Suzuki Pakistan Bikes Prices Increased in the Feb 2023

Pakistan’s economy have recently been under pressure, due to which Pakistan currency value dropped as compared to foreign currencies, specially the international trade currency which is US Dollars. Also there were curbs on import directly or as a result of policies of Pakistan’s government. All of this resulted in increase of bikes and cars prices by almost all the car and bike makers of Pakistan. Suzuki Pakistan bikes prices have also been increased in the Feb 2023, recently, due to the same issues. The details of Pak Suzuki bikes prices change, old and prices are as follows. Bike Model New Price Old Price Difference Suzuki GD 110S 290,000 264,500 26,000 Suzuki GS 150 315,000 286,000 29,000 Suzuki GSX 125 422,000 […]

United Pakistan Bikes prices increased again in the Feb 2023

As auto makers of Pakistan are going through the difficult times due to bad economy and effects of it on the local currency value. Also the direct or indirect import curbs result in the shortage of supplies needed to manufacture the bikes and other vehicles. All of these factors result in the increase of the costs of making bikes and vehicle for automakers. As a result they are forced to increase the prices of their products. Same is reason, all the auto makers including the makers of bikes and other vehicles have been recently increasing prices of their products very rapidly. United Pakistan have also recently increased prices of their bikes due to these factors. In Feb 2023 alone, this […]

Honda Pakistan bikes prices increased second time in Feb 2023

I am sure as of now, you all know about the situation the Pakistan auto industry is going through due to the effects of bad economy and the government policies on it. This includes the effects of ever declining local currency as well as the effects of curbs on imports, either via not being able to open the Letter of Credits (LCs) for import or via direct bans on import of completely knocked down (CKD) vehicle kits etc. In cases the manufacturers are also being forced to keep close their operations, whatever the reason is, all of these increase the cost of auto manufacturers of Pakistan. After that cost increase, the auto manufacturers surely pass that on the end consumers, […]

Honda Pakistan bikes prices increased in the Feb 2023

Honda Atlas Pakistan have increased the prices of its bikes, for the same reason for which the whole auto industry is currently increasing the prices. This includes cost increase due to many factors including local Pakistani currency devaluation, the plant closures due to supply interruptions resulting from import restrictions due to low USD reserves and bad economy of country resulting in low sales etc. The new prices are applicable from Feb 01, 2023. The details of old and new prices are as follows. Make, Model, Variant New Prices Old Prices Difference Honda CD 70 128,900 121,500 7400 Honda CD 70 Dream 137,900 129,900 8000 Honda Pridor 170,900 161,900 9000 Honda CG125 194,900 185,900 9000 Honda CG 125 Self 230,900 219,500 […]

Yamaha increases bike prices to be effective Jan 2023

As the year 2022 ends, Yamaha have too this opportunity to increase their bike prices once again. These new prices will be effective from Jan 04, 2023. In 2022 the car prices increased time and again due to the fluctuating currency, taxation, bad economy and heavy taxation. Following are the details of old and new prices of Yamaha Bikes. Bike Model/Variant New Price Old Price Difference Yamaha YB125Z 305,500 293,500 12,000 Yamaha YB125Z DX 327,000 314,500 12,500 YBR125 336,000 322,500 13,500 YBR125G (Red/Black) 349,500 336,000 13,500 YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray) 352,500 339,000 13,500 Though the car prices have increased many times in Pakistan in 2022, however, the bike companies are much more active when it comes to increasing the prices. […]