BBC released the drone footage of Battagram Cable Car Incident

In certain areas of KPK province of Pakistan, due lack of road infrastructure, the students and teachers have to use the cable cars to reach schools in the morning. These cable cars are suspended thousand feet or more higher from ground. Couple of days ago, when six students and two teachers of KPK were using a similar cable car to go to school, two of the cables snapped and only one cable was holding all the weight. This cable car was suspended more than 900 feet higher from the ground level. In such situation, when two cables broke, it was very difficult for the cable car to operate. So, as this incident took place in the early morning, the rescue […]

8 passengers of Battagram cable car including children rescued

A cable car incident have took place in Battagram in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa early morning, when two cables of a cable car were snapped. Cable cars in the area are used to for transportation. So, the school going children were using this cable car to reach their school, as per their routine. So after two cables snapped in the early morning on August 22, 2023, total eight people were stuck in cable car, thousands of meters high from ground, between mountains, on top of the valleys. Until noon no one had been rescued. However, lateron army aviation took charge, in first few tries, they were not able to stabilize and hover their helicopters near the suspended cable car due to low air […]

Ten bogies of Hazara Express train derailed near Nawabshah, Many died

Hazara Express was enroute to Rawalpindi from Karachi and near nawabshah, four bogies of it derailed from the track. Several of the passengers were injured, at least 100 and according to latest death toll figures we have, around 30 people were dead. According to the reports and TV footage, lots of people and other fellow passengers have gathered near the derailed bogies. Also as over 1000, to be exact, around 1100 people were riding the train, when this accident took place. So death toll figures and injured people figures may increase as the situation becomes more clear after constant rescue efforts. Army and rangers had also reached the place for rescue efforts and also army aviation rescue helicopters had also […]

Factory owner arrested after the Karachi Stampede deaths

About one to two days ago, in a stampede in Karachi, in a Zakat distribution event about 13 people lost their lives. FK Dyeing Company had organized the event, however they had not made associated necessary arrangements. After too much people turned up, the factory closed its gates, a stampede took place and many people lost their lives in the unfortunate incident. The FK Dyeing company was holding the Zakat distribution daily, however, on the third day too many people turned up to get the freebies. This included more than four hundred women. But the FK Dyeing company did not had the proper arrangements to cater this many people. Also according to the local police FK Dyeing Company (a textile […]

Twelve die in a Stampede while Zakat Distribution in Karachi

Now a days economic situation in Pakistan and related inflation have made things worse for people. People even in average income class and below are struggling to make the ends meet. Same are the reason that people are force to avail any opportunity of relief they get. So that is why we are hearing more and more people losing their lives while being in the lines of cheap floor or where money/grocery items are being distributed as Zakat. One similar incident took place in the Sindh Industrial and Trading State (SITE) area of Karachi. FK Dyeing Company, which is situated in SITE area, invited families of its own employees for distribution of Zakat. This was actually third day of Zakat […]