South Waziristan operation officially approved

Pakistan Army in South Waziristan AgencyFriday,  a meeting held in prime minister house to talk on security situation in the country. Top civil and military commands well as the opposition parties attended this meeting. Finally, most of the opposition parties and other participants agreed to pursue the South Waziristan operation.  They all agreed that, taking down the militant leadership hiding in South Waziristan is now only way out to stop the terrorism activities taking place in the country. As all the suicide attacks took place in last two weeks were being financed and backed from the same South Waziristan Area.

As 28000 individuals of Pakistan army were already moved to the area, now the official approval of the operation will come up with more deployments shortly. The exact time when the operation will be launched properly was not disclosed to the media but army seem to have all the arrangements completed already. Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had also attended the meeting and briefed all participants about the current situation.

One thought on “South Waziristan operation officially approved

  1. dear muslim brothers & sisters
    aslam o alaikum,
    my only message is for you all is that, for god sake use all yours influence
    to protect pakistan by your good deeds and actons, in pratical way make hard principle of life, always speak the truth, may be against yours beloved, do justice in all wals of life,
    be honest, always do merit and fight for merit, wiped out cast and creed disntinction, if we follow these principles, inshallah pakistan become a country full of allah blessings

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