Pakistanis waited long to bring change and revolution through elections

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change and positive revolutionLast few decades have been heavy on Pakistanis as nation. Specially as time passed things gone worse from bad. Things crossed the limit when Zardari led Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) came in to power this last time. Corruption was on its upper limits in last five years, economy was going bad, shortage of sugar and wheat was created, lately Pakistanis have been experiencing the shortage of Natural Gas and Electricity.

Through all these problems Pakistanis as nation hanged on and wanted to bring change through elections. Some violent protests seen but they were nothing as compared to what happened in middle east. While riots were on the peak in middle east like Libya,  Pakistanis were waiting for next elections, so they can go and pick new faces in civilized manner.

In last sixty years right from time when Pakistan came into existence last government was the first which complete its given tenure of five years. This last government ran by PPP was not people friendly in any means but still people have dared to give democracy a chance and let them complete their five years so they don’t come with any excuses like before that they were not given time to deliver what they have to.

Meanwhile, the people were also very angry on government due to they does not delivered what they promised so whole environment started to form. People wanted the change and revolution in they country but they wanted this via elections. In this regard one person named Imran Khan came forward, he through his rallies, press conferences and interviews not only made the people realize that change is now required but he also urged more and more people to bring that change via using the vote on elections day because that was the correct way. He targeted the youth and it payed off, Imran Khan, formar cricketer, world cup winner as cricket captain and owner/initiator of charity hospital called Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center not ready to bring change with the youth of country he believes in. He with his party called Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) is contesting the Pakistan elections 2013 being held on may 13th. PTI brings mostly new faces as candidates, also 35% of them belong to youth, no such thing seen in any party in Pakistan before or even not.

Lately, Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PML-N) also tried to step on the bandwagon and they named their efforts as revolution. They must know that they have been in government both provincial as well as federal many times in last few decades, they performed better than PPP but were not succeeded in resolving the core issues of Pakistan also no long term projects were initiated to resolve problems like power shortage.

Now on May 11 the wait of Pakistani nation is over, they need to bring in new faces who are capable of taking country up and running back to developed state. Whoever you want to vote, just do vote, do get out of your homes to elect the people who you believe will do better management of country and will put it back on course of development.

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Who will win Pakistan general elections 2013?

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Pakistan General elections 2013 finaleDifferent sources and surveys are concluding different outcomes of Pakistan elections 2013 but one thing is common in all of them, they are all rating Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Also most surveys suggest that PML-N and PTI will secure more seats than PPP, so the real tough fight is going to be between the PTI and PML-N. Supporters of both parties are confident that their party will secure more seats than the other party.

With the entry of PTI in the game this time, analysts are confident that no party is gonna get two third majority, they go forward in believing firmly that none of the parties are gonna secure 50% of seats because of tough fight between two big parties of this election which are PTI and PML-N. Lately both parties appear to have same kind of popularity and expected to get about equal number of seats.

It is also being told that due to this tough fight between PTI and PML-N whichever party is gone come in power it will not make a solo government but they will have to go for collation with other smaller parties to secure fifty percent majority.

Also as Nawaz Sharif the leader of PML-N have already said they are not making the government in collation with any other party,  but on other hand Imran khan have already done seat adjustment with Sheikh Rasheeds Party, they are also considering Jamat Islami (JI) as potential for collation. So many are confident that Imran Khan  is going to be next prime minister of Pakistan.

This time PTI have convinced more people to vote, specially youth is with Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI. So first time more of educated population and more people in cities are gonna vote.

The final result will come after 11 May 2013, so don’t waste your vote and get out of your home on election day to vote for the individual or party which you think will work for the country better than other.

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Bhuttos family’s bad habbit of renaming stuff on their own names

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bhuttos-zardariIn Pakistan there is a habit of political parties that they start renaming all the country’s assets or any new project started by them for country using country’s money they do, on their own party’s leader names. This trend never bothered me until this last time when Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) crossed all the limits and renamed lots of road’s, hospitals, airports and almost all new projects on name of their leader Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated after a political rally on way out of venue.

For example why would some one in their right mind rename the Airport of Islamabad capital city from Islamabad International Airport to Benazir Bhutto International Airport. I mean in another country when someone will mention Islamabad International Airport there is much greater chance that listener will know about Islamabad city and further explanation will not be needed unlike the case of Benazir International Airport.

Not only this, they have renamed Murree Road in Rawalpindi to Benazir road, Rawalpindi Center hospital to Benazir hospital even another hospital in capital to the Bhutto’s name.

Insanity never stopped here, they started a lame support scheme for less prevailed people of country in which they pay them about $10 a month (to a whole family) and claim to be supporting them. They do it on the money of country and still named it on name of their leader calling it Benazir Income Support Program. Now as their government is gone, they are ready for elections for Prime Minister. President of Pakistan which is from their party is still in government (as in Pakistan Prime minister is elected by general elections and Presidents are chosen by elected National Assembly members), they are using this Income support scheme slogan to promote their party and gain some support.

