Pakistan Buying 30 Attack Helicopters from Turkey

Pakistan was already in talks with the Turkish officials to get 30 attack helicopter. Its now confirmed that Pakistan is getting Turkish built 30 attack helicopters. Both Pakistan and Turkey announced the move. The helis being purchased are Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TAI) T129. In recent years Pakistan made several other deals like that, which include a number of fighter helicopters from Russia as well as recently a deal with united states for 12 US-built Bell AH-1Z Viper Helicopters. The actual price of deal with Turkey has not been disclosed but according to an estimate mentioned on various places in media, about 1.5 Billion USD are likely to be the costs to Pakistan for these 30 attack helicopters. This have been […]

Resistance from militants continues, Pakistan security forces respond with fighter jets

In South Waziristan, which have been militants’ strong hold in Pakistan, the militant were again planning and executing some attacks. Most recent was the one which had killed 81 people by the militants. To stop them security forces again responded with an Air strike to weaken the hiding militants. Stats from Government suggest that 18 of militants were killed and three militant hideouts were completely destroyed during this air strike. To be exact the air strike was directed towards the Ghund Mela village of Orakzai taking out many militants. Militants hiding in these areas are believed to be cause of countrywide on going violence in Pakistan, which mostly consists of explosions and bullet firings in few other cases. In more than last […]

South Waziristan operation officially approved

Friday,  a meeting held in prime minister house to talk on security situation in the country. Top civil and military commands well as the opposition parties attended this meeting. Finally, most of the opposition parties and other participants agreed to pursue the South Waziristan operation.  They all agreed that, taking down the militant leadership hiding in South Waziristan is now only way out to stop the terrorism activities taking place in the country. As all the suicide attacks took place in last two weeks were being financed and backed from the same South Waziristan Area. As 28000 individuals of Pakistan army were already moved to the area, now the official approval of the operation will come up with more deployments […]

Militants trying to run from South Waziristan Agency

An army official in Wana told the press that some of the Taliban militants were trying to run away from the area. He added that they have tightened the controls around the area from all sides, so no one of the militants can escape.  Every person leaving the area are properly being checked, so that no one of Taliban Militants can leave the area. Same were the Taliban who were asked by government and security agencies several months ago to voluntarily clear the areas and stay on the base of live and let live policy. But they had no only denied, they started harming the locals, tried to impose their rules and laws to locals and started moving towards the […]

90000 locals moved out fearing Army operation in South Waziristan

As Pakistan army is to pursue an operation against the militants hiding in the South Waziristan region, fearing the intense fight between Pakistan security forces and the hiding Taliban, 90000 locals have moved out of South Waziristan. The people who came out have been shifted to safe places in the Dera Ismail Khan and tank. It is expected that more people will be leaving their homes in coming soon as the air strikes and the fight on ground is going to be on peak soon. Previously in Pakistan Army’s Operation Rah-e-Raast about two million people had to leave their homes and the shelters were provided by Government in nearby area. Soon after within three months the swat area was cleaned […]