Honda bikes prices increased in the May 2023

The auto manufacturers of Pakistan have made it their habit to increase the prices of cars and bikes which they make. Normally the factors like evaluating currency and other economic factors dictate these prices. However, this time seems like Honda bikes prices increased for no apparent reason. As just recently Honda had increased the prices of their bikes in start of last month, April 2023, when the USD valued about the same against local currency, Pakistani Rupee. However, on start of May 2023, Honda again increased the prices of their bikes. The details of old prices and the new prices of Honda bikes are as follows. Bike Model & Model Old Price New Price Increase Honda CD 70 149,000 154,000 […]

Suzuki Bikes prices increased now in the April 2023

Pakistan’s economy is passing through a difficult phase right now. For Pakistani auto industry this economic crunch came with many difficulties. These difficulties include not being able to import the completely knocked down (CKD) cars and bikes kits from abroad due to direct or indirect curbs on imports. Also off days due to absence of same supplies. Ever changing and deteriorating local currency. So the bike and car makers of Pakistan are forced to change prices of their products every know and then. However, some bike makers are changing these prices too many times, Pak Suzuki is one of them. In a recent development, Pak Suzuki have once again increased the prices of bikes it makes. The details of old […]

Yamaha bikes’ prices increased in the April 2023

Another wave of bikes prices increase is here. Just couple of days back Atlas Honda increased the prices of its bikes. Just after that Yamaha have followed them with their own price increase. Things are really getting hard for automakers of Pakistan for last few month, after they have to face the effects of struggling economy of Pakistan. However, it has been observed that bike industry of Pakistan have much more frequently came up with price hikes, again and again in last few months, as compared to car manufacturers. The new prices are already in effect. The new prices, old prices and details of difference between them are as follows. Bike Make & Model New Price Old Price Difference Yamaha […]

Honda bike prices increased in the April 2023

From last few months, increase in cars or specially bike prices have been a normal and usual thing. Every now and then the cars and bikes companies are increasing the prices of their products. There are many reasons behind it, however, everything goes down to struggling Pakistan’s economy. The factors include the increasing taxes from government, the deteriorating local currency value as well as direct or indirect curbs in imports. In a latest development, Atlas Honda Pakistan have increased prices of its bikes in Pakistan. The new prices of Honda bikes, are applicable from April 01, 2023. The old prices, new prices and the details of difference in prices are as follows. Bike Model & Model New Price Old Price […]

Suzuki Pakistan Bikes Prices Increased in the Feb 2023

Pakistan’s economy have recently been under pressure, due to which Pakistan currency value dropped as compared to foreign currencies, specially the international trade currency which is US Dollars. Also there were curbs on import directly or as a result of policies of Pakistan’s government. All of this resulted in increase of bikes and cars prices by almost all the car and bike makers of Pakistan. Suzuki Pakistan bikes prices have also been increased in the Feb 2023, recently, due to the same issues. The details of Pak Suzuki bikes prices change, old and prices are as follows. Bike Model New Price Old Price Difference Suzuki GD 110S 290,000 264,500 26,000 Suzuki GS 150 315,000 286,000 29,000 Suzuki GSX 125 422,000 […]