Price and Specs of Newly Launched Suzuki Swift Pakistan

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Finally as promised Pak Suzuki have just launched the Suzuki Swift in Pakistan via its Lahore based launch even happened on 24th Feb, 2022. There are three variants initially launched which are priced as follows.

VariantPrice (PKR)Transmission Type
Suzuki Swift GL2499,000Manual
Suzuki Swift GL CVT2699,000Automatic
Suzuki Swift GLX CVT2899,000Automatic
Details of Prices and Variants of new Suzuki Swift

UPDATE: Above prices were valid at launch but soon after, Pak Suzuki had increased the prices of Suzuki Swift along with other vehicles, so latest updates prices of new Suzuki Swift are as follows,

VariantPrice (PKR)Transmission Type
Suzuki Swift GL2694,000Manual
Suzuki Swift GL CVT2908,000Automatic
Suzuki Swift GLX CVT3169,000Automatic
Updated Prices of new Suzuki Swift (Updated on 18 April 2022)

This new Swift comes with 1200CC DOHC VVT engine. The top of the line swift comes with 6 airbags while other variants have just 2. Breaking is equipped with ABS and EBD along with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) improving the safety by many folds as compared to old Suzuki Swift. Top of the line trim of new swift also comes with Parking Sensors while both automatic trims or variants are also equipped with Hill Assist Control and Cruise Control. These few last features are first time introduced by Pak Suzuki in a locally manufactured car in Pakistan.

All three trims of car have electronically adjusted side mirrors however on GLX have electronic retraction option on side mirrors. All variants come with 16 inches Alloy wheels. Engine Immobilizer is present in all variants however top of the line variant also features a smart keyless entry.

Booking and Delivery Time

According to the initial information we gathered, Pak Suzuki is currently booking all Suzuki Swift variants only on full payment, deposited on the booking time. Also the delivery time ranges from 2 to 3 months.

As per standard practice of Pak Suzuki and other manufactures, based on our historic information, we know that these introductory prices do not hold much longer and soon a rise is seen in prices of newly introduced prices of these companies. So if some one is interested in buying any variant of this new Suzuki Swift, than it is highly recommended that you must not waste time and book your car on full payment as soon as possible.

Official All New Suzuki Swift Pakistan 2022 Launch Date Announced

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Pak Suzuki have finally announced the launch date of third generation Suzuki Swift in Pakistan. Just recent Pak Suzuki have stopped the generation of second generation Swift. Also recently they have rolled out first Pakistan built model of third generation Suzuki Swift.

So, new third generation Suzuki Swift is being launched in Pakistan on Thursday, 24th Feb, 2022 via a Lahore based launch event. Soon after the launch, in fact from very next day the bookings are expected to be opened as per our research.

All New Suzuki Swift Launches in Pakistan on 24th Feb, 2022

New Suzuki Swift comes in 1000cc turbo and 1250cc conventional engine worldwide but it is expected that Pak Suzuki will resort to 1250cc engine keeping in view the different local variables which does not favor the turbo, local fuel quality being on of the major ones.

New Suzuki Swift is expected to come in Manaul and CVT automatic variants, though Suzuki do launch several cars with AGS transmission, which mimic the automatic transmission but is actually just an actuator on top of manual transmission to automatically shift gears. Suzuki claims that this mechanism is much more efficient in fuel saving but still not liked by many as gear shifts are not that smooth. So hope Pak Suzuki do go for true automatic CVT transmission for this car.

Pricing will also be a hard one for Suzuki, it is at the time only hatch back in Pakistan in 1300cc category and already people can buy proton saga just above 21 hundred thousand which is a sedan, also Changan Alsvin can be bought at ex factory price of just above 24 hundred thousand. Honda city prices start just above 27 hundred thousand at the time of writing of this article.

Despite all above still based on information available at the time, Suzuki is expected to launch its 1250cc Hatchback the new Suzuki Swift at 27 hundred thousand and above. In such a case we can only wish them luck to sell enough number of pieces.

Update: As the vehicle is already launched, so the official price, variants, specs and booking information is also now available which you can read about here.

Car Prices Reduced in new Pakistan Auto Policy 2021, here are full details of Policy

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Pakistan Auto Development and Export Policy 2021

Government of Pakistan have the announced the new auto and export policy 2021. There are few main purposes of this auto policy which include, brining the ever rising car prices down for end consumer, encouraging the auto makers to produce new cars in Pakistan instead of importing and selling from the abroad and finally, encouraging the auto manufacturers to not only meet the demand of local auto market but also encourage them to make extra vehicles and export them.

