Government Fails in Solving Natural Gas Shortage Issues Once Again

Another year have passed, 2014 is ending soon but problems of People of Pakistan are still very much same. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) which came in power after making so much promises to Pakistani people have been unable to pay attention to more important issues. Major Problems Pakistani People are facing right now are related to Power and Natural Gas Shortage. Natural Gas Shortage was very much severe in last year had to be better this year according to ruling party PML-N as they were planning to import Liquid Natural Gas(LNG) in Dec 2014 and put on National household consumer distribution pipelines. But as we are approaching the December 2014, latest from government is they will not be able to […]

Electricity Load Shedding in Pakistan continues even in winter 2014 even with new PMLN led government

Its winter 2o14, a new political party is in Power as result of elections held in early 2013. Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) which had done many promises with people of Pakistan including the resolving the power, gas and other kinds of energy crisis in Pakistan during their tenure. Now its more than half a year but people have not got any relief yet. Pakistan is observing a load shedding which is even worse than last year. In urban areas this load shedding is 10 hours day and in rural areas it ranges from 12 to 18 hours a day. Government first claimed that all of this load shedding is due to annual canal closure but recently a news […]

PMLN led government fails to deal with Gas and Power shortage issues in winter season

Year 2013 have almost ended, we are approaching 2014 with just two days remaining. The ruling party this year have changed but the problems of people of Pakistan are still the same. Winter season is on rise with chilling weather, temperatures are dropping and people are out of gas in their burners and stoves. PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) won elections this year with huge number of votes and they have stunning majority in Federal government as well as in Punjab (the highest populated province). Means the people have showed their full confidence in PML-N as they had made lots of promises about dealing with power and electricity shortages. Here we are people of Pakistan having same of those […]

No Call or SMS Packages for Pakistanis from now on, says PTA

Through an official notification Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have notified all mobile operators in Pakistan to immediately discontinue all Call or SMS packages, which are being provided to customers. Also this letter gives a deadline of 2 September to all the operates, to comply and fill back a compliance report. Otherwise some action could be taken against them. This apparently is the second notification, as it is mentioned in it that earlier it was officially notified but all operators just ignored it. Also that old letter mentioned as it was issued in 2012. Was PTA sleeping for all those eight months and suddenly, they woke up and came to know that these packages are still being provided. These were openly […]

First impression suggests newly elected PML-N government is good for nothing

Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) is political party of Pakistan which came into power via general elections held on 11th may 2013. People of Pakistan were fed up by all the pathetic policies of previous Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government, due the problems they faced like lack of education and health facilities, worst load shedding and lack of even food for less prevailed people of Pakistan who are below the poverty line. Pakistan Muslim League government in their election campaign made loads of promises with people of Pakistan, all promises concluded to the point as if the PML-N comes into the power, they will give relief to less privileged people and specially those who are below the poverty line. […]