28000 troops move in to clear South Waziristan

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Pakistan Army in South WaziristanSecurity forces of Pakistan are now constantly having the attacks on south Waziristan areas to clear up the hiding militants. They have been doing many air attacks from few days to target different enemy positions but now on Friday the security forces also launched the artillery attack along with the air attack.

About 28000 troops have been deployed around the South Waziristan region to cope with the Taliban militants. More of them can be moved in as per requirement. Currently army and air force have been launching attacks to selected enemy positions to weaken their defense. As the time passes the attacks would be intense.

As after security forces had decided to attack and clean South Waziristan region, in past week the militants from the same region have attacked many places in many cities killing the security forces personal and the normal public. These tactics have even further motivated the security forces to kill and clean the militants hiding in the South Waziristan region.

Twenty more people arrested in connection with GHQ attack

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Soldier at GHQ RawalpindiAs previously when Pakistan Army wrapped up the operation at GHQ they had arrested Aqeel alias Dr. Usman. Now after some investigations Army arrested twenty more people in connection with Aqeel. Breaking into this locked house police men found the six army name plates, rank signs, army rank ribbons, fuse for rocket propped grenades, anti-tank mine fuse and someĀ  other weapons. Army had already located the owner of a rent house in Humak and arrested him.

Police had raided into the house after they received the information about some suspected people in army uniforms going into the house. However while the raiding into house police was not able to arrest anyone as they had broken into the locked house. This house was hired by the suspects for Rs. 10,000 per month.

Along with the owner of house the real estate agent and his nephew was also arrested for further investigations, police already been able to find name and some information about the person who had hired the house and signed the contract with owner for this.

Names of some other suspects are also been traced and overall twenty people have been arrested in connection with Aqeel, after the completion of GHQ operation.

Fighter jets attack South Waziristan Agency to take down militants

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South Waziristan, PakistanAs reported earlier Pakistan security forces were to start an operation in South Waziristan to wipe out all the militants hiding there. In this regard the fighter jets of Pakistan security forces already attacked the area and took down 13 militants in bombings.

The jets of security forces targeted the hideouts of militants and resulted in taking down these 13 militants. Meanwhile the surveillance planes also kept flying over North and South Waziristan to keep an eye over the area. This indeed shows that now Pakistani forces are fully dedicated to wipe out all the country’s enemies on the soil and they are fully capable to do that.

GHQ Rawalpindi operation comes to an end

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GHQ RawalpindiOn Sunday the GHQ Rawalpindi operation came to an end when the armed forces successfully freed up 39 hostages held by the militants. However three of the hostages were killed by the militants and also four of militants were killed on Sunday.

For those who don’t know much of the story, on Saturday around mid day nine terrorists were entered into Army General Head Quarters, Rawalpindi. They were in Army uniforms and were fully loaded with weapons, while they were entering into the GHQ area when security personal asked them to show the identity they opened fire on them and passed the first check-post on first gate. But while moving further inside they were unable to penetrate further on second check post without having damage.

On second check post four of the terrorists were killed but five of them were able to escape inside the nearby buildings inside the GHQ. In the process on Saturday overall four terrorists and six Army men were killed. Soon after Pakistan Army backed with helicopters and commandos started the search operation to locate the remaining five people.

On other hand these remaining five militants held 42 people as hostages in one of GHQ buildings. On Sunday the Army men had already located them and gone for a decisive operation against them. In the process Army men were able to get 39 of hostages free and 3 of hostages were died. Also on Sunday as well four of militants were killed and one was caught alive.

The person caught alive told his name as Aqeel and was known with his nick Dr. Usman. He revealed that he was also involved in several other terrorists activities which took place in the past. This way Pakistan army took the all nine terrorists down and given a strong message that even they have to die, they will not let any of country’s enemies capitalize. May the souls of all innocents died in this bloodshed rest in peace and may Allah bless their families strength to deal with the loss and pain.

Pakistan Army to launch battle in south waziristan

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Pakistan ArmyPakistan Army is going to launch a battle in South Waziristan in few days. According to Pakistan Army Spokesman this battle was being planned from last 3 months and now in few days Pakistan Army will clean up south Waziristan from the militants. This the toughest strong hold of Taliban Militants and this battle will not be piece of cake.

Last three months Army had been planning about this battle and studied the on ground situation and now is left with no other option. If Pakistan Army does not go for it, the battle will be enforced by the militants hiding in that location. Already in swat and other areas Pakistan Army have done so well in grabbing back the land from these militants and making the lives easier for the local people.

Apparently this battle will require much more power demonstration from the Army as this will be much more toughest. This is also being termed as “Mother of All battles” by many.