Flawful energy conservation plan leads to confusion and differences among Pakistanis

Regarding the energy conservation to cope with current energy crisis of country government came up with idea of having weekly holiday on Saturday as well along with Sunday and also they decided to close all markets and commercial centers after Maghreb prayer or Sunset in other words.

Now all organizations and banks etc are banned from opening on Saturday. Which in some areas is harming people as well. But irony started when the differences between provinces came in. Every province government have started taking the issue their own ways. Punjab and Khyber pukhtoon-kh0wah have decided to remain open on the Saturday on other side Sindh decided to have a holiday and Bilochistan remained in situation of uncertainty about the holiday.

Now to start with I am not in opposition on Saturday’s holiday, as everyone needs two days rest in week to start with the next week’s work. But the ‘government planning only additional holiday and early business closures’ was the worst thing to do in order to conserve the energy or to deal with energy crisis. Plus if they had given holiday then things must have been same in all over the country not different in different areas of Pakistan. Its the biggest failure that different areas in same country are having days off differently. In one area two holidays and in other one holiday in a week.

This whole idea of days off and daily early business closures to conserve energy is full of flaws. If you have to deal with energy crisis and do something for people of Pakistan, then plan the new power production houses and make them happen. Keeping in mind the natural resources which God have blessed this country with, which can be used in order to deal with energy crisis, the current closure initiative from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government is nothing but a fluke.

There are some businesses and specially shopping centers/malls which do most of their business after the Sunset. As people get free from their day job, they are free only after sunset, so they can go out with family, go to shopping etc but government somehow made sure that this don’t happen as well as businesses don’t grow in these bad times.

In 21st century when world is going towards and successfully implementing the 24/7 business, Pakistan is moving towards further closures. In this country businesses hardly have 8 to 10 hours and even some times much less than them, the PPP government have now made sure to steal back few more hours from businesses.

PPP government must understand that 21st century is not in any case the century of energy conservation but it is the century of providing the enough energy which keeps the wheels spinning. Its not century of closures but the century of setting up the new power production houses. Country like Pakistan which have huge coal reserves, conditions favoring the production of energy through water, wind or even solar energy, one of world’s largest gold reserves and much more. How on earth this country could be struggling to fulfill its energy needs.

The credit of whole energy chaos and differences goes to the current PPP government, their incompetent people don’t know how to deal with the energy crisis and shutting down the country instead of giving new power production houses. Plus the current power production capability of Pakistan is much more than current requirement but due to corrupt elements in country administration and incompetent people in power the required amount of electricity is not being produced.

I am not sure how everyone in power all over Pakistan plan to keep the people of Pakistan on their side in next elections, as things have gone from bad to worse in last few years and no serious efforts are done to cope with the countless and still increasing problems of People of Pakistan. May God Bless this Country.

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