Who will win Pakistan general elections 2013?

Pakistan General elections 2013 finaleDifferent sources and surveys are concluding different outcomes of Pakistan elections 2013 but one thing is common in all of them, they are all rating Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Also most surveys suggest that PML-N and PTI will secure more seats than PPP, so the real tough fight is going to be between the PTI and PML-N. Supporters of both parties are confident that their party will secure more seats than the other party.

With the entry of PTI in the game this time, analysts are confident that no party is gonna get two third majority, they go forward in believing firmly that none of the parties are gonna secure 50% of seats because of tough fight between two big parties of this election which are PTI and PML-N. Lately both parties appear to have same kind of popularity and expected to get about equal number of seats.

It is also being told that due to this tough fight between PTI and PML-N whichever party is gone come in power it will not make a solo government but they will have to go for collation with other smaller parties to secure fifty percent majority.

Also as Nawaz Sharif the leader of PML-N have already said they are not making the government in collation with any other party,  but on other hand Imran khan have already done seat adjustment with Sheikh Rasheeds Party, they are also considering Jamat Islami (JI) as potential for collation. So many are confident that Imran Khan  is going to be next prime minister of Pakistan.

This time PTI have convinced more people to vote, specially youth is with Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI. So first time more of educated population and more people in cities are gonna vote.

The final result will come after 11 May 2013, so don’t waste your vote and get out of your home on election day to vote for the individual or party which you think will work for the country better than other.

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