Pakistan Govt makes New Records of Electricity Load Shedding in Winter Season in Jan 2015

Pakistan is the country which faces the power cuts through out the year due to gap in production and demand. But normally due to low demand people have to (thankfully) bear nominal electricity load shedding in winter season. This has been the case from decades. But this time things gone sideways, mismanagement of PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) made the power disappear in the month of January when winter is on its peak and power demand is near bottom line. As of today People of Pakistan are facing loadshedding of 9 to 13 hours per day in cities and more than that in villages. k2This Power crisis was caused due to the Oil crisis which was also created due […]

Hashtag #blackout trends Number One on twitter in Pakistan after countrywide power breakdown

Currently the power in out in whole Pakistan from hours after the multiple power stations of country tripped. Due to furnace oil shortage, the power stations were making the way less electricity, which overloaded the system and now the whole Pakistan is facing blackout. As soon as the country gone into blackout, the people gone furious and everyone is expressing their views about the failure of current government on twitter and other social media forums online. Same is reason that the hashtag Blackout (#blackout) is trending number one on twitter right now in Pakistan. Thousands of tweets coming every few minutes. If same pace is kept up, it is not far that we will see the blackout hashtag trending worldwide. […]

Pakistan faces countrywide blackout after all the power plants trip

Earlier today on Sunday, 25th Jan, 2015 after 12 am, whole country is now in total darkness after the major power plants trip. The water and power ministry is blaming the high load as cause of trip but it does not add up. In winter how much the load may by, which can cause countrywide trip. Tarbela, Mangla, Gudu and more power plants are affected. Including Islamabad, whole country is in darkness as we speak. The Water and power ministry told that restoration of power will be started after 5am in the morning. I am sure it would be for just some areas, and it is 2:30 am in the morning. According to a dawn news article Pakistan’s power production […]

People of Pakistan Forced to Face Twelve Hours of Electricity Load Shedding even in Winter Season

It is now 2015, here we are in Pakistan, facing the same problems as we had in year 2014. One of these problems is electricity load shedding, which have struck this time with more impact. It is winter season, when the electricity demand is the lowest, but people of Pakistan have to face 12 hours of load shedding in urban areas, in rural areas things are much worse. We are not facing the electricity load shedding here in Pakistan because we do not have resources or enough plants to generate enough electricity for winter season, we are facing it due to the incapable political administration led by PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) who do not want to run the […]

Pakistan Faces Load Shedding in Winter as well Courtesy Artificial Power Shortage by Government

Its winter time when the power demand in country is lowest of all times. Power demand in Winter ranges from 9000 MW (Mega Watts) to 12000 MW. Pakistan have operational capacity of producing electricity over 20,000 MW. However at most governments run the plants to produce the power around 16 to 17 thousand megawatts in summers. The interesting thing is many times the government in summer claims the they are producing say 16000 MW and demand is 19000 MW. OK, that is understandable, but why on earth in winters we have to face load shedding. Answer lies in fact that either its summer or its winter, government tries to keep running the power plants on flow of water or any […]