Supreme court challenges Petroleum Development Levy Ordinance

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About a week ago government had imposed the extra carbon tax to the petroleum products, which significantly increased the prices of these products. Soon this tax was suspended via court order and petroleum prices were again back down.

After wards president Zardari issued an ordinance called “Petroleum Development Levy Ordinance”, this suspended whatever said in court order and again imposed the carbon tax increasing the petroleum prices. This way in matter of two to three days petroleum prices were raised, decreased and then raised again.

Now this petroleum development levy ordinance is again challenged in supreme court and soon another decision is expected about it.

Drone struck again in south waziristan, killing 11

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Drone Craft
Drone Craft

Once again in South Waziristan area of Pakistan, a drone air craft struck again, bombing missiles over the area killed 11 more people in the area.

However local officials claimed that this attack have killed the militants who were hiding in the area, and US had taken their information through their on ground agents. What ever the truth is, when Pakistan forces having problem targeting the militants via air strike due to problem in differentiating the locals and the militants how can drones be used for this purpose.

Blast in choor chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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Choor Chowk Rawalpindi Blast

A motor bike targeting a govt bus, on choor chowk, Peshawar road Rawalpindi Cantt, killed 1 person and injuring 29 people. Not only that bus a number of other vehicles were also destroyed in the incident. Also the glasses of nearby buildings were broken. specifically fuel tank of bus was targeted to achieve maximum damage.

Most of the injured are shifted to the DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi and Remaining are shifted to Military Hospital Rawalpindi Saddar. In the injured people 6 of them are in serious condition.

Pakistan advances the clock by one hour

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Once again on 15th April 12am Pakistan Standard Time is advanced by hour making the GMT+6 Standard time for the country. This was done for having more benefit from the day light. Last year Government had saved about 500 Megawatts by day light saving. So from next year for day light saving clocks will be advanced from 1st April to 1st Octuber.

Daylight saving is not a very old concept for Pakistan. Pakistan have observed day light saving only twice before, one the last year and other once before few years ago. But few years ago accoding to government they didn’t had any benifit from day light saving so they had discontinued it. But again continued from the last year as its being proved to be benificial this year.