Public Holidays in Pakistan for Year 2024

There are a set number of holidays which are enjoyed and celebrated by the people of Pakistan every year. Every year, the list is mostly the same, however, sometimes some weather or other situational anomilies may result in few more holidays than usual.

Public Holidays in Pakistan 2024

Anyways the main list of public holidays which Pakistanis are going to enjoy in year 2024 are as follows.

No.HolidayDateDay of Week
1Kashmir Solidarity DayFeb 5, 2024Monday
2Pakistan DayMar 23, 2024Saturday
3Eid-ul-Fitr HolidaysApril 10, 11 & 12th 2024Wednesday to Friday
4Labour DayMay 1, 2024Wednesday
5Eid-ul-Azha HolidaysJun 17, 18 & 19th 2024Monday to Wednesday
6Ashura Days16th & 17th July 2024Tuesday & Wednesday
7Independence DayAugust 14, 2024Wednesday
8Eid Milad-un-NabiSep 16, 2024Monday
9Iqbal DayNov 9, 2024Saturday
10Quaid-e-Azam Day
& Christmas Day
Dec 25, 2024Wednesday
11Day after Christmas
(Christians Only)
Dec 26, 2024Thursday

Optional Holidays in Pakistan in Year 2024

Pakistanis, specially the govt servants are entitled to optional public holidays as well. However, there are limits in place. The muslims can take one optional holiday from list below in addition to all the main public holidays. However, non muslim minorities can take three optional holidays from list below in addition to all the public holidays listed above.

NoHolidayDateDay of Week
1New Year DayJan 1, 2024Monday
2Basant PunchamiFeb 14, 2024Wednesday
3ShivaratriMar 8, 2024Friday
4Shab-e-MerajFeb 7, 2024Wednesday
5HoliMar 24, 2024Sunday
6DulhandiMar 25, 2024Monday
7Shab-e-BaratFeb 25, 2024Sunday
8Good DayMar 29, 2024Friday
9Easter / Day AfterMar 31 & Apr 1, 2024Sunday, Monday
10BaisakhiApr 13, 2024Saturday
11Eid-e-RizwanApr 21, 2024Sunday
12Buddha PurnimaMarch 23, 2024Saturday
13NaurozeAug 15, 2024Thursday
14Birthday of Lord ZoroasterAug 20, 2024Thursday
15ChehlumAug 27, 2024Wednesday
16Janam AshtamiAug 26, 2024Monday
17Durga PujaOct 11, 2024Friday
18DussehraOct 12, 2024Saturday
19Giyarvee ShareefOct 16, 2024Wednesday
20Birthday of Guru Valmi Sawami JiOct 17, 2024Tuesday
21DiwaliNov 1, 2024Friday
22Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev JeeNov 15, 2024Friday

In the main list of public holidays as well as in optional holidays, any holidays related to muslims’ occasions are subject to moon sighting dates. So the dates for those holidays may vary.

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