Three weeks left in biometric SIM Verification Deadline, Hurry Up to Keep Your SIM Active

As PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) have advised all Mobile telecom operators present in Pakistan to re-verify all the issued SIM Cards to their subscribers. PTA also had set a very tight deadline, which is going to end soon. Previously the SIMs were issued by mobile companies on just copy of CNIC (Computerized National Id Card). As these SIMs were issued by NOT only official mobile operator’s customer’s centers but also by the franchise and retailer shops. So most of CNIC copies provided were not cross verified that the person providing the copy is the same person as CNIC Copy suggests or he she is providing someone else’s Card’s copy. On in simple words if he is stealing the identity. So, […]

How to report a stolen cell phone in Pakistan

If you had a phone that is stolen by someone or its lost and you want to report it so it gets blocked on all GSM Networks in Pakistan, use the following method. Step 1. Get the Information together Following are number of things you will need to get your phone blocked. 1. IMEI Number IMEI Number is a unique number that is assigned to each cell phone, it uniquely identify a single phone as for each manufactured phone ever its different. You will get this number on packing of you phone. For each new phone you purchase you can check its IMEI by using *#06#. It is recommended to use this method for your phone, get the IMEI and […]

How to register complaint against a cell phone or landline number in Pakistan

This topic covers how to and where to register your complaint if someone is threatening or annoying you with unnecessary phone calls or text messages from a cell phone or landline number in Pakistan. Unfortunately despite the many campaigns by PTA still there are cell phone connections/SIMs out there which are not registered to any one at all and being used or registered to wrong people other than real users. So before registering one such complaint a thought about the culprit using unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM may stop you from registering the complaint, but this not the way how things work now. Now even if someone is annoying you from an unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM card, you can […]