PakWheels Car Mela Coming to Islamabad in October 2023 Islamabad Car Mela October 2023

Car Mela is a event where you can buy and sell cars. PakWheels organizes these kinds of Melas all over Pakistan in different cities on different dates each year. This Sunday PakWheels Car Mela is coming to Islamabad, Pakistan. The exact day and date for the PakWheels Car Mela event of 2023 for Islamabad is Sunday, October 22, 2023. The event will start at 10:00 am and it will end on 05:00 pm. Sellers who are interested in selling the cars on the event have to pre-register their car or vehicle. They can even come and register on the date but then they will have to pay much higher. The pre-registration rates are much lower for some vehicle types. […]

PakWheels Karachi Car Mela for June 2023 date and venue

Earlier PakWheels Karachi Car mela was scheduled to be held in May 2023, however, due to the prevailing political situation in the country, it was postponed. Now, PakWheels have again announced new date and venue for Karachi Car Mela. Now the Karachi Car Mela will be held in June 2023. To be exact, now, Karachi Car Mela for 2023 will be held on Sunday, June 4, 2023, from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm at Expo Center Main University Road, Block 15 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi in the Hall #5. PakWheels Car Mela is an event, where people get together to buy and sell cars. The sellers have to register their cars with PakWheels for the event, so that they can be parked […]

PakWheels Karachi Car Mela for May 2023 has been postponed

PakWheels had set up an event called PakWheels Karachi Car Mela which was to be held at Karachi today, the May 14, 2023. However, due to the prevailing political situation and protests, which erupted last week after the arrest of Imran Khan, the PakWheels Karachi Car Mela for May 2023 have been postponed until further notice. It is likely that PakWheels will announce the date for its Karachi Car Mela once again. However, they will definitely wait for political temperature of country to cool down before next announcement. PakWheels arranges different kind of events for its audience and people overall. Car Melas are the events where buyers and sellers meet to buy sell cars on the venues setup by PakWheels. […]

Date and Venue for PakWheels Karachi Car Mela in May 2023 announced

PakWheels have recently announced a car mela to be held in Karachi. They have also most recently announced the exact date and venue for the car mela to be held in Karachi in May 2023. Car Mela is a type of PakWheels event, where people gather to buy and sell the cars. The people who are interested in selling the car, register their cars with PakWheels for participation in the event. One day before the event, all the cars which are already registered are parked at the venue. On the event day, people come and deal with the car owners to buy the cars. Based on the space available, sellers can bring the cars which to be sold, even on […]

Venue and date for the PakWheels Faisalabad Car Mela in March 2023

Recently, PakWheels have announced another car mela. This time it is the car mela which is to be held in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The events of PakWheels which are called Car Mela, are dedicated for buyers and sellers. Normally, before the start time or even one day earlier, the cars of sellers are parked at the car mela venue. Then on the day, when Car Mela timings start, buyers come, see and check those cars and on liking they can buy those cars. All the cars which are to be parked at venue for selling, have to be registered with PakWheels before start of event and mostly there is also an associated fee which have to be paid for each registration. […]