Honda bikes prices increased in the May 2023

Honda Bikes Prices Increased in May 2023

The auto manufacturers of Pakistan have made it their habit to increase the prices of cars and bikes which they make. Normally the factors like evaluating currency and other economic factors dictate these prices. However, this time seems like Honda bikes prices increased for no apparent reason. As just recently Honda had increased the prices of their bikes in start of last month, April 2023, when the USD valued about the same against local currency, Pakistani Rupee. However, on start of May 2023, Honda again increased the prices of their bikes.

The details of old prices and the new prices of Honda bikes are as follows.

Bike Model & ModelOld PriceNew PriceIncrease
Honda CD 70149,000154,0005000
Honda CD 70 Dream160,900165,9005000
Honda Pridor197,900203,9006000
Honda CG125222,900229,9007000
Honda CG 125 SE265,900275,90010000
Honda CB 125F365,900380,90015000
Honda CB 150F458,900473,90015000
Honda CB150F SE462,900477,90015000
New Prices of Honda Bikes from May 1, 2023

The new prices of Honda Bikes which are mentioned above, are applicable from 1st May, 2023. It is not clear that on what basis Honda Pakistan have increased prices once again, as they had increased them just 30 days back. The US Dollar to Pakistan price is about the same, also motorcycle production is much more localised in Pakistan as compared to cars, so any fluctuations in USD must not impact the prices. Still, as we have seen the bikes prices in Pakistan have been increasing every 15 to 30 day from last few months. Honestly speaking, some of these hikes seem very unnecessary.

Also, govt of Pakistan have also not taken any significant action to regulate or at least have some checks on these ever increasing bikes prices in Pakistan. A notice in this regard must be taken by the government and the bike makers of Pakistan should be forced to justify the price increases.

If you are visiting this page after May 2023, there is a chance that these prices will get old. So use our dedicated page for honda bikes prices to see the latest prices of Honda Bikes in Pakistan in that case.

Prices of Bikes from other makers

Here on Info Pakistan, we list the bike prices from several bike makers, including Honda Pakistan. So following are links to dedicated price pages of other bike makers.

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