Ch Nisar Reacts to Shahbaz Sharif Calling him Childish

The former interior minister of Pakistan Muslim League-N reacted on Shahbaz Sharif’s statement in which he called Ch Nisar childish. Ch Nisar said, “PML-N president did not understand the difference between childish behavior and serious actions”. Ch Nisar is having few differences and issues with PML-N and it seems that Shahbaz Sharif is also dealing with the same issues. At the District Headquarter Hospital inauguration ceremony in Rajanpur Shahbaz Sharif talked to media and commented about Ch Nisar, “There is something childish about him [Nisar]; you have to deal with him like a child.” While remembering the old days Shahbaz Sharif said, “I am talking about 1988. He [Nisar] used to constantly complain about me to Mian sahib [Nawaz Sharif].” […]

Electricity Load Shedding Continues in 2018 in Pakistan Despite all those Promises

In 2013 before coming into power, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) leader made many promises with people of Pakistan to end the load shedding for once and for all from the country. The Promises made by Shehbaz Sharif to end electricity load shedding ranged from six months to two and half years during his election campaign. However, later after coming into power, the big brother, Nawaz claimed that the promises made during the election campaign were made in “Joshe Khitabat”, means there were emotions involved and in flow of speech he did made those promises. But also Nawaz Sharif and his team re-iterated that realistically the problem of Load Shedding will be solved three years time for sure. Which […]

Exactly what is Wrong with Sharif Brothers in Terms of Running the Country

In times the Sharif Brothers (Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif) did way better than others. They have been able to start and/or complete some very important projects which helped the people of Pakistan. Motorways, no doubt about it that all those Motorways planned by Nawaz Sharif helped Pakistanis and reduced traveling times. Other recent project are all about the transportation. Lots of roads being renewed. Even the metros, whatever we say, but on end of day people are traveling on those metros and getting the benefit. In current tenure again they are going very good with infrastructure projects but same is point where we clearly see the problem. They put too much attention to infrastructure, mainly the transportation. Their priorities […]

People of Pakistan Forced to Face Twelve Hours of Electricity Load Shedding even in Winter Season

It is now 2015, here we are in Pakistan, facing the same problems as we had in year 2014. One of these problems is electricity load shedding, which have struck this time with more impact. It is winter season, when the electricity demand is the lowest, but people of Pakistan have to face 12 hours of load shedding in urban areas, in rural areas things are much worse. We are not facing the electricity load shedding here in Pakistan because we do not have resources or enough plants to generate enough electricity for winter season, we are facing it due to the incapable political administration led by PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) who do not want to run the […]

Punjab Police Baton Charged Special People Including Visually Impaired in Lahore at Mall Road

3rd Dec 2014 while the world was celebrating the Global Day for Disable People, In Lahore, visually impaired people among people with other came out on roads and asked for their rights by peaceful protest. The main demand was by visually impaired people, they asked for jobs in government organizations and reiterated that their only fate for now is to ask for money on roads, which should change. Punjab police was tasked to disperse the people with disabilities by administration, so they brutally used power against the disables. They dragged and beaten the disable people with sticks. Many were seen fallen down on ground severely injured. Luckily media was there, so cameras captured the brutality. Punjab police was pushing around […]