Proxy websites blocked in Pakistan, Whats the point?

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Proxy Websites Banned in PakistanIn connection with the issue of blasphemous violent content, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked many websites and many people including me supported this decision of PTA. Banning the websites in Pakistan should have not mainly to prevent local people from accessing the blasphemous content but to make a statement to sites that your racism regarding the religion will not be accepted.

Considering the fact that Pakistan is an Islamic state and people at least have love for prophet Muhammad, no one would be willing to see that blasphemous content. But unfortunately PTA took things here differently, they gone few steps further and also blocked the proxy website.

Chairman PTA: We have blocked a number of sites having the blasphemous content and also blocked some proxy websites, so that the content can’t be accessed in Pakistan in anyway.

Blocking the original websites was more than enough to make a statement and blocking the proxy websites was unnecessary step. Ideally no one would try to access that blasphemous content via proxies, at least those who follow Islam and love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and if some one would, well every one is responsible for his/her own faith.

In fact the guys blocking the proxy websites didn’t thought about the positive features and capabilities which proxies enable us with, they only kept eye on negativity and end up blocking most of proxy websites known to them.

At times proxy websites are very useful, some times certain ISP dns servers don’t have most updated IP records against domains or have problems with certain websites, in this case the proxy websites are the only handy tool to access them.

Finally I would say, it would have been better, if ban must have been symbolic for the world other than just to restrict the locals from looking at the content. Whatever else is done, I am in full favor of that but not in favor of blocking the proxy websites which still are blocked in Pakistan.

How to report a stolen cell phone in Pakistan

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If you had a phone that is stolen by someone or its lost and you want to report it so it gets blocked on all GSM Networks in Pakistan, use the following method.

Step 1. Get the Information together

Following are number of things you will need to get your phone blocked.

1. IMEI Number

IMEI Number is a unique number that is assigned to each cell phone, it uniquely identify a single phone as for each manufactured phone ever its different. You will get this number on packing of you phone. For each new phone you purchase you can check its IMEI by using *#06#. It is recommended to use this method for your phone, get the IMEI and save it with you so if your phone gets lost, you can use it to report and get your phone blocked. Or otherwise as I said the packing box of phone will have this number on it.

2.  Cell Phone Number – It is just the number which people use to call you, this number must have been used with that mobile, also make sure your SIM is registered on your name.

3. Name

4. National ID Card Number (NIC)

5. Address and Contact Number

Step 2. Report about the Phone

After you have got all above information together now you have to report about your stolen or lost cell phone. You have following choices for this,

– Call Police at 15

– Call PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) at their toll Free Number 0800 – 25625

– Call CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) on 021-5682222 or FAX them at 021-5683336

– Complain at

Use any of these choices above to complain and you will be guided further if you need to do anything else. After the process is completed the phone will be blocked so that the thief can’t use or sell it. In the process if by any means you get back your cell phone, it can be unblocked easily by providing the same information.

Over the past increasing number of phone snatching and stealing cases have been reported, if in case some way your phone gets snatched or stolen, do report this using the process explained above so that the thief can’t get much out of this theft.

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Register complaint against a cell phone or landline number in Pakistan

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This topic covers how to and where to register your complaint if someone is threatening or annoying you with unnecessary phone calls or text messages from a cell phone or landline number in Pakistan. Unfortunately despite the many campaigns by PTA still there are cell phone connections/SIMs out there which are not registered to any one at all and being used or registered to wrong people other than real users. So before registering one such complaint a thought about the culprit using unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM may stop you from registering the complaint, but this not the way how things work now.

Now even if someone is annoying you from an unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM card, you can still register the complaint against the culprit and PTA will block the connection. If still the messages and calls continue from another number a proper action will be take against the person and even if he/she is using an unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM he/she will be tracked out, reached and coped easily, all you have to do is complain with PTA on first place.

You can call at PTA’s complaint number 0800-55055 to complain against the landline or mobile number from which someone is threatening you. You can also send an email to PTA’s contact email for registering your complaint but using their toll free complaint number mentioned above is recommended for a fast response but you can still expect the email method work out for you, as it worked out for me in past.

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For your complaints make use of PTA toll free number given above or you can also use following information for your complaints.