The new Pakistani auto policy of 2021 is appropriately named the “Pakistan Auto Development and Export Policy 2021”, it is overall 2nd auto policy of the country. First one was introduced in 2016 by PML-N led government and that too had very positive impact on local auto market and resulted in lots of new auto makers entering or reentering in Pakistani auto market. These include but are not limited to KIA, Hyundai, Chandan, Proton and many more.

Price Reductions

But coming back to Pakistan’s auto policy 2021, following are the benefits which were given in the auto policy.

  • 660 to 850 CC: For vehicles with engines from 660 to 850 CC, the Sales Tax reduced from 17% to 12.5% , additionally the FED (Federal Excise Duty) which was 2.5% is not 0%, its just removed fully. Additional Custom Duty (ACD) which was 7% is not applied to this category anymore and is now 0%
  • 851 to 1000 CC: For new category of vehicles with engine capacity up to 1000CC, the sales tax is similarly reduced from 17% to 12.5%, new FED is again 0% for this category as well. ACD, which was being charged 7% is now fully waived off to 0%.
  • Above 1001 CC: For this category no tax reduction given in sales tax. The FED is decreased by 2.5% and ACD is reduced to 2% from the older 7% which was being charged from customers.
  • Import duty reduced from 25% to just 10% on electric vehicles for Completely Built Units (CBU). Same is true for the hybrid vehicles which reduce the fuel consumption at least 30%. This Import duty is now 0% for CKD (Complete Knocked Off) Electric Vehicle Kits an which are later assembled inside the country.

Discouraging OON / Premium on top of Price

The auto policy also puts some good attention to the problem of premium earning on the vehicles which is result of supply demand gap. This is called “oon” in local language. So what investors do is, they register vehicles in advance and once they receive it, as no other option to buy car instantly is available due to supply/demand gap, they sell it instantly by charging a premium amount on car price. Some auto manufacturers and specially the show room owners also adopt and promote this practice. To discourage this all following initiatives are taken by government in this regard,

  • Car/Vehicle must only be registered in the name of person, who registered it in the first place. Otherwise, if the registrant is different he will have to pay additional fine of Rs. 50,000 to 200,000
  • Auto Manufacturers will deliver vehicles within 60 days of vehicles registration, otherwise, they will pay KIBOR + 3% interest rate on registration amount to registrant in case of delay. However, most likely this applies only in case when the vehicle was registered with full upfront payment to manufacturer.
  • Registrant will be able to see where in manufacturing stage their car is currently, via an online system to be introduced by each manufacturer.
  • If these steps still don’t work, additional steps will be taken and fine will be increased to stop the malpractice of charging premium for instant availability of vehicle.

Ensuring Car Quality and Safety Features

Auto policy also focuses on car quality and the safety features provided. For that auto manufacturers will have to at least meet the WP-29 world standard to provide enough safety features and a meet a minimum quality threshold.

Benefits for First Time Car Buyers

For people who are purchasing their first car, a car leasing scheme will also be introduced. This will have lower first payment and lower than current rates of interest. So that the people who are using the motor bikes can more easily switch to a car.

More to Come

According to Khusro Bakhtayar’s press conference on same topic, he mentioned that auto policy have much more benefits and sections which are subject to cabinet approval and will be announced in next month, which is first week of August 2021. Everything which is mentioned above is final and approved, these will details affective immediately infect right from 1st July, 2021. More expected benefits include the reduction of Customs / Import duty of JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) Cars. But import benefits will be given to the level so they do not jeopardize or affect the sales of local industry. Also, benefits to be announced include proper announcement of low interest car leasing schemes for people buying their first car and much more to be expected.


Finally, this auto policy is a very good step in right direction, this will boost Pakistan Auto market and will benefit the end consumers a ton. This single step addresses many concerns of Pakistan Automotive consumers which include car pricing, extra taxes, vehicle quality and malpractice of “oon” or premium charging on already hiked prices of Cars. It is also good that Pakistan Government is now determined to keep checks on auto manufacturers so that they keep the quality of vehicles up to the par and provide at least basic safety features.

New FAW Car, Van and Truck Prices in Pakistan

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Yes, you read it right, FAW motor company offers one van, one car and one mini truck to its Pakistani customers. This one is from China and recently its passenger vehicle called V2 have been appealing to the masses, as it spacious car on a very competitive price as compared to other operators in Pakistan. FAW Motor company is officially known as Al-Haj FAW motors company in Pakistan and is part of Al-Haj Group, which was found by late Haji Sakhi Gul Afridi.

