PakWheels Islamabad Auto Show 2023 venue and the details

PakWheels have already revealed the venue and other details of PakWheel Islamabad Auto Show for March 2023. This auto show was due much earlier. Even it was scheduled in 2022 then later in 2023 but kept rescheduling and delaying due to different reasons, which included the political situations, bad weather on the given day and more. However, finally, the Islamabad Auto show is ready to take place today, Sunday, March 5, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 08:00 PM. The venue for Islamabad Auto Show is 2F2F Formula Karting Car racing track Lake View Park, Islamabad. Also previously the PakWheels events, like the auto shows and the car melas etc, always used to be free for normal public. Any private premises […]

PakWheels Lahore Car Mela 2023 date and venue is announced

PakWheels have announced a Car Mela event to happen in January 2023. PakWheels Car Mela is also mostly referred as ‘PakWheels Used Car Mela’. In the event buyers and sellers meet on a common place set on date set by PakWheels, they buy and sell vehicles which are on display. Also PakWheels’ famous services including “PakWheels Car Inspection” can be acquired on the spot by buyers as well as the sellers. PakWheels Lahore Car Mela for 2023 will be held the on Sunday, January 29, 2023 at Expo Center Parking, Johar Town, Lahore. The timings for the event will be from morning 10:00 am to 05:30 pm in the evening. In order to display your car at car mela, all […]

Venue for PakWheels Karachi Auto Show 2022 announced as well

PakWheels Auto Show for 2022 is going to take place in Karachi in december. We had already revealed some of its details, however, some more details including the venue and time are available now. Previously we had revealed that PakWheels Auto Show will take place on Dec 25, 2022, so following are the full details of 2022 PakWheels Karachi Auto Show date and venue. PakWheels Karachi Auto Show for 2022 will take place at Port Grand Karachi on Sunday, Dec 25, 2022. It will start at 12:00 PM and will end at 11:00 PM same day. PakWheels had also scheduled Lahore Auto Show for december but that has been delayed unfortunately and likely to take place in January 2023, we […]

PakWheel Lahore Auto Show 2022 has been Delayed

PakWheels Lahore Auto Show for 2022 was schedule to happen on Sunday, December 18, 2022. However, it has now been delayed, as per announced by Suneel Sarfraz Munj in this week’s PakWheels Weekly, which is a weekly segment of PakWheels on youtube. According to Suneel Munj the show have been delayed due to the unstable political situation in the country. He told further that Lahore’s Auto Show will will now likely take place in Jan 2023, that also depends on the law and order situation. He however categorically mentioned that PakWheels fans should not be disappointed, the show has only been delayed, it has not been canceled. Suneel Munj mentioned that due to covid and political situation in country, PakWheels […]

PakWheels Islamabad Auto Show for 2022 not possible, says Suneel Munj

As it has been mentioned in many articles here on ‘Info Pakistan’ that from last couple of months PakWheels have been very active in catching up on their Car Melas and Auto Shows which they had planned for all over the country. So number of such events happened in October 2022 as well as November 2022. Similarly, in december 2022 the Karachi and Lahore auto shows are also scheduled. During all these auto shows which kept happening, PakWheels really wanted to do Islamabad Auto Show but the political situation did not allowed for it. Specially from last couple of months the govt’s blockades, which they had put up fearing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) possible long march and then the sit […]