PTA Headquarters: (Tel: +92-51-9225325)
Rawalpindi: (Tel: +92-51-5766402)
Lahore: (Tel: +92-42-6665022)
Karachi: (Tel: +92-21-5680101)
Peshawar: (Tel: +92-91-9217279)
Quetta: (Tel: +92-81-2829476)

You can complain on PTA headquarters contact information or your related zonal office contact info as given above. Share any of your experiences with PTA regarding these kind of complains or any other useful info via posting a comment below.

After reading overwhelming number of comments being written to us it is necessary to make it clear that you can use above information and method to complain directly to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority but you can not make a request to us with a number to get it blocked. The reason is PTA wants the person who is being annoyed/threatened him/herself make a complaint, so we are not eligible to make complaints on your behalf. You will have to do it yourself. Hope it helps. However you are most welcome to share your experience with PTA and also can provide feedback on the response by PTA on your problem. Also if you comment on any thing related to topic you are most welcome.

This post is getting lots of comments by people requesting with their numbers and asking us to open their cell phone service. We at “Info Pakistan” have no authority to block or open any cell phone number. This is just a website which helps people with useful information about Pakistan or info which could help Pakistanis. Similarly, this post only tells you that how to file complaint with PTA if some one is annoying you with unwanted calls or threatening you over the phone. Please if your number is blocked, your SMS are not getting through or you are facing any other issue, please complain directly to PTA using contact information specified above. Also make sure you communicate with your operator or service provider before getting through to PTA.

You are most welcome to share your opinions and experiences in comments section below. However, commenting with your number and asking us to resolve your issue will not work. You have to complaint directly to PTA by calling or emailing them. Hope this helps.

How to complain against cell phone operators, ISPs or landLine operators in Pakistan

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority LogoIn our country lots of times we come across the poor technical or customer support by the Cell Phone operators, Land line operator like PTCL or Internet Service Providers. At times you continuously keep getting the low quality services other than what you have expected from a service providers and complaining many times to their customer support numbers you don’t get any good response.

Well in past we had very much less choices and we always had to rely upon the customer support service of the telecom operators. But now things are lot much different, now we have the proper check and balance mechanism, if you can not getting the full value from the services you acquire, you can complain about it with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA).

PTA gets thousands of complains every week, they respond to all of them and make sure the person complaining gets the satisfactory services after the complain is processed and closed. You can register the complains online using their complain forms as well as they offer some phone numbers which can be called in order to get your complaints registered.

To get your complaint registered online use this complaint form or you can call on +92-51-9221444 or fax on +92-51-2878139. These numbers are of headquarters, you can also get the zonal numbers if required from PTA website, otherwise these must be enough to get your complains registered against any organization related to Telecom.


PTA toll free complaint number for all over Pakistan is 0800-55055, you can complain about any thing related on this number. Also you can make use of following email addresses and numbers of PTA.

PTA Headquarters: (Tel: +92-51-9225325)
Rawalpindi: (Tel: +92-51-5766402)
Lahore: (Tel: +92-42-6665022)
Karachi: (Tel: +92-21-5680101)
Peshawar: (Tel: +92-91-9217279)
Quetta: (Tel: +92-81-2829476)

For contact information about more zonal offices you can visit However for you complain you normally don’t have to dig down to zonal office contact info, complaining to headquarter email address or phone number also works equally well. If you have got any piece of info in this regard which can be helpful for others, feel free to share via comments.

Check phone SIMs registered using a specific NIC in Pakistan

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It has been quite a while when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had first introduced this facility. Previous they were providing this service only SMS, then a semi functional Web Interface was there. But now they came up with a new web interface for this, which seem to be more efficient. So following are the possibilities to use this service.

Check Via SMS:

No matter what cell phone operator you are using inside Pakistan, just compose an SMS message with your National ID Card number as message text and send it to 668, in reply you will receive the number of SIMs registered using your NIC number for each network.

Check Via Web Interface:

Just visit 668 Online service Page, enter your National ID Card number eliminating the (-) character and on submit it will show all the phone SIMs registered using your NIC.

It is important that the phone connections you are using must by registered on your NIC and also important that any other SIM cards you are not using must not be registered on your NIC because if they are used for any kind of illegal activity, you will end up in trouble.  Make use of these services and the customer care of specific companies to block any SIM cards registered with your NIC illegally.

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