Bhuttos family’s bad habbit of renaming stuff on their own names

bhuttos-zardariIn Pakistan there is a habit of political parties that they start renaming all the country’s assets or any new project started by them for country using country’s money they do, on their own party’s leader names. This trend never bothered me until this last time when Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) crossed all the limits and renamed lots of road’s, hospitals, airports and almost all new projects on name of their leader Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated after a political rally on way out of venue.

For example why would some one in their right mind rename the Airport of Islamabad capital city from Islamabad International Airport to Benazir Bhutto International Airport. I mean in another country when someone will mention Islamabad International Airport there is much greater chance that listener will know about Islamabad city and further explanation will not be needed unlike the case of Benazir International Airport.

Not only this, they have renamed Murree Road in Rawalpindi to Benazir road, Rawalpindi Center hospital to Benazir hospital even another hospital in capital to the Bhutto’s name.

Insanity never stopped here, they started a lame support scheme for less prevailed people of country in which they pay them about $10 a month (to a whole family) and claim to be supporting them. They do it on the money of country and still named it on name of their leader calling it Benazir Income Support Program. Now as their government is gone, they are ready for elections for Prime Minister. President of Pakistan which is from their party is still in government (as in Pakistan Prime minister is elected by general elections and Presidents are chosen by elected National Assembly members), they are using this Income support scheme slogan to promote their party and gain some support.

Finally, as a citizen of Pakistan I demand you to reverse the renaming of lots to stuff they have done and stop naming stuff on names of people. Or at least first do something good for country to deserve something being named on you. I would like Airport in Islamabad named is Islamabad International Airport other than Benazir International Airport.

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