed. These unconfirmed voters belong to areas all over the country.

FATA had about 7 million, Punjab 8 million, Sindh over 5 million and Islamabad found to have 1.2 million unconfirmed voters on newly created voter lists. Same is the story with the voter lists prepared from other areas of country, totaling up to 37 million bogus voters on lists.

Way after the last elections held in 2008, Election Commission of Pakistan had identified the more that 40 million bogus voter on voter lists which were used in last elections. Considering those the current mandate of the ruling party does not even look genuine.

If history repeats it self and the next elections are again held on base of bogus voter lists, this would be disastrous for the people of the country and this would come back to haunt nation. This country is in no position to take another government that is based on the bogus votes, so this matter should be taken care of in the right way in supervision of Election Commission of Pakistan. Hope the authorities are doing their good to resolve the issue and bring the genuine people on the lists, taking off the bogus/unidentified entries.

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Wapda is to mass disconnect power connections

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Minister of Water and Power have chaired a meeting on Wednesday, 21st Sep. Heads of all power distribution companies, which operate under Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), participated in the meeting. Meeting was intended for reviewing the running/circular dept and recoveries situation of power distributors.

Minister advised to mass disconnect the connections of consumers who are on default from last 60 or more days. He also advised to recover all the running debt in next 30 days. Running debt means when a certain consumer did not payed any full or partial charges with the approval of any of Power distribution company.

It was further told that if a certain Power distribution company will not be able to act accordingly in given time, they may have their contract canceled.

Current circular debt of PEPCO have reached Rs. 300 billion, this directly impacts the electricity consumers who are paying regularly in terms of load-shedding and the increased tariff. It was good initiative by minister to bring all kind of debts down.

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Pakistan cricket team players banned from Social Networking by PCB

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PCB have recently banned all of Pakistan Cricket Team players who in contract with PCB from using social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Ban was the result of posts by Zulqurnain Haider to his Facebook page like the post about his retirement and few other posts after he disappeared from a match in Dubai about a month ago gone to London afterwards claiming of threats which he said he received.

No matter what in my opinion Pakistan Cricket board (PCB) in no capacity eligible to add such clauses to the contract with any player as this is open attack on players’ freedom of speech. Facebook and Twitter provide people means to communicate and specially for celebrities and Players they are good means for them to get in touch with people, this way they can also better provide their opinions and answer questions of public. May often be forced to give their opinion on controversies about them – e.g. when they are not performing – by their fans on these social networking websites.

Often sayings or opinions of players are twisted and completely change their meaning when they reach the public via print or electronic media. So Facebook and twitter are the good means where they can clarify any faulty communication via any other mediums; but well they can’t now after this new of its kind restriction on Pakistani Cricket Players by PCB.

Towards wrapping my opinion I think this decision of PCB is fully unjust and first of its kind in the world, I urge PCB to rethink their decision and urge other writers support Pakistan Cricket team to help restore their freedom of speech.

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Five US nationals caught few months ago in Pakistan now charged by court

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Five individuals who born in US and their families belong to different countries traveled from US to Pakistan few months ago, they were suspected to be involved in planing the violence against local forces in problem areas of Pakistan where the militants are hiding. They were also suspected to be helping the banned extremist group in the country.

They were taken into custody in December and held into custody for long time involving the several extensions of their initial investigation period. Several individuals were busy investigating the matter and finding any proofs of weather they are innocent or not. Initial plan was to take them in custody for few days, free them up and send them back soon if they are found innocent but it didn’t happen mainly because they were found involved in some illegal activities.

Now a Pakistani have laid seven charges against them, which include the charge saying ‘these men were planning an attack in Pakistan or an allied country’ and ‘they were reaching out the Militants in problem areas of Pakistan and were going to help them financially’. Similar five more charges are laid against them.

However the men in custody fully deny all of the charges laid against them and told that they were here for some charity work in areas which are fully destroyed because of the on going clash between Pakistan security forces and the hiding militants.

Court was adjourned till 1st of March, afterwords the evidences against these suspects will be presented in the court. If the court finds them guilty, they can have the punishment ranging to the life imprisonment at maximum. In other case deporting them to United States may be taken into consideration.