No Call or SMS Packages for Pakistanis from now on, says PTA

banned-by-ptaThrough an official notification Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have notified all mobile operators in Pakistan to immediately discontinue all Call or SMS packages, which are being provided to customers. Also this letter gives a deadline of 2 September to all the operates, to comply and fill back a compliance report. Otherwise some action could be taken against them. This apparently is the second notification, as it is mentioned in it that earlier it was officially notified but all operators just ignored it. Also that old letter mentioned as it was issued in 2012. Was PTA sleeping for all those eight months and suddenly, they woke up and came to know that these packages are still being provided. These were openly being advertised on all TV, Radio channels, news papers as well as websites of all operators.

Is it PTA, which just woke up suddenly and stopping operators from offering low cost services to Pakistanis,  or it is that incompetent minister Anusha Rehman, who have bad habit of just making news and doing much less, speaking through PTA to telecom operators. Even, if she is not involved, then she can at least take an action on this and stop this nonsense. After all whats bad or ugly in giving the low services to people. If you think people will misuse these services if given on low rate, then you are thinking very negative, end user must decide how to or how not to use the services. Everything is intended for positive use, negative use of anything is deadly but everything is still made available over to the people so that people could benefit from it.

I have previous heard this word “moral guardian” being used for PTA, this is not their job. They need to make available every technology available to people not guard people against alleged evils.

At this point I would like to ask this question, Dear PTA and IT & Telecom Ministry, where is my 3G/4G auction. Why don’t you put your attention off from parenting and put it to some good use like arranging the long awaited 3G (leave it, its old) or 4G (Recommended) auction.

The current Pakistan Muslim league – Nawaz (PML-N) government first increased the taxes on cell phone usage and now blocking the call or sms packages, so that no low cost services are available to Pakistanis. Even the latest technologies like 3G or 4G are not being allowed in Pakistan like previous government. They delayed auction many time and now new government as well is not doing any different. Youtube which could be very beneficial for Professionals, students and Jobless individuals, is not being allowed in Pakistan as well. Do block Blasphemous links but do provide us rest of site.

So what I conclude is, whatever, we are left with is being taken away from us. Either these are daily used stuff, basic needs or these services. The newly elected PML-N is no different than previous governments, they also need to learn from past and do push hard to the positive side.

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UPDATE: A spokesman from PTA today clarified that by “Chat packages (Call and SMS)” we did not meant the Call and SMS bundle offers, we just meant ban on Chat Room Services. Detailed information about this misunderstanding about call and sms services is here.

4 thoughts on “No Call or SMS Packages for Pakistanis from now on, says PTA

  1. Totally disagree … I am really glad that this is happening. Mobile use has become highly stupid. People are having 3-4 SIMS in their pocket.. due to very cheap stupid packages. some wake up till mid night to do the calls. it was crazy. was making young Pakistani nation stupid junkies who have now totally unaware of a descent use of communication.

    Whenever I call young fellows i mostly ended up in no resonse!!! Reason? Why? oh bhai actually aaj kal doosri sim lagai huwi thi … uss par package acha tha.

    How stupid this is.

    1. U r really right .. our generation is going to be so low hand cheap raat raat k pkg new generation.ko tabaah krhy hain barbadh krhy hain we should stop these a bluddy shits

  2. I am with u zeeshan ali and abu bakkar siddique bhai.
    Don’t u see where our young fellows are going.

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