YouTube to officially Open in Pakistan Very Soon

YouTube to Open Soon in Pakistan Officially

YouTube have now been banned for more than three and half years officially in Pakistan. However, from last couple of months it is accessible via https on all ISPs and PTCL was first to make it available on http as well.

An important development happened this month when launched a localized version for Pakistan. Now the news is that PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) have appealed Supreme Court to remove ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

According to PTA, after the launch of local version of YouTube in Pakistan, it is possible for authorities to request Google and get blocked any video which is not suitable for local users. Or any video which can cause chaos in the country. So on these grounds the Authority have already forwarded an appeal to the Supreme court.

YouTube is world’s biggest video sharing website, it is a learning platform. You want to learn anything, absolutely learn any art, craft or any technical stuff, go to youtube, search with relevant term and you will have thousands of high quality tutorials at your disposal.

Also, YouTube is up and running almost all other Muslim countries with exception of few objectionable videos. Do share your opinions via comments section below.

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