Prices of New Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki is now more serious about its officially launched bikes in Pakistan along with cars. In past somehow Pak Suzuki had more of its focus on cars while others like Honda had made huge market for their bikes along with cars. Now however, things seem to change as Suzuki not only introducing new bike variants in Pakistan but also pushing them across to public via actively managed marketing and awareness campaigns about their bikes.

The prices of new Suzuki bikes in Pakistan along with variants details are as follows.

Bike ModelBike Price (PKR)Price Updated On
Suzuki GD 110S335,000Sep 17, 2023
Suzuki GS 150364,000Sep 17, 2023
Suzuki GSX 125499,000Sep 17, 2023
Suzuki GR 150547,000Sep 17, 2023

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