FAW V2 Price in Pakistan

FAW V2 comes in Pakistan in a single Trim. It is recently being more and more popular with people and quite a few are seen on roads, every time you get out to a highway or a city road. Though its a Chinese company, people have started having some confidence in their products, the price of trim/variant offered to Pakistanis is as follows,

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
FAW V2 VCT-i1,289,000

FAW X-PV Van Prices in Pakistan

FAW X-PV is a 5 door mini van with quite a few very good options. It houses eight people in total, there are multiple variants available to Pakistani customers of FAW. Their trims and prices are as follows,

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
FAW X-PV Dual AC1,094,000
FAW X-PV Standard1,034,000
FAW X-PV Power Edition1,119,000

FAW Carrier Prices in Pakistan

This is a 1000 cc carrier offered by FAW motors Pakistan. Officially, it is build to carry weight of one ton. Again there are three variants are available to purchase in Pakistan, which are priced as following in local currency

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
FAW Carrier Deckless919,000
FAW Carrier Flatbed929,000
FAW Carrier Standard939,000

FAW also sells some heavy vehicles, for which they have no listed prices but their nationwide dealerships can be contacted in this regard.

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New Suzuki Cars Prices in Pakistan

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Again the Suzuki is also in big three manufacturers of cars in Pakistan. They are called “Pak Suzuki” in Pakistan. Recently they have celebrated the 2 millionth car production in Pakistan and count continues to rise. Recently they have stopped production of their most popular car ‘Suzuki Mehran’ after producing over 700 thousand units. Latest prices of the Suzuki cars are as follows.

Suzuki Mehran Prices in Pakistan

Although just recently Pak Suzuki have stopped the production of its Mehran cars, however, the units already produced will be sold. Also the orders/bookings received until the 4th of April 2019 will be fulfilled. Suzuki Mehran falls in 800 CC engines category. So most recent prices of Suzuki Mehran variants are as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II799,000
Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II Limited Edition825,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II880,000

Suzuki Wagon R Prices in Pakistan

In 1000 CC engines category, Pak Suzuki is offering the Wagon R as basic model. Different variants of Wagon R cost as follows, right out of the factory.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Wagon R VXL1,344,000
Suzuki Wagon R VXR1,264,000

Suzuki Cultus Prices in Pakistan

Yes, as we said, Pak Suzuki have more to offer in 1000 CC engines category. So the new second generation Suzuki Cultus is the second offering in this category. Globally, this car is known as Suzuki Celerio. Prices of its available variants are as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Cultus VXR1,440,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL1,551,000
Suzuki Cultus Auto Gear Shift1,638,000

Suzuki Swift Prices in Pakistan

After the 1000 CC engines category, next upgrade from Pak Suzuki is offered is 1300 CC Suzuki Swift. Prices of its all variants or trims available in Pakistan are as follows in local currency.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Swift DLX 1.3 Navigation1,555,000
Suzuki Swift DLX Automatic 1.3 Navigation1,691,000

Suzuki Ciaz Prices in Pakistan

Next offering in Pak Suzuki arsenal is Suzuki Ciaz, it comes with engine displacement of 1373 CC. There are two variants available in Pakistan right now and there prices are as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Ciaz Automatic2,300,000
Suzuki Ciaz Manual2,160,000

Suzuki Bolan Prices in Pakistan

This the entry level van offered by Pak Suzuki with most basic features. It have two variants available in Pakistan, one is for passengers and second one is for cargo. Prices of its two available variants or trims are as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II874,000
Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro ll840,000

Suzuki APV Price in Pakistan

This is Pak Suzuki’s answer to demand for luxury vans. Obviously an upgrade to its own Suzuki Bolan and obviously just available for passengers. Single trim of Suzuki APV is available in Pakistan and price is as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki APV GLX3,140,000

Suzuki Jimny Price in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki offers third generation Suzuki Jimny to its customers. This generation was first introduced in 1998. This is a four wheel drive mini SUV. Falls under three door category. Just one variant is offered here in Pakistan and price is as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Jimny JLDX2,493,000

Suzuki Ravi Price in Pakistan

Another very successful vehicle offered by Pak Suzuki here in Pakistan. It mini truck used for cargo or loading. You will see many on crowded roads every second. Again just one Trim is available here in Pakistan and price of it is as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Ravi Euro ll796,000

Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra Price in Pakistan

This is the latest addition to Pak Suzuki vehicles for cargo or loading purposes. This one is much bigger than Suzuki Ravi and bit smaller than the Hyundai Shehzor or it just competes it. Again, just one trim of it, is available, which is priced as follows.

Make/Model/TrimEx-Factory Price
Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra Manual1,299,000

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