Suzuki Bikes Prices increased now in September 2023

Suzuki Bike prices increased in Pakistan

In a latest move Suzuki Pakistan have increased the prices of two of all four different bikes they offer. The local currency of Pakistan have seen significant downfall against other foreign currencies since the last increase of Prices by Pak Suzuki. Same is the reason, they have opted in for another price hike. Now a days, the curbs on imports, deteriorating local currency value, increasing fuel and electricity costs, govt taxes and few more similar factors are increasing the costs of all kind of manufacturers in Pakistan. Same applies to automakers and ultimately the bike makers. The old and new prices of Suzuki Bikes are as follows. Bike Model Old Price New Price Difference Suzuki GSX 125 488,000 499,000 26,000 […]

Yamaha Bike Prices Increased once again now in September 2023

It has been a while since the bike prices increased in Pakistan overall. Similarly, Yamaha Pakistan had not increased the prices for few months unlike earlier when prices used to increase more than once in a month. On the contrary the value of Pakistani Rupee kept declining continuously. Bikes have become so overpriced that despite the dropping currency value and increasing cost, bike companies were reluctant to increase the prices of bike they make. Mainly due to the fear that people will not be able to buy the bikes anymore and they will lose in sales. But now finally, Yamaha Pakistan have come up with a price hike for the whole range of motorcycles that it sells. The details of […]

Prices of Suzuki Bikes increased again now in May 2023

In a bid to follow the other bike makers, after at least three other bike makers increased prices of their products, Suzuki Pakistan have also increased the prices of their bikes once again, now in May 2023. Previously, in just last month, April 2023, Suzuki Pakistan had increased the prices of their bikes. Now this month, Honda, Yamaha and United have also already increased the prices of their bikes in Pakistan. Anyway, the details of old an new prices of Suzuki bikes in Pakistan are as follows. Bike Model Old Price New Price Difference Suzuki GD 110S 322,000 355,000 13,000 Suzuki GS 150 350,000 364,000 14,000 Suzuki GSX 125 469,000 488,000 19,000 Suzuki GR 150 501,000 521,000 20,000 With huge […]

United Bikes prices increased again now in the May 2023

As on the start of May 2023 Honda and Yamaha Pakistan increased prices of their bikes. United Pakistan also followed these companies and soon after them, they also announced a hike in prices of bike model they offer. Overall, United bikes cost much cheaper than those other mentioned bike companies, however, their product quality also do not match them. Anyways, following are the details of old and new united bike prices as of May 2023. Make, Model, Variant Old Price New Price Difference United US 70 106,500 109,500 +3,000 United US 100 112,000 115,000 +3,000 United US Scooty 100 243,000 243,000 0 United US 125 Euro II 159,000 164,000 +5,000 The new prices which are mentioned above, will be applicable […]

Yamaha Pakistan Bikes Prices increased now in the May 2023

As soon as the month of May 2023 started, many bike producers of Pakistan have again started to increase the bike prices. After Honda, which took the lead in increasing bikes prices in May 2023, now Yamaha Pakistan bikes prices increased as well. The details of old and new bike prices of Yamaha bikes and the difference between them are as follows. Bike Make & Model Old Price New Price Difference Yamaha YB125Z 342,500 356,000 13,500 Yamaha YB125Z DX 366,500 381,500 15,000 YBR125 376,500 391,500 15,000 YBR125G (Red/Black) 391,000 407,500 15,500 YBR125G (Matt Grey/Matt Orange) 394,000 410,500 15,500 The new prices already applicable on all purchases. Just last month, in April 2023, Yamaha Pakistan had increased the prices of their […]