Few words of wisdom on Skinder and Kanwal drama in Islamabad, Pakistan

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sikandar kanwal drama islamabad pakistanAfter looking at the title you would have already reprieved correctly that I am referring to the Thursday 15th August Story took place on Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area Islamabad. A gun man Sikandar in his Toyota Corolla, with his wife Kanwal and two kids one girl and boy reached blue area. He hit a police car first, then he took out his two rifles including a SMG and started firing up into the sky, spreading some terror at first. Later on it was nothing less than a drama, things looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie, where the man with his family was in the middle and police had surrounded him from all over. As well as media men including camera men and on scene reporters were also seem on all sides, they were accompanied by over four thousand local public, who were there to enjoy the scene like a Hollywood movie.

Police, media and people were maintaining minimum 50 yards distance from the Sikandar and his family who were in center still in their black corolla, getting in and out. Not only this the scene ran about 5 hours because for police handling the man with guns was not an issue but they feared if he opens fire on his own family or people around it would be total disaster.

There were some big mistakes happened by Police, they were never able to keep normal public away from scene, as they had not took any care about that. As the  gunman’s wife was serving as messenger from gunman to police and Vice Versa, she told police that man has some demands and he would not shoot at anyone, until and unless every one stays away. This may be the reason police never thought seriously of scattering people away but they would have took care of this, as man seem a Psychologically ill. As he was endangering the lives of his children and wife, he was as unpredictable as they come, so he would have opened fire on anyone around.

Meanwhile, some TV channels traced out the man’s info including the cell phone numbers of him and his wife. They gone forward and took man and his wife live on TV and started negotiating with person in front of whole country, in fact the whole world. Person started to give his demands on live TV, these were definitely baseless, for example change the government of country and stuff. In a democratic country how could one person with couple of guns and his family come on roads and demand change of recently elected government.

He definitely was in need of mental patient seem through his baseless, unfulfillable demands, but then we would say who gave media the right to negotiate with him and broadcast his demands in his own voice over to the whole world. But then why wouldn’t police had setup some signal signal jammers to stop any voice communication. It was another fail.

On the topic of why this drama continued for hours, yes it wouldn’t have happened. Police has excuse that they cared for persons family, but how could this be, with family or not  how could a person can put others in danger for so long hours. Police would have had some solution to that as well, would have somehow reached to him.

Finally, the drop scene or climax of drama was most interesting, as man apparently in no tension, he was like having morning walk in middle of crowed with his wife and two kids who were playing on grass on roadside in trees. Man seem so relax that he enjoyed a cigarette and red bull energy drink while he was endangering his and his family’s lives. But then as I said, it all came to the final climax scene where a politician and a former Member of National Assembly (MNA) Zumarad Khan apparently gone to the gunman for negotiations but he decide to this his way. He gently smiling shaken hands with the children of gunman to get closer and then Zumarad just jumped onto the gun man trying to grab the weapon but he fell down, still he was grabbing the leg of gunman who ran and successfully got some distance, he fired back on Zumarad who meanwhile ran for gunman’s little daughter and grabbed her for some cover from the gunman. His life was saved that way mean while the commandos and police fired on Skinder (mad gunman), with four bullets in his body including the one in his lungs, he was finally in custody and rushed to hospital with his wife. Meanwhile lot of people were calling Zumarad Khan a hero and lots other disagree that argument what he did was foolishness.

My point of view is little different, on one side I do acknowledge that what Zumarad did was bravery, he would have been killed in this, not so many people that chance. But still it would have been far better if police would have been handled it themselves. Even if an attack had to happen, this would have happened from a trained person not a politician who was even not holding an office at that time. I am not sure why even police and other security agencies on scene allowed this to happen, for the person who seem so relaxed they would have done some coordinated attack which would have handled this far earlier than five hours without any injuries to anyone.

Finally, thankfully there were no life loss in this whole madness. There were few mistakes which were made from Police, media and public. Everybody must definitely learn from their mistakes, specially police would have come with better plan I hope they will come with if this happens in future anywhere in the country. People must understand that this was after all not a scene of a movie, keeping a safe distance would have made things far easier for the police. Then same applies to the media which was little too much closer, I even heard officer in charge on the scene advising media to get away to give them safe distance, media was even broadcasting this but never heard him. May Allah bless us peace and nothing like this happens again.

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Pakistan witnessed more than 49000 reported deaths in so called regarding war on terror

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war against terrorAn Indian news article, based on news reports from Pakistan stated that 49000 Pakistanis lost their lives in activities regarding war on terrorism. These include innocent people died in blasts and attacks on civilian population as retaliation to actions against so called militants residing on Pakistani soil.

This number is much more than the reported number stated above. As lots of deaths would never have been reported. Some here believe that thing have been mishandled by previous governments, specially Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Zardari led political party in power.

For example, they were unable to settle terms about drone attacks with United States on Pakistani soil. Which, Americans say, were carried out to target militants but according to all the surveys carried out on national and international level, most of affected people of drone attacks were innocent civilians including women and children. Success rate of targeting militants was as low as less than 5% of total causalities. Plus Pakistani government would have decided terms and would have been part of the operation on Pakistani soil to make sure the good guys are not hurt.

Reason for mentioning the drone attacks was that, due to these drone attacks when relatives of civilians started to die, it made them furious and made them attack other civilians in cities. It worsened the law in order situation badly, so some of friends also turned in foes.

Also only one way solution was imposed on people of Pakistan, that was bombarding some full areas of country, giving people other option, many say, in some areas the dialog would have been better solution, not only for Pakistan but also for International community. But somehow so called our leaders were not able to do that.

May Allah bless Pakistan, bless it with honest leadership, who are able to make the right decision and put Pakistan back on the Path of economic development. Change will come soon, it will come from your vote, do choose the right person when you vote in upcoming elections.

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Car bomb blast shakes the city of Peshawar

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A car full of explosive material weighing about 300 KG rammed right into the police station situated at Jamrud Road in Peshawar. Initial reports tell that 21 were injured and two were killed in the incident. The affected by the blast were policemen including those who died.

Soon after the attack Taliban have took the responsibility of attack, according to them these attacks are reaction to the Osama Bin Laden’s assassination. Taliban are  being seen on a role these days, earlier they took responsibility of an attack on Pakistani Naval base which killed many and destroyed two of modern aircrafts. All of this according to them is a revenge of Osama’s killing in Pakistan by US forces.


Vehicle loaded with explosives caught on the way to Karachi

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A vehicle loaded with the at least 20 KG of explosives was just on the way to Karachi and have been caught. The bomb disposal squad have just been called. Exact information about the type and exact quantity of explosives will be available after the explosive stuff is inspected by bomb disposal squad.

Two people were caught along with this vehicle. Further investigations about their targets etc are underway, we will be back with updates as soon as we get more info on this.

Misery and agony hits back, Peshawar press club under attack

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After just two days of silence the militants again hit back on Peshawar Press club. It was a suicide blast targeting the media personals of Pakistan. About three people lost their lives in the attack and several other were injured. Immediately the smoke encircled the building and the glasses of building as well the nearby vehicles etc were damaged badly in the incident.

Police stopped the attacker at the first place but he got through. Afterwords when search operation resumed to track out the attacker, he blew himself causing life and property damages to others. Media was already threatened about this so according to police everyone going in was being checked. But still the security measures proved insufficient and the damage was done.