Pakistan Government bans all its employees from interaction with media

Pakistan Government have asked all its employees working country wide to stay away from media. This move was taken in fear of facing any further embarrassment due to any revelation of facts by any government employees. The current political party in government (Pakistan Peoples Party) have failed to achieve desirable on many fronts and were not able to solve some of main common man problems as well as national issues. Pakistan peoples party does not seem popular among people of Pakistan after all these years of their administration of country. Many facts keep coming out, which does not go in favor of current government and cause further damage to their image. This move was taken exactly in this context to […]

PPP Government fails to cope with Karachi violence

It is evident that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Government does not have and official strategy to cope with Karachi situation. As for months the tensions between political parties in Karachi have led them to use power against each other, this is causing the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians each month. The PPP government is hesitant to take action against culprits because those belong to political parties which are coalition partners of PPP to form the federal government. The interior minister Rehman Malik keeps on insisting that the solution of Karachi violence is in dialog between those political Parties and on same time PPP led government is taking no ground action to cope the situation with power. Why not PPP […]

Now others have to tell Pakistan to solve our own problems

It is unfortunate but it is true that the current political party of Pakistan in power called Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have lived up to its reputation of incompetency in every trait of life, other than identifying and rectifying the problems which their country is facing, they lately seem to be causing the situations where others seem to telling us what our problems are and how we have to solve them. One such situation came forward when recently US secretary of state Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan and in one of her public speeches she said and I quote United State can not and should not solve the problems of Pakistan, Pakistan have to identify their own problems and have to […]