Another web design masterpiece from Pakistani Government sector

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Labeled screen shot of using Chrome Web Browser
Labeled screen shot of using Chrome Web Browser

Above screen shot is of national savings organization which is the most visited website of all of sites from the Pakistan government sector. But seems like this site was once designed years ago and seems like the people who are responsible to update the website are even not able to keep up with that old design and updates are being added the bad way.

Starting with the menu items the highlighted links which are added at bottom even don’t match to the ones which were part of original design of website. Also seems like the people responsible are too lazy to check the website for cross browser problems, as you can see the broken round corner.

Then comes the search field, I am not sure how well this search field works but one will ask, where on earth the search button is. This website seriously needs redesign but if in case they are getting lazy on this at least thing must be updated in correct manner.

Recently same website offered to its users a new feature which allows to create an account then enter all your prize bond numbers and site will automatically notify the users if have won any prize in the certain draw. Now as they are not able to take care of the interface stuff who on earth is going to believe their prize notification mechanism.

This is not the story of single website from government sector, most of those websites are coming with such problems which shows still how for granted the work is taken in our government sector. Secondly hope someone sees this posts and is active enough to go fix some things. These are all the websites being visited from around the world and if you will have such childish problems in those sites what message you are giving to the world, how behind we are from the world when it comes to technology. This reminds me of nothing but the stone age.

World’s First Underwater Tweet

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Worlds first underwater tweet
Worlds first underwater tweet

Twitter which is mostly used for status updates and link sharing does not had any documented/witnessed underwater tweet from anywhere in the world but recently a Ukrainian Journalist turned the tables and sent the world’s first Underwater Tweet from about 6 meter or 19 feet deep underwater, this was organized event backed by National telecom operator as the tweet was sent by using their services. This underwater tweeting phenomenon is being called scuba tweeting.

For world’s first under water tweet a mobile phone wrapped in plastic was used and the tweet was sent using the Opera mobile browser. This is just not a tweet but it tells the importance of technology, this shows even we go too much underwater today’s technology will keep helping us in remaining connected with people we care.

Following is video of underwater tweeting event with English subtitles.

New Apple iPad changes the way we use portable computers, Apple IPad touch screen tablet pc

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Apple iPad Touch Screen Tablet Computer
Apple iPad

Apple have recently introduced their new portable computer, which is called IPad. It is a touch screen computer with no physical keyboard or any kind of controls, relies only and only on its touch screen for all controls. Apple IPad is far more powerful than any previous tablet PCs, its light weight and have size equal to normal size text pad. Browsing web is much easier than any other portable device, also it features the on screen keyboard exactly equal to the size of laptop’s keyboard, so makes the documents creation and web browsing very much easy.

When talk of photos, videos and games, it deals with these all very well, photo viewing and video viewing with this little gadget is a unique experience. The real deal is that its portable and still have three times bigger screen than any other portable device. To be exact it features 9.7 inches display screen.

Another good thing is multi-touch feature which lets the user touch the screen at more than one place on screen and based on that it increases the user control. e.g. this feature is very good and be used for zooming in into the photos. Also along with this product ipad’s own SDK is launched, means a specific development environment for applications developer to develop applications only and only for this device. This will sure bring in some brilliant new applications for this device from all over the world.

Current price for IPad touch starts from USD $499 which is very much fair for new device which just dropped into the market.

Following is going to be a video which tells very much about the Apple IPad touch, don’t miss it to see how powerful this new gadget is.

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Check phone SIMs registered using a specific NIC in Pakistan

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It has been quite a while when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had first introduced this facility. Previous they were providing this service only SMS, then a semi functional Web Interface was there. But now they came up with a new web interface for this, which seem to be more efficient. So following are the possibilities to use this service.

Check Via SMS:

No matter what cell phone operator you are using inside Pakistan, just compose an SMS message with your National ID Card number as message text and send it to 668, in reply you will receive the number of SIMs registered using your NIC number for each network.

Check Via Web Interface:

Just visit 668 Online service Page, enter your National ID Card number eliminating the (-) character and on submit it will show all the phone SIMs registered using your NIC.

It is important that the phone connections you are using must by registered on your NIC and also important that any other SIM cards you are not using must not be registered on your NIC because if they are used for any kind of illegal activity, you will end up in trouble.  Make use of these services and the customer care of specific companies to block any SIM cards registered with your NIC illegally.

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USB 3.0 on the way to your computer

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USB 3.0 Super Speed

Universal Serial Bus (USB) medium came a very much long way facilitating us with the amazing speeds of its times. USB continues to amaze as its coming out with its new high speed versions in every age. Now USB 3.0 is on the way to your computers and you will be using it soon. Before we go into the details of features of USB 3.0 lets go back to times when USB was first introduced and look on how its evolved.

Back in 1996 companies like Intel, Microsoft and Compaq introduced and started giving support for this medium. The first version USB 1.0 provided the abilities like connecting the devices to computer without restarting it and also using same one port for power and data with a number of pin connectors in there. Soon in 1998 a new version was introduced and this was referred as USB 1.1

USB 1.1 came with amazing transfer speed of its time and that was 12 Mbps. It served the purpose for a while and served it well. Along with advancement of USB, the USB storage devices were also soon introduced. The most significant in this respect is the arrival of USB Flash drives. They rocked the removable storage media and was a tremendous improvement over the floppy drives which were just holding at most 2 MB of data were really a pain.

Soon a version called USB 2.0 was introduced, this was also a huge improvement over its earlier versions. USB 2.0 is the most recent in use version and supports the transfer rates of about 480 Mbps.  USB 2.0 and all the earlier versions support one way data transfer at a time.

USB 3.0 which have been talked from last two years now soon coming into your computers. USB 3.0 is a tremendous transfer rate improvement and supports 3.2Gbps data transfer rate. Not only that, it supports the two way data transfer. A device connected via USB 3.0 can not only transmit to computer but also can get data at a time. To support the two way data transfer USB 3.0 comes with the extra pins in the connectors.

The extra pins are setup in a way that when a USB 3.0 device is connected to a connector of USB 2.0 or earlier versions the extra pins don’t come in contact with any of the other pins. Carefully setup interface of USB 3.0 enables USB 3.0 devices to connect and function with older versions of USB ports but yes in that case data transfer will be one way due to absence of ability to use the two extra introduced connections.

About till 2011 you will start seeing the devices from Intel using this technology and several motherboard manufacturers have also started planning the board models which will provide the USB 3.0 devices.

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