Finally, as a citizen of Pakistan I demand you to reverse the renaming of lots to stuff they have done and stop naming stuff on names of people. Or at least first do something good for country to deserve something being named on you. I would like Airport in Islamabad named is Islamabad International Airport other than Benazir International Airport.

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Pakistani Rupee fell 66% in last 5 years of people’s party in government

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pakistani currency vs usdIn last few years Pakistani Rupee (PKR) lost its strength more than ever. Never before rupee fallen so much over such a short period of time. This all shows how much grip Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had over the economy. In simple words absolutely none. Rupee’s worth against US Dollar (USD) was 60 Rupees against one USD 5 years ago but now as PPP ruled and left, rupee fallen to 100 rupees against one USD.

Not only this also over the last 5 years foreign investors only pulled out, Pakistan does not seen any new investment cumming in. Stock exchanges only seen downturn all the time making the lots of investors lose their faith in investing into the shares.

Let alone bringing new businesses Pakistan had some multinational companies pulled out of country. Two of examples I can quote here are the Siemens and HSBC bank. Siemens have already pulled out and HSBC is in process of doing that as they had been merged and sold to local JS Bank.

This all happened due to Zardari led PPP’s government’s faulty and unsustainable policies. Did they ever had anything called policies, well if they ever had, they were only in books and were never implemented. In fact they were not succeeded in any trait of life but here we are only focusing on their economical failures.

Good news for foreign investors and specially Pakistani people is that future of this country is bright. As we head for Pakistan General Elections 2013, people of Pakistan are more aware than ever. Surveys show that people of Pakistan are fed up of so called leaders who only let them down and are committed to choose the fresh blood who have some futuristic commitments and goals to be achieved for their country. So do get out of your home on elections date, that is 11 May, 2013 as for now.

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Flawful energy conservation plan leads to confusion and differences among Pakistanis

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Regarding the energy conservation to cope with current energy crisis of country government came up with idea of having weekly holiday on Saturday as well along with Sunday and also they decided to close all markets and commercial centers after Maghreb prayer or Sunset in other words.

Now all organizations and banks etc are banned from opening on Saturday. Which in some areas is harming people as well. But irony started when the differences between provinces came in. Every province government have started taking the issue their own ways. Punjab and Khyber pukhtoon-kh0wah have decided to remain open on the Saturday on other side Sindh decided to have a holiday and Bilochistan remained in situation of uncertainty about the holiday.

Now to start with I am not in opposition on Saturday’s holiday, as everyone needs two days rest in week to start with the next week’s work. But the ‘government planning only additional holiday and early business closures’ was the worst thing to do in order to conserve the energy or to deal with energy crisis. Plus if they had given holiday then things must have been same in all over the country not different in different areas of Pakistan. Its the biggest failure that different areas in same country are having days off differently. In one area two holidays and in other one holiday in a week.

This whole idea of days off and daily early business closures to conserve energy is full of flaws. If you have to deal with energy crisis and do something for people of Pakistan, then plan the new power production houses and make them happen. Keeping in mind the natural resources which God have blessed this country with, which can be used in order to deal with energy crisis, the current closure initiative from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government is nothing but a fluke.

There are some businesses and specially shopping centers/malls which do most of their business after the Sunset. As people get free from their day job, they are free only after sunset, so they can go out with family, go to shopping etc but government somehow made sure that this don’t happen as well as businesses don’t grow in these bad times.

In 21st century when world is going towards and successfully implementing the 24/7 business, Pakistan is moving towards further closures. In this country businesses hardly have 8 to 10 hours and even some times much less than them, the PPP government have now made sure to steal back few more hours from businesses.

PPP government must understand that 21st century is not in any case the century of energy conservation but it is the century of providing the enough energy which keeps the wheels spinning. Its not century of closures but the century of setting up the new power production houses. Country like Pakistan which have huge coal reserves, conditions favoring the production of energy through water, wind or even solar energy, one of world’s largest gold reserves and much more. How on earth this country could be struggling to fulfill its energy needs.

The credit of whole energy chaos and differences goes to the current PPP government, their incompetent people don’t know how to deal with the energy crisis and shutting down the country instead of giving new power production houses. Plus the current power production capability of Pakistan is much more than current requirement but due to corrupt elements in country administration and incompetent people in power the required amount of electricity is not being produced.

I am not sure how everyone in power all over Pakistan plan to keep the people of Pakistan on their side in next elections, as things have gone from bad to worse in last few years and no serious efforts are done to cope with the countless and still increasing problems of People of Pakistan. May God Bless this Country.

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