How Pakistan’s internet speeds rank against the rest of the world

I was wondering how Pakistan ranks against the world in terms of average internet speed its users have access to. So I did some research online and discovered some amazing facts. So here, I am going to share all of this with you. First we will see the average up, down and ping speeds Pakistani users have access to on different available mediums and than will compare that with rest of world, specially our neighbours. Pakistan’s average internet speeds and global rank So there are two main mediums of internet we need to compare here. First one is the fixed broadband, which includes DSL connections over phone line, fiber to home connections and any other fixed cable internet connections. Second […]

How to enable Voice Over LTE on Jazz or any other network

Recently a Pakistani mobile phone service network named as Jazz have started promoting its Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) service, so here today we will discuss what this service is. How to enable and use it in your mobile and what advantages you will have when using this service. What is VoLTE? VoLTE or Voice Over LTE as name suggests is a service which enables you to send your voice over 4G data connection of your mobile network. In simple words, when you are on call, the voice data is traveling on same connection as internet data. So when you are on calls, on same time you can use internet. Normally if you have connected to internet and a call comes […]

Another web design masterpiece from Pakistani Government sector

Above screen shot is of national savings organization which is the most visited website of all of sites from the Pakistan government sector. But seems like this site was once designed years ago and seems like the people who are responsible to update the website are even not able to keep up with that old design and updates are being added the bad way. Starting with the menu items the highlighted links which are added at bottom even don’t match to the ones which were part of original design of website. Also seems like the people responsible are too lazy to check the website for cross browser problems, as you can see the broken round corner. Then comes the search […]

World’s First Underwater Tweet

Twitter which is mostly used for status updates and link sharing does not had any documented/witnessed underwater tweet from anywhere in the world but recently a Ukrainian Journalist turned the tables and sent the world’s first Underwater Tweet from about 6 meter or 19 feet deep underwater, this was organized event backed by National telecom operator as the tweet was sent by using their services. This underwater tweeting phenomenon is being called scuba tweeting. For world’s first under water tweet a mobile phone wrapped in plastic was used and the tweet was sent using the Opera mobile browser. This is just not a tweet but it tells the importance of technology, this shows even we go too much underwater today’s […]

New Apple iPad changes the way we use portable computers, Apple IPad touch screen tablet pc

Apple have recently introduced their new portable computer, which is called IPad. It is a touch screen computer with no physical keyboard or any kind of controls, relies only and only on its touch screen for all controls. Apple IPad is far more powerful than any previous tablet PCs, its light weight and have size equal to normal size text pad. Browsing web is much easier than any other portable device, also it features the on screen keyboard exactly equal to the size of laptop’s keyboard, so makes the documents creation and web browsing very much easy. When talk of photos, videos and games, it deals with these all very well, photo viewing and video viewing with this little gadget […]