Electricity Load Shedding Continues in 2018 in Pakistan Despite all those Promises

In 2013 before coming into power, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) leader made many promises with people of Pakistan to end the load shedding for once and for all from the country. The Promises made by Shehbaz Sharif to end electricity load shedding ranged from six months to two and half years during his election campaign.

However, later after coming into power, the big brother, Nawaz claimed that the promises made during the election campaign were made in “Joshe Khitabat”, means there were emotions involved and in flow of speech he did made those promises. But also Nawaz Sharif and his team re-iterated that realistically the problem of Load Shedding will be solved three years time for sure. Which completed in about May 2016.

Fast forward to here in 2018, electricity load shedding still prevails. Even in off peak season of winter people had to bear the load shedding. In Jan, Feb and March and now on start of April, where I live we have experienced load shedding of two hours daily. And these are even off peak months.

Despite all the promises, which were not fulfilled obviously till now, short fall at the end of March 2018 was reported as 3000 MW, country wide, as per reported by dunya news here. Also another article of Pakistan Today here claims that shortfall may go up to 6000 MW very easily near or in the peak season, when heat is on top.

It is 2018, when people are thinking as big as colonizing the mars, probes from earth are gone as beyond as they are exiting the solar system, there is a country which is still fighting to fulfill its power needs, despite humongous potential of getting electricity using wind energy and many other sources. In such situations, we need to keep changing the people we choose to rule the country, until we find the ones who do get the real work done. Pakistan Zindabad.

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