Hashtag #blackout trends Number One on twitter in Pakistan after countrywide power breakdown

blackout trends number one on twitter in pakistanCurrently the power in out in whole Pakistan from hours after the multiple power stations of country tripped. Due to furnace oil shortage, the power stations were making the way less electricity, which overloaded the system and now the whole Pakistan is facing blackout.

As soon as the country gone into blackout, the people gone furious and everyone is expressing their views about the failure of current government on twitter and other social media forums online. Same is reason that the hashtag Blackout (#blackout) is trending number one on twitter right now in Pakistan. Thousands of tweets coming every few minutes. If same pace is kept up, it is not far that we will see the blackout hashtag trending worldwide.

Trending number one in Whole Pakistan means that its currently being used most as compared to other hashtags. The most number of times in Pakistan. Citizens are expressing their views about our politician and their failure, here are few tweets we came across.

Another citizen reports about the unavailability of cable tv transmission due to power outage as follows

Another citizen who seems fed up with these issues created by our political leadership

Here is another citizen unhappy with current government

Another citizen making fun of lame excuses given by current PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) led government.

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