Few words of wisdom on Skinder and Kanwal drama in Islamabad, Pakistan

After looking at the title you would have already reprieved correctly that I am referring to the Thursday 15th August Story took place on Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area Islamabad. A gun man Sikandar in his Toyota Corolla, with his wife Kanwal and two kids one girl and boy reached blue area. He hit a police car first, then he took out his two rifles including a SMG and started firing up into the sky, spreading some terror at first. Later on it was nothing less than a drama, things looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie, where the man with his family was in the middle and police had surrounded him from all over. As well as media […]

Pakistan witnessed more than 49000 reported deaths in so called regarding war on terror

An Indian news article, based on news reports from Pakistan stated that 49000 Pakistanis lost their lives in activities regarding war on terrorism. These include innocent people died in blasts and attacks on civilian population as retaliation to actions against so called militants residing on Pakistani soil. This number is much more than the reported number stated above. As lots of deaths would never have been reported. Some here believe that thing have been mishandled by previous governments, specially Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Zardari led political party in power. For example, they were unable to settle terms about drone attacks with United States on Pakistani soil. Which, Americans say, were carried out to target militants but according to all […]

Car bomb blast shakes the city of Peshawar

A car full of explosive material weighing about 300 KG rammed right into the police station situated at Jamrud Road in Peshawar. Initial reports tell that 21 were injured and two were killed in the incident. The affected by the blast were policemen including those who died. Soon after the attack Taliban have took the responsibility of attack, according to them these attacks are reaction to the Osama Bin Laden’s assassination. Taliban areĀ  being seen on a role these days, earlier they took responsibility of an attack on Pakistani Naval base which killed many and destroyed two of modern aircrafts. All of this according to them is a revenge of Osama’s killing in Pakistan by US forces.  

Vehicle loaded with explosives caught on the way to Karachi

A vehicle loaded with the at least 20 KG of explosives was just on the way to Karachi and have been caught. The bomb disposal squad have just been called. Exact information about the type and exact quantity of explosives will be available after the explosive stuff is inspected by bomb disposal squad. Two people were caught along with this vehicle. Further investigations about their targets etc are underway, we will be back with updates as soon as we get more info on this.

Misery and agony hits back, Peshawar press club under attack

After just two days of silence the militants again hit back on Peshawar Press club. It was a suicide blast targeting the media personals of Pakistan. About three people lost their lives in the attack and several other were injured. Immediately the smoke encircled the building and the glasses of building as well the nearby vehicles etc were damaged badly in the incident. Police stopped the attacker at the first place but he got through. Afterwords when search operation resumed to track out the attacker, he blew himself causing life and property damages to others. Media was already threatened about this so according to police everyone going in was being checked. But still the security measures proved insufficient and the […]