Vehicle loaded with explosives caught on the way to Karachi

A vehicle loaded with the at least 20 KG of explosives was just on the way to Karachi and have been caught. The bomb disposal squad have just been called. Exact information about the type and exact quantity of explosives will be available after the explosive stuff is inspected by bomb disposal squad. Two people were caught along with this vehicle. Further investigations about their targets etc are underway, we will be back with updates as soon as we get more info on this.

Murder in an ATM in Karachi, Criminal Caught, incident video

In an ATM of Karachi when a citizen named Ghulam Nabi was using ATM to withdraw money, a criminal entered the ATM and tried to grab the money on gun point. Ghulam Nabi pushed the culprit and tried to get away but the robber fired bullet right into the chest of Ghulam Nabi and got away quickly. All of this was recorded on CCTV camera of bank and later was broadcasted on GEO TV and may be any other channels as well. Later a tv viewer recognized the criminal and told police about him. This way he was caught successfully. Following is the video footage of incident, video aired by GEO News Pakistan.

The custody of suspected militants from US extended for 10 days

In Sargodha, Pakistan earlier this men five men were arrested by Pakistan police, all of them were the US nationals. After arriving Pakistan they were trying to contact militant groups operating in the problem area of Pakistan. After their arrest the continued up till now, they were also questioned by FBI itself and they submitted their report on the issue earlier. Now a Pakistani court have extended the remand of these five American Nationals for 10 more days. Two of these five are Pakistani Americans. Pakistani and US governments were also in contact with each other about this matter to facilitate the required information. However, a local policeman while talking to media told that these 10 days may not be […]

Blast near GHQ Rawalpindi today morning

A blast occurred near GHQ about 20 minutes ago, loss of life and other details are not clear yet. The blast occurred just 500 yards away from GHQ Rawalpindi behind the pearl continental hotel. Will be coming back with updates as soon as we get more information. Update: About at least 10 t0 15 killed and more than 40 are the injured. The nature of this blast was suicide. A suicide attacker blown himself up. Update: Officially nature of the blast is to be disclosed, 13 of injured are already shifted to the DHQ hospital Rawalpindi. Also few shifted to CMH hospital Rawalpindi.

Release of 100 was demanded by GHQ attackers

Major General Ather Abbas the military spokesman talked to the media on Monday and revealed the detailed information about the GHQ attack and operation in reply. He told that initially ten militants had attacked the GHQ building and five of them were actually taken down on first check post.  Overall death-toll at GHQ was 23 people. The attackers who were able to get through and held 42 hostages had their demands as well. They had initially demanded the release of 100 militants. These militants were arrested in different terrorism incidents, this was there initial demand and most likely more were coming up. But commando forces of Pakistan make this impossible for them be in position of getting any of demands […]