Mamtaz Qadri fined and sentenced to death over the killing of Salman Taseer

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Mamtaz Qadri had shot former governor Punjab Salam Taseer dead on Jan 4th 2011. He had told that he did this over the Salaman’s views about the Pakistan’s Blasphemy laws. He also under oath told that this killing was due to Salman’s views about the blasphemy laws.

Court however expressed that this is not the excuse, according to Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Qadri ended up being part of crime by taking the matters in his hand. Court sentenced the Mamtaz Qadri to death as well as he was fined 200,000 Rupees.

However, according to the court Qadri’s affiliation with any terrorism plot was not proved, so the punishment can not be via Anti-terrorism Act (ATA). Keeping this in mind, now the case will transferred to civilian courts.

Further appeals by Mamtaz Qadri can be submitted to high court. On same time the supporters of Qadri protested in Rawalpindi and Lahore. Also a Wheel Jam Strike on 7th of October is called by Sunni Tehreek, they have also rejected the punishment given to Mamtaz Qadri.

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Fire in Mobilink MSC in Islamabad took down entire North region on Sunday

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Mobilink Logo

On Sunday a fire broke out in Mobilink’s MSC (Mobile Switching Center) in Islamabad and soon the entire north region including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and surrounding areas Mobilink subscribers experienced a total blackout when suddenly no signal bars on cell phone of Mobilink subscribers in these areas. As many of us know, Mobilink is the leading cell phone operator of Pakistan and most trusted as well because of their good quality and uninterrupted service. However last few months have not been very well for Mobilink, fire and such incidents happened on about three places. Most damaging one was Sunday’s incident which took millions of subscribers down for tens of hours.

Mobilink also owns LinkDotNet, which is an ISP, as Mobilink shares its infrastructure between ISP and its cell phone operator setup wherever possible, so on Sunday onwards the LinkDotNet Internet services were also down. Mobilink and LinkDotNet services gone down about after noon Sunday and for some they were available back about afternoon Monday.

So it was long about 24 hour interruption in services. This is however surprising that leading cell phone operator which claims to have over 13 million subscribers does not have an effect disaster management plan and a simple fire can take their services down for long hours for several hundreds of thousands of customers. I hope they must have learned much from these few experiences and will have some better disaster management plan in the future. They must also consider making service provision a fail safe.

Accidents do happen but its important that how much some one or some organization is prepared to handle a potential catastrophic it is real important for businesses in this rapidly changing market, specially for organization which charges their customers more because of their good quality of  services and their entire customer base is with them only due to their good quality uninterrupted services.

Problem indeed affected and upset masses over country but good news is that all over the country problems are solved. They have also issued a note about recent interruption of their services on their website which claims that all problems have been resolved. Following is a screen shot of the note on their website.

Official notice from Mobilink's website about restoration of all affected services

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18 dead bodies found linking back to oct 2005 earthquake in Pakistan

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In Muzaffarabad specifically in area of Kamsar Nullah where the municipal workers were on work, digging through, they found 18 dead bodies. These being linked to the devastating earthquake that hit the northern areas of Pakistan back on 8 October, 2005.

A hotel effected by earthquake 2005 - Photo credit: a Friend (mdzz84 @ Flicker)

This earthquake from oct 2005 was so much devastating that about more than 46000 people were killed only in areas of Azad and Jammu Kashmir. Millions countrywide were left homeless and food-less. Millions of families were effected in this earthquake.

This earthquake had changed the landscape of many northern areas, homes and many building were fully vanished and even the streams, pools, hills and paths everything had reconfigured itself. So people visited earlier were most likely to not recognize certain areas where they have been earlier.

These 18 dead bodies believed to be a victim of landslide during the earthquake. Never recovered earlier because of the magnitude of destruction caused by the earthquake of oct 2005.

Shelling by India and Pakistan against each other at wagah last night

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Wagah Border

Pakistani and Indian forces exchanged fire near midnight last night at Wagah border. Four blasts were first heard near 11:30PM on Indian side of border first. Indian forces didn’t bother to do any investigation on it and BSF opened fire for across the border to the Pakistani territory.

Firing from Indian forces was first light weapons but soon they shifted to the mortar shells, on this side of border Rangers returned the fire in response to keep the balance. This firing continued till 2:00am in the night and soon afterwords Rangers called the meeting with BSF to exchange thoughts.

It was told that initially firing was not from Pakistan side of border and blast may have different causes. Both sides agreed on a point and BSF agreed to do more investigations on the causes of the blasts.

Its not first time, few months ago same kind of incident caused both nations to exchange fire on each other.

India being a responsible state should investigate on matters before blindly opening fire on such situations. They would have properly investigated and met the situation according to its demand. Considering the fact about previous revelries between both nations and both nations being the nuclear capable, a small misunderstanding can be deadliest for people on both sides and the whole south Asian region.

Suspected CNG Explosion Injured 19 in Karachi

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Photo Credit: GEO News

Explosion took place a while ago in Paposh Nagar area of Karachi near a graveyard. Explosion took place in a car injuring many people, police told possible reason of this blast may be the faulty CNG kit installed in the car. However more investigations will follow on this.

As firstly heard the explosion spread panic in the city and people were suspecting it as a militant activity. As the Karachi city has been so far un-effected by on going militancy in the other areas of the country. We will be coming up with more info on this as its released.

Update 1: It is not fully clear that the blast was really due to CNG explosion. The injured people also include ranger personals, women and children and they have been shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi.