Two PAF Pilots lose their life due to a fighter jet crash in peshawar

Two pilots of Pakistan Air Force died in aircraft crash during a routine training session on Tuesday at Peshawar. This incident happened on Peshawar Air Base when a Wing Commander Umar and a Flying Officer Israr were returning back to the Air Base from routine training and the Aircraft crashed and the news has confirmed by the PAF officials. “Pakistan Air Force reports with regret that a PAF FT-7PG trainer aircraft while recovering from a routine operational training mission, crashed during landing at Peshawar Air Base,” PAF released statement. This has happened while trying to save the lives of civilians, the plane was calling for an emergency landing on the AIR Base and right after that some technical fault caused […]

Pakistan faces countrywide blackout after all the power plants trip

Earlier today on Sunday, 25th Jan, 2015 after 12 am, whole country is now in total darkness after the major power plants trip. The water and power ministry is blaming the high load as cause of trip but it does not add up. In winter how much the load may by, which can cause countrywide trip. Tarbela, Mangla, Gudu and more power plants are affected. Including Islamabad, whole country is in darkness as we speak. The Water and power ministry told that restoration of power will be started after 5am in the morning. I am sure it would be for just some areas, and it is 2:30 am in the morning. According to a dawn news article Pakistan’s power production […]

TV Interviews of Athar Yad Ali Who Stopped Driverless Truck on Motorway

Earlier we shared full text story of Athar Yad Ali, about how he stopped the driverless truck on Islamabad Lahore motorway (M2). Ever since Athar Yad Ali and his family gained eminence popularity of Social Media as well as Mainstream Media. Many TV Channels have interviewed him with his family and ran special reports on his bravery. This specific post is intended to show all TV interviews of Athar Yad Ali at one place. Athar Yad Ali and Family’s Brief Interview with GEO TV Pakistan inside small Media Report: A Brief Report of Dunya News Tv on Athar Yad Ali and his Family, includes the interview of Athar: Express News Report on Athar Yad Ali and Interview with family later […]

A Brave and Responsible Citizen Athar Yad Ali Stops a Driver-less Truck on a Pakistani Motorway

Athar Yad Ali was traveling on Lahore Islamabad motorway when he and his family witnessed a driver-less truck which was repeatedly hitting the concrete barricades of motorway which divide the incoming and on going traffic. The driver and the co-driver had already jumped out of truck as the breaks of truck were failed. Truck was going on and on, on the sloppy terrain. It was not just any truck it was a monster 22 wheeler truck. First when the Athar Yad Ali and his family witnessed the truck, Athar was driving the Car and his son was making the video. Athar Yad Ali had no intention at first to jump out of his car and run for truck to stop […]

Comatose Shahzaib Bajwa’s family raises USD $46000 plus online in two days to save his life but they will need more

Shahzaib Bajwa is a bright Pakistani University student who happened to go to United States’s University of Wisconsin-Superior through to spend one semester there through a student exchange program between a local university and University of Wisconsin-Superior. In November he was traveling in car which was taking him to back to University from the city Minneapolis, car struck a deer and accident was so bad that Bajwa have got severe fractures on his face. He is also in comma ever since. He had travel insurance but amount is too small, also his visa is expiring on Feb 28th, 2014 and insurance company wants to spend this money on bringing back Shahzaib to Pakistan, also its heard that they are threatening […]