Road Prince bike prices in Pakistan

Along with few others Road Prince is also one of economical and popular bikes brand in Pakistan. They also have quite a few offerings in motorcycles range. They offer many motorcycle variants when it comes to engine capacity (CC), including the 70CC and 125CC, which each motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan makes and sells. Then each in variant by CC, they offer different color options ranging from 2 to 5. Following are the prices of different variants of the Road Price motorcycles in Pakistan. Motorcycle Price Price Updated On Road Prince Passion 70cc 81,500 Nov 27, 2022 Road Prince Passion Plus 70cc 91,500 Nov 27, 2022 Road Prince Classic 70cc (RP70) 87,500 Nov 27, 2022 Road Price Power Plus 110cc 89,500 […]

Prices of united bikes, rickshaws and loaders in Pakistan

Though united entered Pakistani bike market much later than couple of pioneers, however they have made a name for themselves. Today they not only make the motorcycles but also make the motorcycle rickshaws as well as the auto rickshaws. In addition they also make the loaders which are also powered by a bigger bike in front and are quite powerful when it comes to transportation of goods. They come in 150CC and 200CC variants. United also offers a bike for special person, it have two small rear wheels instead of single rear wheel, so anyone driving the bike, does not have to actively balance it on two wheels. It in fact becomes a three-wheeler but well within bike’s form and […]

Honda Bike Prices in Pakistan

Like other bike makers of Pakistan Honda Atlas Pakistan have also increased the prices of their bikes, so we not only bringing for you the latest prices of Honda bike but also commit ourselves to keep them updated here if they change in future. By the way, like Yamaha, Honda is also one of pioneers when it comes to bikes in Pakistan. Right from my childhood, Honda is second bike brand after Yamaha, which I seen bikes of. Later however, many others joined, including lots of companies from Chinese origin. Make, Model, Variant Price Price Updated On Honda CD 70 121,500 Nov 12, 2022 Honda CD 70 Dream 129,900 Nov 12, 2022 Honda CG125 185,900 Nov 12, 2022 Honda CG […]

Yamaha Bike Prices in Pakistan

Yamaha bike company is one of the pioneers in Pakistan. The first bikes I personally seen in Pakistan in my childhood were from Yamaha. My impression is Yamaha used to brand preferred by villagers mostly, most probably due to the fact that their bikes used to be and are of good build quality and durable. Anyways, after somehow I have got away with the hassle of writing the intro paragraph on this nightly hour of 1 am, let us get away with the latest prices of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan which are as follows. Make, Model, Trim Price Price Updated On Yamaha YB125Z 293,500 Nov 10, 2022 Yamaha YB125Z DX 314,500 Nov 10, 2022 YBR125 322,500 Nov 10, 2022 YBR125G […]

Prices of Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki is now more serious about its officially launched bikes in Pakistan along with cars. In past somehow Pak Suzuki had more of its focus on cars while others like Honda had made huge market for their bikes along with cars. Now however, things seem to change as Suzuki not only introducing new bike variants in Pakistan but also pushing them across to public via actively managed marketing and awareness campaigns about their bikes. The latest prices of Suzuki bikes in Pakistan along with variants details are as follows. Make, Model, Trim / Variant Current Price Price Updated On Suzuki GD 110S 244,000 07/11/2022 Suzuki GS 150 266,000 07/11/2022 Suzuki GSX 125 359,000 07/11/2022 Suzuki GR 150 385,000 07/11/2022 […]