Pakistan faces degraded internet due to dual submarine cable cuts

Internet users from across the country have been facing degraded internet lately, today. It was due to dual cable cuts. According to PTCL in Egypt where AAE-1 submarine cable was affected. The affected portion suffered two cuts between the cities of Talab and Zafarana in Egypt. The affected portion of cable is referred as SEAMEWE-5 by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. The internet service provider in Pakistan like PTCL, Nayatel and more have communicated with their customers through different channels, informing them about the cable cuts and expected downtime or degradation of services. Also it was assured that there are are alternates available and arranged wherever applicable, so overall affect will be minimal. Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), also informed the internet users […]

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 matches will be live streamed on mobile app

From last one year of so, Pakistan’s biggest ecommerce platform have been live streaming the cricket matches. This has two upsides to it, one for the people, they find a way to watch the matches live and free of cost, online. The upside for is more and more people install their app from Play Store as well as iOS App Store. Normally, if you see there are nearly none options available to users to watch such matches online, which comes to play as huge upside for Daraz. The latest news in the town is that Daraz have acquired the digital streaming rights of ICC T20 World Cup 2022. Means like many tournaments earlier, ICC T20 World Cup 2022 […]

Twitter Introduces the Voice Tweets and they are Awesome

Twitter have recently introduced the facility to tweet with your voice, you can still add some text with the tweets. Twitter is slowing rolling this feature to more and more people so hope fully soon everyone will get it soon. Following is an example of these voice tweets and by the way, this is first voice/sound tweet I have seen. Also first Pakistani voice tweet. It is by popular journalist and the tv anchor Jasmine Manzoor. — jasmeen manzoor (@jasmeenmanzoor) November 21, 2020 And also apparently you can come live using the same voice tweet feature, as per following live session by same tv anchor. — jasmeen manzoor (@jasmeenmanzoor) November 21, 2020 Isn’t it amazing, for those who […]

#QandeelBaloch trends number one on twitter after being murdered

After the media reports the news of Qandeel Baloch being murdered by her brother, she is now trending number one on twitter in Pakistan trends. Most of tweets are in sympathy and about her being human and she must not have been murdered. Following are few examples #QandeelBaloch dies today. She wasn’t killing or harming anyone. She doesn’t deserve this. Who’s honor gets protected? Shame. #RIP — Hina Safdar (@hinasafi) July 16, 2016 Apart from what she did wrong; she had a life, she wanted to live, she had complete right to live her life she had dreams.. #QandeelBaloch — E (@__eshu__) July 16, 2016 Whatever personal opinions people had on #QandeelBaloch – there is no justification for murder. Her […]

Zong’s Official Website Goes Down Due to Exceeding the Bandwidth Limit

Zong’s official website for Pakistan which is is currently down due to exceeding the bandwidth limit. This may be normal for starter sites but for a big business like Zong Telecom it is a big Thing. Hope, techs would have already started the efforts to bring the website back. Check out this screenshot of Zong.Com.Pk current status. Lets see how fast it comes back.