Social Media including Youtube and X face outage in Pakistan once again

On Sunday, Dec 17, 2023 in the late hours, suddenly the users all across Pakistan have started facing the issues accessing the social media sites. I too was facing same issues while trying to access youtube and twitter. So naturally, I opened the to check if something is going on with these services here in Pakistan. And Yes, there were many more other users who were complaining about these services not being accessible in Pakistan. On further research it came forward that there is some virtual gathering or ‘jalsa’ in other words is organized by PTI. So these services are being restricted to stop all those from reaching the people of Pakistan. Specially a’s article about interruption of […]

No Call or SMS Packages for Pakistanis from now on, says PTA

Through an official notification Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have notified all mobile operators in Pakistan to immediately discontinue all Call or SMS packages, which are being provided to customers. Also this letter gives a deadline of 2 September to all the operates, to comply and fill back a compliance report. Otherwise some action could be taken against them. This apparently is the second notification, as it is mentioned in it that earlier it was officially notified but all operators just ignored it. Also that old letter mentioned as it was issued in 2012. Was PTA sleeping for all those eight months and suddenly, they woke up and came to know that these packages are still being provided. These were openly […]