YouTube Ban Finally Officially Removed In Pakistan

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Youtube PakistanFrom couple of months it seem so, that every ISP had deliberately made the https version of YouTube available to the masses. However, there was an official ban on the website. Also during that period PTA’s (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) policy also looked lenient towards the ISPs which were allowing some traffic to YouTube. So that meant government is cooking something and something is going to be decided between the video sharing giant and government of Pakistan.

Finally, just not more than couple of days ago launched its local .pk version in Pakistan. Which later cooperated government of Pakistan and block an objectionable video against Islam on government’s request. Following that PTA requested Supreme Court of Pakistan to order removal of ban on YouTube. That very request or appeal came into play when supreme court came forward with an order to remove the ban on in the country and finally here we are.

On 18th on January following the PTA’s directive to all ISPs in Pakistan regarding this matter, the youtube is officially open in Pakistan. This is another achievement as Pakistan were made deprived of all the educational and informational material which can be found on website called YouTube.

There was sure material which included objectionable content against Islam but blocking a whole domain with blanket ban was surely not the answer. However, now we must be happy that this resource is now back in the country and we will use it for positive purposes.

Finally to mark the official opening of youtube, here at Info Pakistan we share following randomly chosen video from years ago in which a Pakistani plays national anthem of country on metal guitar.

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YouTube to officially Open in Pakistan Very Soon

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YouTube to Open Soon in Pakistan Officially

YouTube have now been banned for more than three and half years officially in Pakistan. However, from last couple of months it is accessible via https on all ISPs and PTCL was first to make it available on http as well.

An important development happened this month when launched a localized version for Pakistan. Now the news is that PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) have appealed Supreme Court to remove ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

According to PTA, after the launch of local version of YouTube in Pakistan, it is possible for authorities to request Google and get blocked any video which is not suitable for local users. Or any video which can cause chaos in the country. So on these grounds the Authority have already forwarded an appeal to the Supreme court.

YouTube is world’s biggest video sharing website, it is a learning platform. You want to learn anything, absolutely learn any art, craft or any technical stuff, go to youtube, search with relevant term and you will have thousands of high quality tutorials at your disposal.

Also, YouTube is up and running almost all other Muslim countries with exception of few objectionable videos. Do share your opinions via comments section below.

Call and SMS bundle Packages will continue to live on, Says PTA

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Call and sms bundles continue says ptaA letter from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for mobile operates was issued yesterday. The letter had instructed that all chat packages, Voice and SMS must stop immediately.  Cell phone operators and general public interpreted it as all of Call and SMS packages are being banned by PTA. However, PTA today gave a further clarification on the matter. They mentioned that by chat it means the public chat room services which are being offered by Cell Phone companies, not those call or SMS bundles which people use to talk to their relatives and acquaintance.

PTA had used the words in letter like “All chat packages (Voice and SMS)”, which made all the confusion and every body online and all news websites misunderstood it. If they could have used the “Chat room services”, it would have not been so big controversy. I guess now Pakistani Government organizations must learn to use the unambiguous language in all their official letters.

Anyways, its still good that those call and SMS packages will continue without any interruption and you can still enjoy those Voice and SMS bundle packages to call your loved ones and acquaintances on much lower rates the normal.

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No Call or SMS Packages for Pakistanis from now on, says PTA

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banned-by-ptaThrough an official notification Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have notified all mobile operators in Pakistan to immediately discontinue all Call or SMS packages, which are being provided to customers. Also this letter gives a deadline of 2 September to all the operates, to comply and fill back a compliance report. Otherwise some action could be taken against them. This apparently is the second notification, as it is mentioned in it that earlier it was officially notified but all operators just ignored it. Also that old letter mentioned as it was issued in 2012. Was PTA sleeping for all those eight months and suddenly, they woke up and came to know that these packages are still being provided. These were openly being advertised on all TV, Radio channels, news papers as well as websites of all operators.

Is it PTA, which just woke up suddenly and stopping operators from offering low cost services to Pakistanis,  or it is that incompetent minister Anusha Rehman, who have bad habit of just making news and doing much less, speaking through PTA to telecom operators. Even, if she is not involved, then she can at least take an action on this and stop this nonsense. After all whats bad or ugly in giving the low services to people. If you think people will misuse these services if given on low rate, then you are thinking very negative, end user must decide how to or how not to use the services. Everything is intended for positive use, negative use of anything is deadly but everything is still made available over to the people so that people could benefit from it.

I have previous heard this word “moral guardian” being used for PTA, this is not their job. They need to make available every technology available to people not guard people against alleged evils.

At this point I would like to ask this question, Dear PTA and IT & Telecom Ministry, where is my 3G/4G auction. Why don’t you put your attention off from parenting and put it to some good use like arranging the long awaited 3G (leave it, its old) or 4G (Recommended) auction.

The current Pakistan Muslim league – Nawaz (PML-N) government first increased the taxes on cell phone usage and now blocking the call or sms packages, so that no low cost services are available to Pakistanis. Even the latest technologies like 3G or 4G are not being allowed in Pakistan like previous government. They delayed auction many time and now new government as well is not doing any different. Youtube which could be very beneficial for Professionals, students and Jobless individuals, is not being allowed in Pakistan as well. Do block Blasphemous links but do provide us rest of site.

So what I conclude is, whatever, we are left with is being taken away from us. Either these are daily used stuff, basic needs or these services. The newly elected PML-N is no different than previous governments, they also need to learn from past and do push hard to the positive side.

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UPDATE: A spokesman from PTA today clarified that by “Chat packages (Call and SMS)” we did not meant the Call and SMS bundle offers, we just meant ban on Chat Room Services. Detailed information about this misunderstanding about call and sms services is here.

PTA fails to keep people informed about banned and unbanned websites

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PTA Updates Page Snapshot
PTA Updates Page Snapshot

It is 30th may today and the last update on PTA’s website about the blocked websites was on 2oth of may. They even didn’t even mentioned any other blocked websites other than the Facebook and Youtube on their website. Hundreds of URLs were blocked and some of websites like Facebook , wikipedia, youtube and many more had faced blanket ban but PTA never mentioned about these banned websites on their website.

Youtube is already unblocked few days ago but still no update about that on their website. Whats more important is Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) never published the details of blocked websites over the internet nor they have updated people about when certain websites are being banned or unbanned. It would have been much better if things would have been much more transparent.