Yamaha Bike Prices in Pakistan

Yamaha bike company is one of the pioneers in Pakistan. The first bikes I personally seen in Pakistan in my childhood were from Yamaha. My impression is Yamaha used to brand preferred by villagers mostly, most probably due to the fact that their bikes used to be and are of good build quality and durable.

Anyways, after somehow I have got away with the hassle of writing the intro paragraph on this nightly hour of 1 am, let us get away with the latest prices of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan which are as follows.

Make, Model, TrimPricePrice Updated On
Yamaha YB125Z305,500Dec 28, 2022
Yamaha YB125Z DX327,000Dec 28, 2022
YBR125336,000Dec 28, 2022
YBR125G (Red/Black)349,500Dec 28, 2022
YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray)352,500Dec 28, 2022

Rest assured we will keep the prices of these bikes updated. Please share your experiences and opinions via comments below. If you are interested in knowing, please check Suzuki Bike Prices as well or even you can check Suzuki Car Prices.

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