PakWheels Car Mela Coming to Islamabad in October 2023 Islamabad Car Mela October 2023

Car Mela is a event where you can buy and sell cars. PakWheels organizes these kinds of Melas all over Pakistan in different cities on different dates each year. This Sunday PakWheels Car Mela is coming to Islamabad, Pakistan. The exact day and date for the PakWheels Car Mela event of 2023 for Islamabad is Sunday, October 22, 2023. The event will start at 10:00 am and it will end on 05:00 pm. Sellers who are interested in selling the cars on the event have to pre-register their car or vehicle. They can even come and register on the date but then they will have to pay much higher. The pre-registration rates are much lower for some vehicle types. […]

Suzuki Bikes Prices increased now in September 2023

Suzuki Bike prices increased in Pakistan

In a latest move Suzuki Pakistan have increased the prices of two of all four different bikes they offer. The local currency of Pakistan have seen significant downfall against other foreign currencies since the last increase of Prices by Pak Suzuki. Same is the reason, they have opted in for another price hike. Now a days, the curbs on imports, deteriorating local currency value, increasing fuel and electricity costs, govt taxes and few more similar factors are increasing the costs of all kind of manufacturers in Pakistan. Same applies to automakers and ultimately the bike makers. The old and new prices of Suzuki Bikes are as follows. Bike Model Old Price New Price Difference Suzuki GSX 125 488,000 499,000 26,000 […]

PakWheels sell it for me service now expands to Gujranwala

In a latest move have expanded the ‘Sell it for Me’ service for the potential customers in the city of Gujranwala. PakWheels offers this service in several cities of Pakistan already. These cities include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad. Now finally, PakWheels expanded to Gujranwala. What is PakWheels Sell it for Me Service? Well, selling a used car is a hassle. You snap pictures, then put it up for sale on some website with an ad, then lots of calls start coming. Sometimes calls are from a serious buyers, sometimes the callers are not very serious. Also people try to get what you have at lower price than what it is worth. Specially, receiving too many calls […]

KIA Cars Prices increased now in september 2023

KIA Cars Prices Increased in Pakistan

Pakistan’s auto industry is facing a downfall. So sales are very low and on the other side the cost of manufacturing the cars in ever increasing due to consistently declining local currency of Pakistan as well as inflation and increasing govt taxes. Infact these all factors impact both the car makers as well as the end consumers. When the sales are low in the Pakistan’s auto industry overall, in a bold move, KIA Pakistan, have increased the prices of several cars in its line up. The details of old and new prices of KIA Cars offered in Pakistan are as follow. Vehicle Old Price New Price Difference KIA Picanto AT 3,825,000 3,950,000 125,000 Stonic EX+ 6,050,000 6,280,000 230,000 Sportage AWD […]

Yamaha Bike Prices Increased once again now in September 2023

It has been a while since the bike prices increased in Pakistan overall. Similarly, Yamaha Pakistan had not increased the prices for few months unlike earlier when prices used to increase more than once in a month. On the contrary the value of Pakistani Rupee kept declining continuously. Bikes have become so overpriced that despite the dropping currency value and increasing cost, bike companies were reluctant to increase the prices of bike they make. Mainly due to the fear that people will not be able to buy the bikes anymore and they will lose in sales. But now finally, Yamaha Pakistan have come up with a price hike for the whole range of motorcycles that it sells. The details of […]